Pauline Ferrand Prevot Officially Signs with Ineos Grenadiers

Oct 12, 2022 at 8:15
by Sarah Moore  
Pauline Ferrand Prevot fresh off acquiring the rainbow jersey is set for another big day on course.

We heard rumours that Pauline Ferrand Prevot could be signing with Ineos Grenadiers last week, and now the rumour has been confirmed.

bigquotesSigning with the INEOS Grenadiers is a dream for me. I’m super excited to be joining the off road team and becoming part of a wider group of riders and the INEOS family of athletes. The INEOS Grenadiers’ professionalism is world-renowned and I have always admired the team’s ethos and spirit.

To have the 2024 Olympics in Paris is huge for me. I want to be the best rider I can be in front of a home crowd and that will be my main goal over the next two years. An Olympic gold medal is the only one missing from my palmares so it’s the one I want the most. It was a key reason to join this adventure with the INEOS Grenadiers. I still have a lot of things to learn and it is the best team to help me reach my goal
Pauline Ferrand Prevot

Pauline Ferrand Prevot signed a two-year contract with Absolute Absalon in January of 2021 and met with success on the world stage once again after several years of struggling with low power in her left leg due to iliac endofibrosis.

She finished her 2022 season with four World Championships titles in a row in XCC, XCO, XCM and Gravel. Now, we have confirmation that she will be riding for Ineos Grenadiers for the next two years, targeting gold at the Paris Olympics in her home country in 2024.

bigquotesSigning a world-class rider like Pauline is a huge boost as we grow the number of multi-disciplinary athletes racing as Grenadiers.

Pauline is a unique talent. Her palmares speaks for itself, especially after just winning four world titles in the space of two months. But what sets her apart and makes her a great addition to the Grenadiers is her drive and grit. She loves the sport and is a natural born racer and that comes through in the way she rides.

Pauline is on her own journey to try and win gold at her home Olympics and this is an area where we thrive and have proven success. We are excited to support that ambition and help her achieve her goals over the coming years.
Rod Ellingworth, Deputy Team Principal

We have yet to hear confirmation of what bikes the French rider will be on, but Tom Pidcock, who signed a 5-year contract with Ineos Grenadiers in April of 2022, currently rides blacked-out BMC bikes at off-road competitions and Pinarello bikes on the road.

You can see a short interview with Pauline about her new team on her Instagram:


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 Doesn't have to ride for her ex, but keeps the bike! Win win!
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 Tangent rant: the whole UCI “World Champion” and “Overall” is confusing and misleading to the layperson. The 2022 World Champion title statement might be true, but how many casual spectators would mistake that for being the most successful in 2022 (which was obv Keller)? The fact that you can be the world champion but not have won the overall championship is messed up.
It seems appropriately and confusingly French.
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 aaron gwin said the exact same thing a while back
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 I understand the confusion and I don't like how this detracts from Keller's incredible season. There's certainly an element of weird gamesmanship to it, especially considering that PFP's approach to this season was clearly to peak for the "important" races, etc. However, she's definitely not the only one that takes this approach.

That being said, PFP certainly made a strong case this year for the inconsistencies in the overalls, considering that she won the world championship in four different disciplines and has not not won an event since mid-August.
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 Another weird hangover of cycling copying Skiing for it's event and scoring structure. It's not that big of a deal, just like Skiing anyone who's interest is piqued will quickly learn the the difference.
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 @scantregard: he'd probably feel differently if he had won one.

Seriously though, it's a fair perspective, and there should be a well known visual indicator of who won last years overall.
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 @UtahBrent: There's one, they start the season with the UCI WC leader jersey.

The same goes in track and field, nobody ever remembers who won the most diamond league events or overall title but most do know who is the world champ.

People should see the MTB WC as a series or league and nothing else, they exist solely to maintain people's attention on the sport before the World Championship.
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flag jay-me (Oct 12, 2022 at 10:43) (Below Threshold)
 Bloody French poking their noses in where it ain't welcome....
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flag jay-me (Oct 12, 2022 at 10:45) (Below Threshold)
 @Fix-the-Spade: blame the Swiss.....

In hoping this'll become a thing and I'll make millions of (CHF) out of it.

f*ck the Swiss.
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 Amen, g123. I hear PFP saying she's going to concentrate on winning gold at the Paris Olympics, what I'm hearing is something like "I'm going to race 3 WC races in between".
I think she'd get much more respect if she had done the whole (or most) WC races AND won the XCO Worlds. Instead, she limited her racing to train more and peak late in the season. Which - before people start pointing it out - obviously worked and perhaps even better than she had hoped for, given all the rainbow jerseys.. But it doesn't take away the perception to many, that she did not put herself through the same demands of the long racing season, before taking part in the World Champs single races.
I have more respect for the women on the overall WC podium. But that's just me.
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 Was Keller the most successful? I wouldn't argue that. She didn't win much. She was consistent and deserves the overall. But victories matter more for many of us than points. You can lose the World Cup while having won the most events.

PFP had a FAR more successful season than any other female racer.

Nino skipped the last World Cup before winning the Olympics in Rio. Well worth it. Does anyone care he skipped a World Cup in 2016--no. Do they remember/celebrate his victory, yes.
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 @scantregard: His comments would have more weight if he had ever won Worlds. As it is, any argument he has for being one of the top 5 in history is predicated on discounting the value of being world champ.
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 @arek: The flip side of this is how angry / annoyed some racers get when someone like PFP can plan a peak as well as she does.

One of the best expressions of this was at the 2015 World CX Champs (which PFP took amid her 'all three rainbows' year). Sanne Cant was the CX World Cup winner, but had to prepare for a completely different level of racing in January and February, when PFP & Marianne Vos did their one month CX season.

As long as we have multidiscipline athletes, and Ineos seems keen to celebrate having two of the best now, I'm sure they'll need to keep their focus on top events rather than entire seasons.
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 I agree that the world champ vs. overall champ is confusing, I also think it is ridiculous that the world champ race occurs in the middle of the regular season. Riders within striking distance of the overall often ride more conservatively at Worlds, whereas those that already blew their chances for the overall go hard. If Worlds was at the end of the season, I bet there would be more riders with both Overall and Worlds titles in the same year (or podiums anyway)
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 @aquanut: the victory focus is an interesting one… victories are really a team sport win/lose metric where there could be 100+ games in a year. Racing is a placement sport, and accumulated points generally define talent. F1, moto gp, WRC etc all use a points ranking system for the same reasons.

To me, it’s like randomly choosing this years Australian F1 race as World Champs and so Leclerc is the 2022 World Champion. He might have won that race, but ridiculous to make the claim or argue it in his favour.

The funny thing is that I enjoy world champs and the extra energy as much as anybody. Maybe just call the winner something else.. like the Premier Fromage or something, and reserve the highly visible rainbow jersey and World Champion title for the winner of the overall.
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 @g123: We'll agree to disagree. It's not a racing vs. team sport issue, we just place different emphasis on things. Tiger Woods said judge me solely on Majors because that's all I care about. PFP is the same way. She goes for the big races. It's not random if everyone knows which race in a give year is going to be given the extra attention.
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 @arek: "I think she'd get much more respect if she had done the whole (or most) WC races AND won the XCO Worlds"

She raced 6 out of the 9 WC races... I think that counts as "most"... She missed Leogang because of an injury and decided to skip the 2 North American races for logistical reasons.

She also had one of the busiest and most successful racing schedules in 2022 than almost anybody:

Cape Epic (third)
6 out of the 9 WC events (one XCO win and two XCC wins)
XCC World Championships (first)
XCO World Championships (first)
XCM World Championships (first)
European XCO Championships (second)
French National XCO Championships (second)
French National XCC Championships (first)
French National XCM Championships (second)
French Cup Superdevoluy (second)
Roc d'Azur (first)
ÖKK Bike Revolution Huttwil (first)
Gravel World Championships (first)

But you have more respect for the women on the overall WC podium?... I guess that's just you!
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 @billreilly: this ^
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 She won UCI WCup Overall..not World Championship race! Easy to entiende.
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 I feel that rainbow jersey should go to the overall winner not the world championship one day race. I had this thoughts long before PFP performance this season.
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 So much good stuff in those unmarked brown envelopes at Ineos....There'll be no stopping her :-)
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 Ineos discovers that women ride bikes too
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 Please Pauline - just tell them you won't be need any triamcinolone, fluimucil, salbutamol or tramadol... even if they promise to lose the laptop with again Wink
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 They ought to add a band/color to the world champs if the person wins the overall too that year. Or something visual. that would be extra cool. But as long as the money and fame that comes with a World Champ win stays like it is, no one will care about Keller as much as PFP outside of us bike dorks. We know how PFP missed most of the races, then showed up at the end and killed everyone. Could have been an injury that someone has early and ends up with the same type of situation, or could be it was planned more or less to do that.
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 Not to discredit Keller, because I think you're correct, she definitely deserves the recognition for an incredible race season, but PFP has also won the overall before (in 2020). She also raced the Cape Epic before the UCI began this year, and explained in an interview that this had an impact on her early season performance and training approach.

As a fellow bike dork, I will note that PFP also just won the Roc d'Azur less than 24 hours after winning the gravel worlds. The streak she's been on since mid-August is unprecedented. I suppose people have their reasons for rooting against PFP, but I think it's wrong to suggest she plans out her race seasons based on what will generate the most fame and money. To use her words, she simply "likes winning".
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 I root for riders willing to travel to North America.
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 PFP and a few others decided to focus on European Championship, World Championships this year, it is not the first time and not the last the prize money on UCI MTB WC events makes it sometimes difficult to justify making the trip to North America. American riders are forced to get a European base because most events are held there, but there are only 2 events on our side of the Atlantic.

The fact that at this year's North American events the women's field did not reach 30 riders without having a dozen US or Canadian riders to make the field should be an eye-opener for the UCI but also the industry.

The purse throughout the field should be much bigger and brands should hire a lot more women riders. Right now the ratio is pretty close to 3 men for 1 woman per team if not 4 to 1, There are a few exceptions (Ghost) but when some riders do not show up at an event or two it shows. The list of top riders who did not make it to North America for one reason or another (Lecomte, Stigger, PFP, Richards...) was staggering. Hopefully, since Discovery is now in charge and wants to put out there the best pay per view events, they never do anything for free, the purse will be raised significantly. And the incentive to travel will be increased greatly.

Back on topic PFP deserves to get that Ineos Grenadier deal. Knowing her, it will be pretty much like a sponsorship deal as she is set to keep her Ravanel's team around her while Tom Pidcock will keep going back and forth between road and mountain.
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 @NedaSay: To confirm how paltry the fields at MSA were, I traveled from the US up the quebec and attended short track and downhill and literally didn't attend XCO because it didn't feel worth it. And I'm a big fan. As you say, the lack of attendance from top riders was alarming and my hope is riders are better incentivized by discovery and their teams to attend all world cups and not simply just save themselves for a shot at the stripes.
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 Am I the only one that's bummed to see Sky-INEOS shady business entering MTB ?
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 Non-sequitur, how does the UCI claim a Gravel world championship when the majority of the big gravel events worldwide fall outside of the UCI's reach?

f*ck the UCI.
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 I adore PFP, but this smacks of greenwashing. Hope I'm wrong.
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 Adios to Absalon too?
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 Factor and Pinarello getting into mtb's!
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 Sky loves playing the villian role.
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 Let's go PFP!
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 Why was her BMC holding her back?
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 perhaps she meant team BMC?
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 it was not BMC but her BMC MTB Racing team, AKA Absolute Absalon racing is run by none other than PFP ex-boyfriend, they had a falling out and it was obvious at events that she was not going to spend any time at the BMC team stand. I think she liked the BMC bikes but was very much working in isolation. She even relocated to be closer to her coach mid-season.
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Well, Ineos runs Pinarellos, and they don’t make a mtb. Tom Pidcock rides a BMC in his mtb events tho. I don’t know if he’s contractually obligated to do so, or just likes the bikes.
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Pinarello are developing a cross country racing bike in readiness for 2024 season.
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