Social Round Up: First Hits at Red Bull Rampage 2022

Oct 18, 2022 at 13:49
by Sarah Moore  


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 I hate instagram....I want to watch the videos posted there, but I will not succumb to having a social media account beyond my pinkbike subscription, and it won't let me without logging into Facebook or IG. I have neither.
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flag suspended-flesh (Oct 18, 2022 at 20:57) (Below Threshold)
 Nothing to brag about in 2022 pops
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 I also dislike it and refuse to make an account but we have to acknowledge that social media is a huge part of allows these athletes to make a living. So i don't like it and i don't participate but i don't get salty about missing out.
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 But maybe you could be a Rampage hype guy. Just film vertically and go "wooooo!"
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 @n734535: Social media is also a great way of corporations to suck the last bit of free time and free dopamine out of its users.
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 @colincolin: They're not interested in sucking out your free time and dopamine, they're interested in your data. And not even your individual data, but you as a single datapoint within a huge mass of data which they can use to influence.
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 Welp the athletes chose to use THEIR social media to share their experience. It would be nice if the ESPN did Rampage week like the UFC does fight week.
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 @n734535: SM essentially being a requirement for many people's success is a part of why I am salty. Sure it brings a lot of good things. But I also think it has created more bad than good, especially when you look at how it influences behavior. I'm a little embarrassed this thread made it to the top, but I am salty.
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 I think it should be banned. Rampage and Hardline.... Too dangerous. I m voting for a move back to cantilever brakes and some real tame 8 % grades...

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flag sethgale (Oct 18, 2022 at 19:46) (Below Threshold)
 Your joking right?
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 @sethgale: you’re joking right?
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 And all the rap music being played….corrupting the fragile minds of the children….
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 video games
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flag sethgale (Oct 19, 2022 at 6:46) (Below Threshold)
 @larry-mclush: You really want to cancel rampage?
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 "Mega Sore Ass" 10/10 dinosaur pun
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 Tippie is great. Crazy energy out of that guy.
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 @Remonster: Big bike energy
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 Bring back lazy dig crews, amateur riders and massive sends into the abyss. I want blood damn it.
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 It truly is a RAMPage competition........
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 That was good...
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 @stiingya: he's been sculpting the perfect pun like a dirt jump (or rampage jump) since last year
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 You could say it's the age of ramps. The Ramp-Age...
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 Keep singletrack single
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 It's crazy how still Rheeder is in the air.
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 @onemanarmy: ummm, ya need to press play, moving pictures - wonderful things Smile
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 Man - obviously the bikes and the riders have come on leaps and bounds over the years but can we appreciate the dig crews for a sec?? Carving what almost looks like concrete skateparks out of the dustiest, loosest terrain. Incredible work boys.
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 IMO Brett Rheeder is the only one that can compete against semenuk and I reckon BR wants it more.
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 I want BR to win for sure.
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 Feel like Brett has more time on the saddle as of recent given that last little docu that came out. With the single crown shenanigans looks like he's been putting in a ton of work, plus his performance at proving grounds looks like he's whipping the bike around pretty confidently. Could be a toss up between the two, I think last year semenuk did some of these single crown tricks when no one else was and that alone warranted a high score, but this year he won't be the only one doing it. One thing that Brett hasn't always matched Semenuk with is line choice/uniqueness/overall dig. Last year the holy-shitness of brandons line didn't really hit me until I saw the tmobile drone flyover of his line, only then did I realize just how big some of the features he was doing these tricks off was. That vid really put in perspective the scale of Brandon's line and combined with the new single crown tricks he was able to go unanswered.
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 really excited to see these two elites go toe to toe
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 Mr Arm Chair Quarterback here : this is a slopestyle coarse and I can do it better. . . . . . .
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flag toughchoices (Oct 18, 2022 at 19:36) (Below Threshold)
 Can't spell worth shit, but still gets upvoted? Sad!
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 @toughchoices: English is my furst language
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 Which is better though, a slopestyle coarse or a big mountain smooth?
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 I wanna know how they know that canyon gap is gonna work before they do it. Do they just eyeball or is there like a math rule of thumb? The stakes seem pretty high to just eyeball the build
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 eyeball it
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 Just send it and see what happens.
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 @stress-less: in engineering words: state-of-the-art advanced bio-integrated hardware based virtual simulation capable of accounting for all variables.
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 @fracasnoxteam: AKA, a brain.
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 @Lagr1980: The little super computers in our heads are generally quite good at gauging speed.
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Grew up snowboarding... eventually went on to get some minor sponsors and flow, competed in the mid pack a lot, nothing too serious but would go on the odd shoot and have to help build some big ass kickers to film/shoot on. But back in my early teenage years, when our little local crew first starting building jumps... I can't tell you how many times we hiked into the back country, spotted what looked like an epic hit spot... spent hours building what was going to be the most amazing jump snowboarding had every seen... to then have barely enough speed to even get to the lip, or we'd just plop off the end... haha.. pretty hilarious to think back on some of the dumb shit we built as kids, but you live and learn, it was all good experience, good fun and great memories. We also built some very serious shit... sometimes we'd finish a build and realize our egos were bigger than our brains and no one would even hit it. When I go back to my home mountain every once in a while... still drive by an insane road gap we built and think "man, should get the boys together and rebuild that thing", haha. Eventually, you learn from all your builds and it kind of becomes second nature as to what will work and what won't.

I'd assume it's the same for these guys but mountain biking... they've all been building this stuff for years and years and just innately know what will and what won't go.
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 @islandforlife: This is pretty much it. Once you get experience you just kind of know. It's just feel and sort of a spatial awareness.

Seems like a silly comparison but at its core its really no different than something like a basketball player shooting a ball or a QB throwing a football. A top QB in the NFL can throw while on the run, and hit a moving target 40 yards downfield, thats surrounded by defenders, with a window to throw of only a few feet most times. All on the fly in a fraction of a second they can judge how hard, at what angle, etc they need to throw to hit that target.

These bikers are no different. They can for the most part just look at a jump/gap, judge the size, distance, and angles and have a pretty good idea of how fast they need to go and how to jump it.
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 @sino428: Yep, was also going to add... same with snowboarding for me. I've been doing it for so long that I can kind of just cruise up to anything and know in an instant if it's do-able or not... even as I'm riding up to it without even stopping to check (low consequence, non-blind stuff). Again, it's all about experience.
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 @islandforlife: I get that, we can all do that stuff on normal sized jumps, but the canyon gap is on another scale, but also I guess these riders are used to working on a similar scale...
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 @islandforlife: Agreed, exactly the same in snowboarding. I'm getting old now so I don't do anything to big these days but I used to be the same way. Could just look at a jump or even just drop into it and have a pretty good idea if the speed was right or not just by feel.
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 @Dogl0rd: Exactly, relatively speaking, this stuff is kind of "normal" for these guys.
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 I am curious how Semenuk is going to be dropping into that straight shute directly below the start hut. Caveman drop into it?
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 Caveman is strictly a van Steenbergen move ;-)
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 @FuzzyL: unReal
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 @vinay: I was joking, I‘m totally aware that Semenuk is perfectly capable of executing a caveman drop.

However, the most spectacular one at Rampage imho came from TvS.
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 Don´t know HTH he ´ll land such a steep thing... damn consecuences if he fails or unbalance there...
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 @PauRexs: yeah I don’t know how he will land such a steep landing that is basically a plumb drop. Another thing I was wondering is how was Semenuk able to find a line he wanted to build if he missed the beginning of the dig days?
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 @srsiri23w: If you watch Kyle's video you can see he was there for the registration...Guessing he was there day 1...flew out, did the race then flew back.
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 Nothing raw about rampage anymore, 8ft wide manicured landings, it's too groomed.
  • 8 4 Forgot the Brandon's a battle for second again this year...
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 Im gonna do rampage one day.
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 that's the spirit
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 Can't wait to watch this go down!
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 Stark dawg recovering on the sidelines in the first clip? or no
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 Pretty sure they share that feature. Maybe that's what he cased. Hope he is good tomorrow. He has had a bad ankle for years.
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 Can't wait for the BIG Show!
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 Awesome event... Though, never fails to amaze me, that these guys are not constantly in the hospital for this or the other injury... insane
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 They would, but probably got kicked out for building wheelchair- and hospitalbedsjumps in the hallways. "Go dig your jumps in the desert" so that's where they are now.
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 Where the photo epic? fuggin instagram round up?
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 Brandon Semenuk (CAN) 1st place
Szymon Godziek (POL) 2nd place
Kurt Sorge (CAN) 3rd place
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flag snomaster (Oct 18, 2022 at 20:00) (Below Threshold)
 The level of riding is so good! I'm ranking tiers here. They're all rad.
tier 1: Semenuk Rheeder Godziek
tier 2: TVS Sorge Lacondeguy Stark
3: Boggs Nell Riddle
4: TommyG Strait Zink TMac Storch ... Brandt
Then there's the I don't know em but I can't wait for the show: William Robert / Alex Volokhov
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 Nice, I like this ranking. Hoping for someone else than Semenuk to win this time though, a run with a little more bike big fast open face riding in it, and less slopestyle-lesque.
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 Fuck Instagram.
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 Wow T Mac has a Marzocchi looking like the 2003 Monster T polished with a black M Arc!
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 Norbert, come inside for dinner!
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 Too groomed. 1 day build with 2 labors on new course
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 Sorge's winning run from a few years back was spiritual. Style over tech forever.
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 the best mtb event
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flag bradsbikesco (Oct 18, 2022 at 14:05) (Below Threshold)
 UCI dj world cup got nothing on this
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flag bradsbikesco (Oct 18, 2022 at 14:05) (Below Threshold)
 dh *
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 Brendog was robbed
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 @billythegerbil: hahaha ur a legend
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