Red Bull Rampage Announces 2022 Venue

Oct 7, 2022 at 10:18
by Sarah Moore  
Rampage 2010

In just two weeks, the first rider will drop in at the 2022 Red Bull Rampage on Friday, October 21st. For this 16th edition of the big-mountain freeride competition, 18 of the best freeride athletes will travel from across the globe to Virgin, Utah.

Now, we have confirmation that the venue will be returning to the zone that was used in 2008, 2010, 2012, and 2013.

bigquotesThe 2022 venue is located just outside of Virgin, Utah at the site of the 2008-2013 competition zone, which last saw riders on course nearly a decade ago. Four events were held at that location including in 2008 when the event returned after a 4-year hiatus, 2010, 2012, and 2013.

Some of Red Bull Rampage’s most iconic moments have gone down at this location. From Gee Atherton’s eye-popping quarter pipe transfer in 2010, to Cam Zink’s huge 360 off the Oakley Icon Sender in 2010 and gigantic step-down backflip in 2013, to Kelly McGarry’s legendary backflip over the 72-foot road gap in 2013. And returning in 2022 will be the infamous canyon gap that McGarry flipped, but this time built out of dirt and with a more modern radius that will allow run-in before athletes take off over the 40-foot-deep canyon below. This year’s event is shaping up to add a list of entirely new moments to the Red Bull Rampage highlight reel.
Red Bull Rampage

For those unable to attend the 2022 Red Bull Rampage, the event will be streamed live exclusively on ESPN+ in the U.S., and on Red Bull TV in all other countries. In addition, the complete event will be available on-demand on both ESPN+ and Red Bull TV following the competition. Then on October 30th, viewers can also tune-in to a condensed 2.5-hour replay that will air on ESPN.

For further information about the event, venue access, wristband pick-up, on-site amenities, and much more, you can read the Red Bull Rampage spectator FAQ.

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 Ahhh godammit. I made a bet on it being in Holland this year.
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 Just think of all the dike jokes we are missing out on.
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 @wobblegoblin: I mean, really there is kind of just the one dyke joke in slightly different guises... Now, go stick your finger in the hole in the dyke.
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  • 20 0
 @wobblegoblin: pick a rampage site and be a dike about it
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 too bad! I went long on pumpkin stocks as they are rising steadily.....I bet they peak sometime around January! #makemoney
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 Betting on the Rockshox Dike as the winning fork.
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 Idk how this would work, but I wish there were some way to level the playing field at Rampage for riders' line choice. Older returning riders always have their old lines reserved, while new younger upcoming riders are forced to pick around the edges of the old guy's claimed territory. Kinda feels like that weird surfer localism vibe, idk I don't like it.
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 They should definitely have a different qualifying. It doesn't make sense to protect half of the entire field. It leads to a stagnated field. You shouldn't be able to put down the same safe run and get 9 or 10th. I think it should be ONLY top 5 ish are protected, at least one or more wildcard video entries, top three from proving grounds, the fan favorite run should also get into the next year.
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 @FreerideFrank11: I like this a lot. Only five riders would make a lot of sense and would provide a lot more opportunities for young/ different riders to give it a go.
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 The site is almost 10 years old. How many riders back then are invited to this year's event???
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flag Whataboutism FL (Oct 7, 2022 at 11:35) (Below Threshold)
 Its fine. Those old riders are just doing straight air no handers, while the young fella's innovate and create stuff worth watching.
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 @Whataboutism: I guess it's just a problem with judged sports in general, but the old riders (I'm not including Brandon in this, he's a creative wizard) seem to get a lot of bonus points from their buddies in the judging booth, while the new kids getting creative and throwing down big style tricks/lines seem to be up against a judging wall. I guess the sport is all about creativity for me, yes the older returning riders are gnarly as f*%@ but it doesn't get me excited to see them do the same run from 2013 with a no hander and backflip to get 9th. Move aside for fresh creative talent if you're not going to show up to push the sport.
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 Aren't people pretty open to sharing lines and features though? Or you mean like not being able to build totally new stuff because existing stuff is there?
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 @ismellfish: Semenuk, Sorge, Zink, McCaul, Strait, Genon, Lacondeguy, and Rheeder...I think that's it.
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 I dont know if this venue will take that into account given how old it is. It usually counts for the second year of a venus i.e if they hold it at this venue next year as well. But I bet they will consider this a 'new' venue and its a free for all for digging and choosing. Been almost 10 years, Kyle Strait should not be allowed to claim a line just because he happens for be 40 years old and dug there once in his youth Smile
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 Draw numbers out of a hat to see who gets to draw a line first.

At Loretta Lynn’s amateur motocross championship in Tennessee, the first moto gate pick is decided by a poker chip draw for your bib number. At a local race, gate pick is decided by order of who signed up first come first served, then the second moto is how you finished in the first.
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 Everyone complains that the riders aren't paid enough, but as soon as people are asked to pay even a small fee to watch them perform (ESPN+ is like $8 for the month), every starts complaining.

Does everyone not realize why athletes in mainstream sports are paid so much? All that money comes from ticket sales and TV contacts. In other words money people pay to watch the games.
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 Nobody realizes anything if it costs them any money.
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 I watched Gee do that quarter pipe transfer with my own two eyes. After he did it, I walked over and looked at his takeoff. I'm still blown away. Anyone whos seen the quarter pipe knows what I'm talking about. I don't get how the physics of it even works. Probably the single most impressive thing I've seen done on a bike in person.
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 Yeah it's bonkers. TVS front flip is up there....
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 I remember Steve romo doing that and blowing up a pair of 888s
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 ESPN+ In the host country, for a Red Bull event...what?
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 Yeah, does this mean we can't watch it in USA without ESPN? That is some bullshit if true.
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 @Telebikes: You should be able to use a VPN to watch on Red bull TV. Use NordVPN. I think if you use donut operator's (popular youtuber) link you can get discounts.
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 @Telebikes: if only there was some sort of technology

Or you could declare yourself a sovereign citizen, see how that works out
  • 1 0
 @Telebikes: I kept Privado vpn after world champs. Free and worked great for that. But yeah, absolute bullshit.
  • 2 0
 @loosegoat: I commonly use a VPN to do this very thing. However, as others said, it's pretty lame I have to.
  • 2 0
 @turbo8: yup. Yal shouldn't be on the internet without a VPN too often-unless your just cool with giving out alllll ur info willy nilly.
  • 4 0
 @DylanH93: if you are concerned about privacy do not use a free VPN.
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 What the hell?! Peaky Blinders and Better Call Saul isn't free?!
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 Maybe this is a sign that ESPN is positioning to buy out RedBull TV. That’s the word on the street.
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 @Telebikes: That makes sense.
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 This year let's not have all the crap talk about it not being gnarly or rough enough. If you watch all the edits these guys put out they are all on smooth groomed jumps, take a look at Remy Mortons last edit,it was sick and no one had a problem with it. The riders are building what they want and riding how they want.
  • 6 17
flag bigmeatpete420 (Oct 7, 2022 at 10:44) (Below Threshold)
 Remys edit wasnt rampage lol. Utah edits are so boring
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 Rampage is one of the most stressful events I watch. The stakes on every single drop/jump are so high I get sweaty just watching. And that's with cameras not truly capturing how terrifying a feature is sometimes. I don't understand people who try and downplay the event and say its getting too "whatever".
  • 11 13
 It's gnarly but it isn't MTB tech. It is slopestyle tech.
  • 6 0
 @MT36: weird how none of them are riding slopestyle bikes then. It's as if they are hitting shit way bigger and gnarlier than slope courses almost
  • 8 2
 "For those unable to attend the 2022 Red Bull Rampage", Tickets are impossible to buy, event happening in the desert, why limit tickets? there is no parking limitation or rock's limitation?
  • 8 0
 It's in a pretty tight canyon area, not really an open desert. The place gets pretty packed as is.
  • 2 0
 @Connerv6: Yeah pretty packed, bike valets work but also suck. Not sure if you can ride to this one or not.
  • 6 3
 Tickets? Can't you just show up and walk up a ridge and watch it? I say poach it.
  • 2 0
 @Whataboutism: kind of. it's hard. the closest ridges are far enough way that you would have to use binoculars to actually see the riders. there are some cliffs around it you can get on top of but you can't see the faces the riders are on, you end up only being able to see the back of the ridges they're riding. meaning you can't see the riders at all once they drop in. also, the entire thing is on private land with controlled roads as the only way to get in.
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 This year has def been the most limited on tickets by far.
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 calling it a "road gap" is selling it a little short Rampage. lol
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 I hope Tippie will be annoucing for PB, i heard some rumours he wasn't... that'd be terrible for the show, Tippie is part of Rampage!!!
  • 5 1
 They missed their annoncement, the riders have been talking about it for a week on Instagram and such
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 hell redbull has been posting clips of the old venue lol
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 ESPN Facepalm
  • 5 0
 Alright guys, who is gonna be the legend to set up a stream. I might have to blow one of those free trials on this...
  • 5 0
 And I had my money on Bentonville. I suck again.
  • 5 1
 Keep Sweet, pray and obey can just walk over and watch I guess...
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 Well, as the president of the Nullarbor MTB club I feel our offer to host the event has been all but ignored, discrimination? Who knows.
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 Is there wood features again now or are they being left out of this site? Also what is the sense on a red bull specific event selling the broadcast rights to espn?
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 I can't wait to see Dylan stark do some gnarly punk BMX shit
  • 3 0
 One of my favorite zones! cant wait to see what goes down!
  • 1 0
 Went back to watch the highlights from 12-13 and forgot about how much wood there was.
  • 3 1
 Oh no, don't bring back the Oakley roller coaster thingy.
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 Does anyone know what the method is for Canadians to watch this live? I don't mind paying if that's what needs to be done
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 Redbull tv
  • 2 0
 McGarry will be watching, get it guys!
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 @wobblegoblin: for Dick jokes about Rampage, Cédric Gracia is the winner
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 The last time this line was used was used was almost 10 years ago. It’s back to nature at this point
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 Is this all a setup to get Gee back in? Looks like he's up to it
  • 2 0
 That's his wall ride. Not sure if it's him though.
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 Flip whip over the " road gap " ? Mmm
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 Listen to Chicos de Nazca
  • 1 0
 Espn huh. Guess I won't be seeing rampage legally this year
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 Red Bull's turning into a communist company.
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 V P N
  • 1 1
 Annnnnnd sooooold out.
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