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Red Bull Rampage Will Include Women in 2024 & Move to a Two-Day Event

Jun 4, 2024 at 11:32
by Sarah Moore  
Robin Goomes send a Sui into the snake pit at Red Bull Formation
Robin Goomes sent a Sui into the snake pit at Red Bull Formation. Photo: Emily Tidwell / Red Bull

Red Bull has just announced that Red Bull Rampage will be a two-day competition in 2024 and they are introducing a women’s competition.

For the first time in the event’s history, Red Bull Rampage will see the world’s top men’s and women’s freeride athletes descend upon the rugged terrain of Virgin in Southwest Utah, as part of an expanded two-day event this October.

Formation was cancelled in 2022, leading some to speculate that Rampage might include a women's field.

We've reached out to Red Bull for more information on the event schedule and will update as soon as we know more.

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 Twice the opportunity to be affected by wind!
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 actually the opposite. They almost never have problems getting run 1 completed, but run 2 is the issue. This may guarantee two runs every year.
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 @sharpiemtb: they should do their 2nd runs first so that doesn’t happen
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 @sharpiemtb: I actually like that idea.
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 @kubaner: "Modern problems require modern solutions." lol
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 YES!! Two days was overdue (to account for wind/weather delays, etc) and so stoked to see women included. Can't wait to see them throw down!
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flag ShredDoggg FL (Jun 4, 2024 at 12:25) (Below Threshold)
 Lol, pretty sure each day is for each field.
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 @ShredDoggg: Based on your comment history, you seem like an angry manlet.
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 @jonathanreid9: You seen your profile pic?
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 Is the second day for e-bikes
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 they have to make lines going up the mountain
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 Red Bull Bike Path
  • 3 0
 Big Saturday is always for e-bikes
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 Actually they play the fireworks at the end
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flag slayerdegnar (Jun 4, 2024 at 16:16) (Below Threshold)
 @sharpiemtb: the thing is I bet e bikes would be a lot more stable in the Wind so I wouldn't be surprised to see more and more people riding them
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 LET'S GO!!!!!!!! Best news ever! Can't wait to be there in person to witness the litness
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 “Witness the litness” love that, stealing it! Off to crank up some Roots Manuva…
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 I'm confused. So who do I say is robbed in regards to this announcement?
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 Brendog. Brendog gets robbed.
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 the scaffolding jump needing safety nets
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 Day 3
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 Why confused. It's gonna be Brendog.
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 Brendog had competed with his pants pockets inside out for years now.
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 Was always Norbs
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 @DylanZ91: His friends call him Norby
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 Redbull are really pushing the women’s side of the sport this year and it’s sooo good to see!! Loving the collaboration and stoke of the riders also, another MTB streaming service should take note
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 I know later in the day is great for the views but man it should be run in the morning for the best chance at getting the event over before the wind takes over. toked to see the ladies getting the call; excited to see that rider list.
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 Yep. Any pilot ,farmer, golfer, 10 yr old , etc etc knows the wind picks up after noon pretty much everywhere.
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 Stoked to see women ride and the men's needs listened to with format concerns regarding wind and short windows. I'd imagine two days allows for more time and less pressure to perform during inadequate weather windows.
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 Which American will win it this year!
  • 3 0
 Scrolled the comments to see if someone would mention this.
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 There's only been 4 winners from the U.S. that I see. So, I'm not sure what prompts you to say this. Unless you're talking Canadians as well. There's been more Canadian winners than any other country by far.
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 @tmwjr777: North America for the win I guess!
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 Brage is not American Razz
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 @tmwjr777: Canada is the stewart island of America
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 @on-the-move: Or Australia being the steward island of New Zealand
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 Congrats Cam Zink on the win!
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 This is absolutely historical for women's freeride. I absolutely can't wait to see the trajectory from here
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 Buy your shares in nets now!
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 Awesome stuff. Now swap the crusties in the judge booth for a group half their age and from different countries, and Rampage will be golden.
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 Yeah we don't need people judging who have ridden or judged at every single rampage, or close to it. Let's get some people who have only been there/competed a handful of times. They'll bring a whole new era of WTF that we obviously need
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 No one call in semi finals!
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 Red bull takes the cake for listening to riders and putting on the best events. I just wish they still did the DH world Cup.
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 Wonder if anyone is gonna do a big canyon gap without a net..... using scaffolding....
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 Nice! Let’s go ladies!
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 Can’t wait to see the women’s rider list!!
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 Sick. Good to see. Hope they don't set two separate days for each group so each rider has a higher chance of getting 2+ runs in. Wonder how this will change up the athlete amounts too.
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 This is good but I still have to say I'm surprised this is the route the women ultimately landed on. I'm planning on watching but I worry in the back of my mind it will just feel like Rampage Light. If they go after it won't be as exciting after watching the guys go so big on the same stuff. And if they go before it will feel like an opening act. I never would have had that feeling if Formation had been expanded and aired a few weeks later or something. It would have felt like a standalone event showing how much better they all are than us mortals. And the features would have been on par with their riding vs. being thrown onto a mountain built out by lunatics.
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 Why would you expect women to choose to compete in something other than the biggest stage in mtb? That's like saying women should not be racing World Cup DH, because they're not as fast as the men and should have a separate event. I you think it's "Rampage Lite" or it's not as exciting, or an opening act, that's only on you. Women's DH racing isn't any less exciting because they're not going as fast as the men.

Any line down the Rampage site is wild, regardless of who's riding it. Crazy canyon gaps, 360's off 60ft drops or wild backflips make for a good show, but they're not the only things that make Rampage worth watching.
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 Ferda Ladies. Get it!
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 Are they going to air it earlier in the day so competitors have the best chance at a run without wind delays. Over 50% of the broadcast has been watching riders wait for wind to die down before dropping in and then running out of time to do their run
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 Very cool! Awesome to see
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 Legit question; was Rampage always men only? I know only men have competed, but has there been a rule prohibiting women?
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 No, it's just that no woman was up to scratch to compete against the men in the past.
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 @CarbonShmarbon Redbull has always been an invitational event and this is just the first time they've invited women. I don't think there's ever been a rule or anything. It's just that invited riders always happened to be men and now there are enough willing and able women to make it a category so they're giving it a go.
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 @bananowy: I’m sure if there had been a woman worth watching, they would have invited them long ago.

Had they invited a woman instead of the many more deserving names (known and unknown), it would have felt bad.

With more support for their own event, we can have both in harmony. No deserving men will lose a spot to a virtue signal esque decision (whether true or not, it would be perceived that way), and the women get to shine and progress on their own trajectory.

It’s a win win IMO.
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 @nvranka: ok? Not sure what any of that has to do with my comment lol. I just answered the OP's question: "has there been a rule prohibiting women?". TL;DR: no, there has not. I didn't state any opinions so your kinda arguing with yourself here Wink
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 @bananowy: didn’t think I was arguing with you; what I wrote came to mind after I read what you wrote, so I just typed it and hit submit. Didn’t give it much thought beyond the words tbh.

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 @Joyrode: not only in the past... Just look at riding level differences at Crankworx Cairns
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 Why don't they do 2 seperate events on different days so that the events don't drag on too long otherwise it's going to be a pretty long day?
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 Nothing wrong w the ladies having a crack at it…

No one is even riding the whole hardline course, so it’ll be interesting to see what a “top to bottom” rampage women’s’ run even will be…but I’d wager it’ll be more slopestyle with some crowd pleasing airs to smooth landings than any proper dh.
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 Good job Red Bull
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 Hell yeah
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 Very cool Smile Double stoked for this years event
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 Yes, yes, hell's yes! This is amazing!
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 @sarahmoore I think you meant Formation was cancelled in 2023.
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 Lets go!
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 Effin' A
  • 6 3
 About time!
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 I hope that Johny Salido gets the invite this year!!
  • 2 1
 So do I. He’s the man!!
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  • 4 1
 Brendog got robbed
  • 3 1
 Very smart move I feel. Kudos to all involved in making this decision.
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 Yes!!! This should be class!!!
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 More Rampage can only be good!
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 Imagine the price of these tickets! 150$ for one day now its 2!
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 If they don’t announce a change in the judges panel; I’m not watching this year. Sick of Brendog getting robbed…
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We must change the judges pronto this year or else NikolaiB is not going to watch.

Signed Mr Rebull CEO
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 @johnnyrox: thats my vote. One man, one vote. It’s a democracy dude. I also happen to vote with my spending money so you can bet Mr Redbull CEO is listening Smile
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 gonna lose my mind if there's another Robbery this year!
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 But that's what they said about Redbull Hard Line - lots of hype & then the women's race never happened.
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 A rider, doesn’t matter gender, must complete the course in practice or they are not allowed to compete. Several girls came close at Hardline but not quite so they were not allowed to race. It’s a fair requirement that the riders themselves are happy to comply with. Same happened in the Tasmania event.
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 @NikolaiB: Absolutely it's a fair requirement for all riders to prove that they can complete the course. But there are no women that can complete the Hard Line course or indeed the Rampage courses afaik. So why the publicity making out that there is?
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 Cool!! but when?
  • 20 19
 Wait, I thought gender was a social construct?
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 That's rad
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 Saturday is semis and it won't be broadcast....
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 Women in the field.. . this might be the year where a rider is fatally dies.
  • 4 3
 It's about fucking time!
  • 2 3
 I knew last year they’d be including women — they were floating the idea pretty hard.
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 Men or women I just want to see more no hands straight airs…
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 REAL Women????
  • 5 8
 Define woman please
  • 4 2
 @Euskafreez: please not here too. Just do bikes
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 Trail Chads are losing their minds
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