Sea Otter Festival Announces Canadian Event at Blue Mountain Resort, Ontario

Nov 27, 2018 at 12:59
by Sarah Moore  

Sea Otter is bringing their cycling festival to Canada. The Sea Otter Canada festival will be hosted at Blue Mountain Resort on July 4th to 7th, 2019.

From the organizers:

bigquotesThe Sea Otter is a celebration of everything cycling for the whole family. In addition to 15+ events spread across road, mountain and ebikes - the festival will also feature a large expo area with 200 brands featuring local craft beer and cider along with food vendors.

Cycling activities will include:

Mountain Bike:
• XC
• Downhill
• eMTB
• Enduro
• Dual Slalom

Rec Riding:
• MTB Tour
• Product Demos
• Hub & Spoke Ride

Road Cycling:
• Crit
• Gran Fondo
• Team Stage Race
• Canadian Hill Climbing Championships
• The Scarecrow Gravel Ride

MENTIONS: @SeaOtterClassic


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 The mecca of Canadian Mountain Biking that Ontario is....
  • 19 5
 We may not be the mecca of mtb, but Ontario is the biggest market for bicycle sales in Canada.
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flag dguzzler (Nov 27, 2018 at 17:16) (Below Threshold)
  • 7 4
 Mr Sunshinie, do you feel better about yourself ?
  • 8 1
 @mtnrush666: I wouldn't be surprised if this was true for bicycles in general, but I feel like the mtb market is small relative to the provinces population.
  • 4 0
 Yeah booming area for mountain biking and on July 4th in Canada nonetheless. They sure did do their research
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 There's already Crankworx at Whis and various tradeshows in vancouver every year... why not grow the scene in Ontario?
  • 22 2
 Ontario actually does have world class XC trails and breeds alot of world class XC talent. The scene in Ontario is big, go to any trail center on a nice Saturday and it's packed. No we don't have mountains or any significant elevation, and no we don't have many gnarly trails like you guys, but there is still a good scene and good trails here nonetheless. Blue Mountain is actually an ideal venue for an Enduro type event as the climbs back up to the top are manageable and a good selection of challenging trails for timed stages. DH on the other had, not so much. However the DH at blue although very short, is still pretty good (unless it rains...). I love visiting BC and Quebec every year to experience your trails/scene, however it gets tiresome listening to BC and Quebec folks rag on the Ontario scene all the time.
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 @freerider11: And because sea otter is an XC and road festival it makes perfect sense.
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 @freerider11: indeed. I live in the Blue Mtns. The local trails we have here can match that of interior B.C
  • 7 1

That is a bit of a stretch.
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 We make do with what's available to us...unfortunately it isn't much.
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 @downhere67: there's a couple trails lol. If you're from this area, you know exactly what trails I'm getting at ????
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 @pav4: umm.. nope. Ont pop over 14 million (>3x BC);. Draw area, Golden Horseshoe and local over 10 million (>2x BC). Blue Mtn (Collingwood) only 2hr drive from dwntn Toronto. Lots of these folks spend $ on recreation - think Van/Whistler relationship x 5. Some of the best road riding in NA - escarpment hills for great climbing and grid Rd pattern (quiet and scenic) for infinite route making. Some of the best tech XC mtb in the East - lbs one of the biggest SC bike dealers in Canada. Also, creating an "experience" for your on-line shoppers in this market a no-brainer winner. So ya - from industry POV ... Mecca. PS - tourism "where Toronto's wealthy come to play" also win.
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 The west coast already has everything... crankworx, EWS, you name it... just let the Ontarians have their bit of fun will ya?
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 @brentkratz: Nope to what? Ontario being one of the biggest markets for bicycle sales OR the MTB market is small relative to the provinces population OR nope to both?

I'm very familiar with everything you said, but given the population in Ontario, I don't feel like there are many mountain bikers compared to all other bike disciplines. This is strictly based on what I observe riding and travelling around the province. I spend lots of time in the Blue Mountain area and without a doubt the road bikers are abundant. Honestly, I really hope they can tap into the potential and bring more mountain biking to the general population through an event like this. Personally I'm excited to have the event come to Blue, but the timing sucks because it conflicts with trip I already had planned Frown
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 Cheer up sunshine your killing by buzz
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 Whatever. Sure for downhill Whistler is obviously a jewel, but for enduro or XC, Ontario easily holds its own. I'm guessing you've never ridden here.
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 @davidjpeacock: I'm from Ontario, sure the XC is great... But Ontario sadly doesn't hold its own for Enduro Frown There's crazy potential, even for long descents in some areas of the province but the best bits aren't developed.
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 Sooo stoked! We'll be bringing the Canadian Enduro back this year, last year we had a stellar course, a big day on the bike, lots of stages and we utilized some terrain not normally open to the public - get ready for this year, it's going to be an unreal weekend!
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 Are you? Are you really? I'll believe it when I see dates.
  • 2 2
 @Dent - hahaha Dean Thompson, come on', you know we're going....yeeeesh, trolls these days.
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 I just want to say that good for Mountain Biking anywhere is good for mountain biking. I live in Ontario and envy my fellow riders that live in places with more elevation than what we enjoy here, but I’m proud to be a Mountain Biker, and I live in Ontario.
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 So another Sea Otter with a massive DH course... Wink
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 That'll be fun if it rains.
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  • 5 0
 @mykel: Pffft, I "rode" down the escarpment in the wet and snow a few weeks ago. Bring it! haha. Razz
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 Blue is definitely a good place to promote ebikes. Large, rapidly growing retirement community of wealthy, activity minded seniors. I just hope this helps promote the creation of more trail systems in the province. This province is under achieving badly given the amount of space available and compared to the examples of Quebec and Vermont.
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 I'm simultaneously baffled and pleased. Blue is a couple hours from me, so I'll quite likely be there, but I have no idea why they will be.
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 Whaaaat? Blue is going to build a dual slalom course? Believe it when I see it.
  • 5 0
 I'm sure Blue will build whatever a race organizer/Festival pays for!
  • 2 0
 @typrattmtb and @j-t-g trust us, it'll be a gooder!
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 I have a use for my DJ up north now
  • 3 0
 Calgary would have been a better choice. There is the Olympic Park, good food, good entertainment, and closer to a larger population of riders.
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 Has anybody considered that Intrawest owns (or did own) Blue Mountain, the same parent company of Whistler? Maybe they're using their power to bring a big mountain bike festival to Ontario to bring in more revenue since our winters aren't what they used to be. It will never be Whistler, but as others have mentioned there are a ton of people with a ton of money 2 hours south of there that love to shop and spend on recreational activities outside of the City.
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 I live beside Bromont so i am just going to say what everyone is thinking. WTF at blue mountain?
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 My guess on no Bromont is they don't want to pay for bilingual signage, advertising, staff etc... (mandatory in PQ).

That said, it would be a sick place for a Sea Otter.
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 Good for Blue Mountain, good for Ontario riders, the rest of the country can pound salt for once. Let us have our crumbs!
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 The trails around blue are better than the trails around Sea Otter, and the bike market in the east is way bigger than the west regardless of how much gnar there is out there. The Don Valley trails in the middle of Toronto have 1000s of riders alone. Personally I'm stoked. Sea Otter put on a wicked festival.
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 wow it's like we are living in lala land... I hope the trail networks in the region get some upgrades tho!
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 Who exactly competes in the E-MTB races?
  • 5 2
 Still trying to get on board with the whole E bike thing, trying to consider it just new technology that makes the ride easier/faster like smart suspension, wireless dropper posts, even other evolution's like disc brakes and tubeless but it just seems to cross a line. In all honesty if I saw one on fire I probably wouldn't cross the road to piss on it
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 Gonna be awesome at +35C with 95% humidity. Heatstroke! Do people not know the weather in Southern Onterrible in July is unbearable?
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 I'm going to need to bring a lot of bikes!
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 Sea Otterio!

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