[Updated] Results: Sun Peaks Downhill - Crankworx Summer Series

Aug 13, 2020 at 14:53
by Sarah Moore  
Vaea Verbeeck calm and cool on course
Your women's winner


Kirk McDowall had to drop in unexpectedly last after a mishap on his first run.

“It got quite windy right before we started going, and one of the aluminum banners fell onto the first corner on the course,” said McDowall. “I couldn’t see it until it was too late. Thankfully I didn’t crash, but the bike took a hit and really bent the front brake rotor really badly. Someone was able to bring one up for me and we swapped it out at the top. That was a new experience for me, but it turned out OK.”

McDowall fixed his bike and did a re-run, finishing his day with a 4:33.52, earning him the final podium spot.

“I feel like my brain has been going a hundred miles a minute. Of course during the run it always is but now this time the 10 minutes leading up to my run as well I was just stressing. It feels like kind of a relief to just be down here now. It’s nice to be in third for sure. I had a good run.”

Elite Men (Official)

1. Finn Iles
2. Henry Fitzgerald
3. Kirk McDowall

Just one race to go after this Maxxis Sun Peaks Downhill in the CLIF Crankworx Summer Series.

Elite Women

1. Vaea Verbeeck
2. Miranda Miller
3. Casey Brown


Finn Iles riding Specialized
Your men's winner

Elite Men

1. Finn Iles
2. Henry Fitzgerald
3. Rhys Verner


Watch the replay here.

Check out the schedule in the Pinkbike Primer and stay glued to our Instagram for live updates.


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 I think if they can get fresh again physically while still carrying some of the competition level speed these riders are going to be in a really great spot once (if) they race internationally again this year. I wouldn’t count Finn out as a top contender at Worlds if they happen and he can stay upright.
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 Kirk McDowell came third after a re-start according to the gram!
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 You are correct - post has been updated!
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 When I watch Kasper videos, I wonder how anyone can ride faster than him...then you see this stuff...and it's just bc riders. Christ.
  • 28 0
 We're not all that fast. Last time I tried to half as fast as those guys, I broke my leg, LOL. But then, I'm 51. Young punks.
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 If Kasper would have competed at all races, he wold still most likely be second. And he would still be pissed of for losing against Finn. But I guess that will motivate him to get even faster. And if we talking style and cornering, he wins over Finn by a huge margin.
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 @Endurip: Everyone has a list of ifs. Injuries, mechanicals, crashes, new bike, wrong bike, too tired etc. Some talk about it, some don't. The bottom line is your time. It is a timed event. Will you be able to survive your beloved Enduro idols losing to DH racers?
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 Finn for PM! He did an awesome job with the SJ, despite all the early insight from pb donks.
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 I like Jesse
  • 6 0
 yeah he gangsta
  • 3 0
 That's sweet, why not write him a poem?
  • 6 0
 @Veloscente: what?
something like

jesse jesse melamed
you make my mind go mad
like you shralp and do the braaaap
oh my, you're a really crazy lad

(PB commenters will continue...)
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Jesse Jesse Melamed,
you ride faster than my dad,
you make rock gardens look so smooth,
Everyone knows, that's the untold truth
  • 9 1
 @danimaniac: Jesse jesse melamed
I don't know which words to use
You are very fast
And somehow won a dh on an enduro bike

(My rhymes are the best)
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 @Bikerdude137: awesome rhymes! ;-)
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 Jesse Jesse Melamed
You are nice and fast my lad.
But who's up there? Must be Finn...
Yeah of course, he took the win.
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 Kasper Woolley!!!
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 I'll be interested to see if this series end up producing results on the fall racing scene for WC/EWS compared to riders who haven't been racing in their areas.
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 We'll never know for sure, but keeping up with the racing probably won't hurt their chances!
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 Guessing Kasper was first man home on an Enduro bike again. Can't wait to see how he does back at EWS next month. This event has grown his fan base significantly. He'll be owe Crankworx Summer Series a few beers when it comes to contract renewal time. Very likeable kid with serious talent.
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 The last time a Stumpy won a DH race a guy born in the 50's was riding it. Nice job Finn.
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 He rode his demo chief
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 The picture isnt from the race
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 Finn for the win again!
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 Wooley is really coming into his own
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 Awesome to see real live racing, big thanks.
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 With no WCs going on I find myself seriously interested in this series.
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