Results: Downhill - Sea Otter Classic 2019

Apr 14, 2019 at 11:11
by Sarah Moore  
Pro Women

1st. Jill Kintner 2:11.28
2nd. Anneke Beerten 2:11.88
3rd. Rae Morrison 2:15.87
4th. Caroline Washam 2:18.23
5th. Martha Gill 2:20.09

Pro Men

1st. Walker Shaw 1:58.95
2nd Josh Carlson 1:59.40
3rd. Kiran Mackinnon 1:59.99
4th. Dakotah Norton 2:00.15
5th. Cody Kelley 2:00.45

MENTIONS: @SeaOtterClassic


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 I hope Walker gives Luca so much crap for this.
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 MATTHEW MOORE 68 years old? 2:17.85. So hope this it true.
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 yeah, Matthew Moore, 68, nice to see that.
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 @shedsidechuck: Guy was a character! Pretty funny dude during registration. He was riding a really cool cantilever front suspension that reminded me of BMW motorcycles.
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 @phorensic: Did you mean Dave Smith on the borrowed Structure Cycleworks carbon linkage freakshow bike? That kid smashed his events on it but is only 62. He even gave the company one of his medals and they are noew Race-Proven hahaha sick. He demoed it in a bunch of events including the DS he won.
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 @endlessblockades: Haha, my bad. Wrong person. Bike looked cool because it was so different.
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 Kyle Strait beat the whole Santa Cruz Syndicate team. Freedom travels fast.
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 Wow, I didn't expect Anneke right up there again. Really cool to see!
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 She's killing it this year. Good for her!!
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 Yeah go Cody! Solid 5th place finish
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 Results: Downcountry - Sea Otter Classic 2019
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 Always a few, but there seem to be so many big names this year. Cool for local cats to go up against heavies, even if it's a bit of a trivial race.
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 Awesome that they are .6 seconds apart and 37 and 38 years young!
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 Keene making the top 10 at 40 is rad too.
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 I really love watching Veronique Sandler ride and she generally looks fast. I was curious to see how fast she was in competition. Not so fast here it appears.
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 She was probably manualling and pulling suicides on all the jumps though. Much more of a freerider these days.
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 @samjobson: looking at her IG, it's not clear to me that this isn't true. Ha
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 Dan Atherton race this? Nice!
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 Got a bike to promote
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 @poah: Yeah, Dan is retired pretty much, but has a full plate with the Bike Company and with Dyfi Bike Park, which also includes the forest which they bought with the park proper, apparently it includes a sawmill which the Athertons now own and operate.
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 Extra points if you can pronounce where he lives.
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 @djm35: Daffy
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 @djm35: Wales
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 WALKER!! no way
  • 4 2
 Is there anything Jill can’t win?
  • 55 3
 World Cup DH Races
  • 14 2
 Not much, if anything.

She is a biking super hero, and an incredible role model for my daughter. I love watching her succeed.

Norco is so fortunate to have had her as a spokesperson for so long. In that regard, I suppose one could add "undying loyalty" to the long list of positive attributes she brings to the table.

Wishing her nothing but success this entire season.
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 @mtnbkrmike: Absolutely, she's amazing, I was being pedantic.
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 @CrispyNuggs: For sure. My comments were not in response to yours. In fact, I didn’t even see yours when I posted mine. All good.
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 Good to see Nathan Riddle's name on the board. Miss seeing that guy race!
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 Awesome kid Walker! Nice weekend of racing
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 How are all the top wc riders so far behind?
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 They were probably overbiked. It's a flow trail, not really a DH race - watch a POV run, you'd want a 4x bike for it.
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 they had to pedal.
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 There are a lot of great bike riders on earth that don’t race World Cup DH. Remember when an enduro racer won a World Cup DH last year?
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They don't win them because they can't.

Maes isn't just an "enduro" racer dude. He was winning JR. World DH races BEFORE he started winning in enduro. He's a young beast that's going to win more DH and a LOT more EWS races. It's pretty common for elite EWS athletes to have a ton of DH in their backgrounds.

The big guys are not training to win Sea Otter. They're not risking anything because it's not what they're getting paid for. They're there to have fun. It's more so they can talk crap to each other.

Sea Otter is a short track with very little tech to it. It's not a World Cup class course. I've seen quite a few people do backflips in the middle of it.
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 @onemanarmy: Yep, even the local groms style the jumps for photos not race results. It's something to do amidst the bigger circus going on. A few amateurs got pretty racked up this year including a paralysis, I'm sorry to report. Horrible - hope it's temporary. The enduro racers hit the DH course as Stage 1 Thursday AM, many with no time to practice or knowledge of the course while wearing half-shell helmets. I also heard someone "knocked all their teeth out".
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 @endlessblockades: saw them getting loaded up. Tragic. Hope is not as bad as it sounds.
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 @onemanarmy: They don't win what? What are you talking about? Relax.
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 Stoked for Cody
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 yea! cody kelly way to represent utah! great job.
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 Is it that time already?
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 Yeah Cody, nice job!
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 Nice one Josh ✊️
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 Unfortunately Dan couldn't get the Robot bike dialled in
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 wow! I thought Steve Peat retired
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 he only retired from World Cups
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 Walker, killing it!!
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flag DoisforDonuts (Apr 14, 2019 at 23:18) (Below Threshold)
 @dobermon: they are twins! But I think he opted not to go pro the same time Luca did
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 @dobermon: walker is a year older
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