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Pauline Ferrand Prevot Announces That 2024 is Her Last Year Racing MTB

May 27, 2024 at 9:30
by Sarah Moore  

Pauline Ferrand Prevot announced in an interview after the Nove Mesto World Cup that 2024 will be her last racing mountain bikes.

bigquotesThis is my last chance to try and be Olympic Champion, so I don't want to miss it. Because it will for sure be my last year on the MTB. I want to do everything to be good this year and try to win the Olympics at home.

You know I think I did everything in mountain bike and I still like it, but it doesn’t make sense to go more. And this is my last chance to be Olympic champion at home so it’s good to finish on it.
Pauline Ferrand Prevot

It doesn't sound like Ferrand Prevot is necessarily planning on retiring from cycling after this season, just moving on from racing mountain bikes since she feels that she has won everything in the discipline. After her victory in Nove Mesto yesterday, it looks like she is on track to win the one thing that has eluded her thus far in her mountain bike career: an Olympic medal.

If she has big ambitions on the road, it seems unlikely that she will remain with the Ineos Grenadiers team since she wouldn't have any female teammates on the road. Although it could also mean that the team is planning on fielding a women's team. One can imagine that wining the Tour de France Femmes would have appeal to the French rider.

We've reached out to Ferrand Prevot to try and learn more about her next steps.

Pauline Ferrand Prevot was a firm favourite despite missing the opening 2 rounds in Brazil.

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 Happy for her. It does suck that mountain biking talent will continue to lose talent but until it pays as well as other disciplines, or even other jobs, I can't fault the riders.
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 Not sure that Mountain Biking is losing talent, there continues to be an amazing influx of new young riders coming in, especially in the women's ranks of XC. Puck Pieterse and Isabella Holmgren to name a few. Pauline Ferrand Prevot, is a singular talent though, given her ability to win across the spectrum of cycling disciplines. I think the bigger challenge that women's cycling faces is the lack of funding. Outside of a handful of athletes, the majority of women hardly make enough money to come out year after year to compete.
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 @arghana: Both Puck & Isabella will be seen more on the road than MTB in the near future......WWT road teams are now starting to see better funding - and more of their races are being televised, so sponsors get decent returns throughout the year.

MTB really only has the World Cups which gets live coverage; so 6-8 rounds a season......nowhere near enough.
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 She’s probably one of the handful who can make a good living at it. But there’s a time limit on everyone in pro sports. It takes a lot of work to get on top and stay on top, and the grind takes its toll. They just can’t do it forever.
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 Happy for her as well, but I bet money isn't the reason here. Many elite ladies have to put their lives on hold in order to prioritize their professional careers.
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 It’s like with any sport, athletes retire and the new wave replenishes. Plenty of young and fast racers out there.
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 We didn't lose her, we just were lucky enough to borrow her. She's from road and she's going home.
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 PFP is the GOAT. 10 overall world champ titles spanning 10 years, 4 alone in 2022, then held off a mad charge from Puck last year to defend her mtb title. Nothing left to prove. Best believe I'll be cheering for her hard in Paris to tic off that last accomplishment
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 Is XC different than DH? Isnt there only 1 world champs per year?
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 @Kevindhansen: xc has multiple disciplines of which you can be world champ. Xco, xcc, xcm,
Pauline has also won cyclo-cross world champ.
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 She Can still win on Ebikes and snowbike worls champions
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 @lonewoolfe: As well as winning the road world champs (2014) and gravel world champs (2022).
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 @f*cktoryteam: bike polo and artistic cycling are uci events too
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 @f*cktoryteam: ebikes and snow biking only create losers.
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 Whoa...whoa.. She's great and all, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Anne-Caroline Chausson
BMX Olympic Champion: 2008

Junior downhill World Champion: 1993, 1994, 1995
Senior downhill World Champion: 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2005
Senior dual slalom World Champion: 2000, 2001
Senior four-cross World Champion: 2002, 2003
World Cup downhill series winner: 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002
World Cup dual slalom series winner: 2000
World Cup four-cross series winner: 2002

Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjå
Olympic gold medal: Athens, Greece (2004)

World Champion XCO Gold Medals: 2006, 2005, 2004, 2002.
World Champion Marathon Gold Medals: 2015, 2013, 2008, 2006, 2005, 2004.
European Championship XCO Gold Medals: 2012, 2011, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002
European Championship Marathon Gold Medals: 2009, 2006
Overall World Cup second place: 1996, 1999, 2012.
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 @packfill: Pauline is the ONLY cyclist (male or female) to hold the road, MTB and cyclocross world titles at the same time. NOBODY has even been close, except for MvdP who is currently the road and cyclocross world champion.
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 No , she would be GOAT if she can handle the pressure and win an Olympic title. It is when the pressure is at its highest that you see the difference between the champions and the GOAT
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 @jpnbrider: This is a laughably bad take
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 Pauline Ferrand Prevot is an incredible talent and the field is going to lose something when she's not there. She's been an amazing inspiration in the sport (across however many disciplines she got that World Championship jersey in) and her record is going to be hard to beat.
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flag fautquecaswing FL (May 27, 2024 at 23:27) (Below Threshold)
 Inspiration, I am not so sure. She looks like a robot, trying to cancel any feelings to be stronger. Not really inspiring
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 @fautquecaswing: she is a world class athlete, not a content creator. Her feats on the bike are inspirational enough for me
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 @fautquecaswing: That's what being a professional is. This is her job, you either win or don't.

if you ain't first you're last, or something.
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 Agreed, but that is not the only way nor the only criterion for inspiration. That depends a lot on your personality and some explicit choices. The same for every people in the world doing their job and being human beings, some are performant or powerful without giving me any inspiration. Plus does the end justifies the means?
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 25th London DNF Rio 10th Tokyo All-in Paris Goat's got a bee in her bonnet. Going to be a scorcher Olympic race, can't wait to see who holds on.
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 Can you please make an article on who got selected for the olympics ?
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 Prevot went on to say " This will be my last year because of Evie Richards. It's her fault."
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 I got the impression that PVP joined Ineos to afford her the ability to peruse a multi disciplined career, MTB, CX and Road similar to Tom Pidcock. Obviously when she joined there was not Ineos Womens world tour team and there still is not one. I think her contract is up at the end of this season so if Ineos have changed tack on developing a Women's world tour road team then it would make sense for her to move onto a team that can give her the support she needs.
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 Well deserved and I hope she can beat Puck, although the Dutchie in me also would like Puck to win. It's going to be a great battle. I hope she'll get a kid so she can pass her genes on to the next generation like Rachel did.
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 Woah. Well that's even more pressure on one race.
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 She's so going gravel next year
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 Or the Ineos Grenadiers are going to launch a women's road team. Female cycling is gaining momentum right now. I think she wipes the floor with the current women's gravel roster, she may well spend her last couple of competitive road years gunning for some monument or stage wins with a team behind her
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 @Venturebikes: If they are, then they'll have to be quick; most of the top riders are already signed up....Otherwise she's leaving, and that's a massive opportunity lost for Ineos.
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 @Venturebikes: She may have the fitness to clean up gravel but I don't know about her self sufficiency skills. 200 miles of gravel requires more than fitness.
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 @tunnel-vision: She's already been gravel and marathon world champion in '22, so she's clearly not too shabby at the long races. As things stand though, if you have the legs and the speed to race road, you go for it. More races, more prestige, better pay. While gravel is mega fast and competitive, the athletes who do it almost exclusively aren't in the same league as the road athletes.
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 @Starch-Anton: Agreed, you'd think they would have invested a women's team after the 2022 campaign. She won't be with them next year if she goes to racing road full time without a team.
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 @Venturebikes: This feels like the right answer, but there would already be rumors and it would be common knowledge because they would have had to already hired critical personnel to start building the women's team. Pauline said last month in an interview with Cycling Weekly even she doesn't know who she is riding for next year. This is definitely a personal decision, not one the team is influencing.
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 @Venturebikes: honestly, '22 gravel championship should not even be called Gravel. 2023 had a huge improvement, though.
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 @Venturebikes: Yeah but the worlds course was relatively short with a shit ton of paved road. Unbound is almost twice as long and mostly rough gravel.
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 Going for Gold...
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 rip profile picture
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 Prevot says Dasvidaniya
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