Social Round Up: 8 Athletes Show Off Their Quarantine Talents

Apr 16, 2020 at 16:29
by Sarah Moore  
Yoann Barelli

Jill Kintner

Jolanda Neff

Nino Schurter

Gee Atherton

Kate Courtney

Andreane Lanthier Nadeau

Ella Conolly


Gowaan Gals

As the world struggles to suppress the spread of COVID-19, please follow the guidelines of your local health authorities. Even if you don’t have the virus, hospital visits put additional stress on your medical systems; do not undertake any activities that put you or others at risk.


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 Is it wrong to feel compelled to high five Luca right now?
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 next week I'll do the same naked and see if you post it haha !!! Might get banned again but OH WELL hahahaha !!
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 Video, or it didn't happen.
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 Only if you dress on the left going in right handed circles. Stay safe always enjoy watching you, with clothes ON
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 Y-B, anything but please for the love of god no more singing "wheels on the bus go round". Great to see you back on the bike. And a shout out to the Gowaan Gals. I have been doing your reps with my daughter. Thx bec's et al
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 Nino is bossing it!
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 What an athlete!!!!
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 You mean to say you didn't include our Gowaan Gals Dance?
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 I missed that, so awesome. I've added it in as bonus #9!
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 The level of balance exibited by Nino and Kate is next level, at least for me. Maybe I should take that as a hint to start working on that...

Also, a one footed super deep knee bend, on a slackline? I'm sure its harder than it sounds, and it already sounds pretty tough.
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 Actually, it’s not that hard to do, what Kate Courtney does in the vid, you should be able to replicate within a few days (might be the first time she tried this, though). Those balance boards are relatively stable.

Unless you get a very small curved one, and try to ride it one-footed, of course, which is next to impossible for mere mortals Wink
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 Is it true that some hospitals are laying off staff because regular injuries aren’t coming in?
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 I have heard that, not lay offs though just who wants to take some time off kind of deal.
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 Friday fails, here we come (to the hospital)!
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 @deadflat: I'll be happy to volunteer! Would someone be kind enough to hold my beer? (and there's more in the fridge in case you get bored)
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 Ask the 36,000 + Americans currently chillin in the morgue.
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 @onemind123: Shit got real, like they can't ride anymore. That's gonna suck for more than a few fridays still...
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 Low to mid level acuity hospital traffic is definitely down on our area.

I suspect there aren’t layoffs here for optical reasons, but there are lots of voluntarily shift reductions and fewer hours available for casual staff, depending on the ward.
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 It's 100% accurate. There's some striking happening where I'm at due to this.

To me it's complete horse crap. We expect them to get in the face of an illness bad enough to shut the world down with PPE worse than you see in your local Walmart. The hospitals reacted poorly and have basically actively told people to stay away unless it's life/limb threatening. So people are going in to get taken care of. So they're slow. So they're losing money and since it's a for profit business they do what every for profit business does in those times... they lay as many people off as possible to normalize the numbers for the investers/board of directors so they can insure their bonus'.

So they're telling medical staff they're furloughed, laid off, reducing hours, etc to save their butts.

Kinda of a slap in the face to me. Sorry but the tax payers ponied up a few trillion dollars to fund the government slush funds and come up with $125 billion or so for the medical fields.... that needs to trickle down to the ones putting their lives and their families lives in danger daily by keeping people employed.

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 @audioshnoll: Nope. Can't access trails legally, surf, skate parks, pump tracks... all shut down.

You can roll into the trails if you park far enough away but if they catch you in there or coming out of there it's $1000.
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 @onemind123: The outbreaks have been very localized, so yes, 36k people have died, but many/most hospitals are nearly empty. In my county of 850k people, we have 8 Covid patients currently in the ICU, and 21 total in our dozen or so hospitals. Medical staff are being laid off right and left because the county banned face to face medical appointments for anything not immediately life threatening. Entire floors of the hospitals are shit down.
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 @maxyedor: well, having outbreaks localized, very few patients in your county and hospitals nearly empty is a very good thing given the current situation, don't you think? In NY they where taking literally TRUCKLOADS of corpses from hospitals.

The problem of people being laid off comes from the underlying problem you have, worse than the epidemic, which is the for profit nature of your helthcare system (or lack of).
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flag Beez177 (Apr 18, 2020 at 6:56) (Below Threshold)
 @onemind123: fun fact, every year the flu kills at least that many people and in 2017-2018 61,000 died from the flu ( CDC website ).
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 @Beez177: yeah, every year I see the trucks carrying the corpses out of hospitals in NY.
Numbers are fine within a context, those 38k (and counting) have died in the last month.
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flag Beez177 (Apr 18, 2020 at 9:47) (Below Threshold)
 @ismasan: You mean old folks and unhealthy people die? I had no idea!
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 Yup, common flu has a death rate around 0.1-0.2% in developed countries... this one is around 2%... so since you like numbers, apply 2% to the 56million or so that are infected by the common flu each year.

So that's 1% of your country, give or take.

Ironically, that chance to be part of the 1% highest wealth holders in your nation is enough to drive people to work like animals and make enormous sacrifices... but the 1% chance of dying from a flu is insignificant and not worth action in your eyes.

$ > Life

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 @Beez177: if you can't see the difference that getting everyone sick at the same time makes...

Also, funny to see how the naysayers are mostly 'muricans, why am I not surprised?
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 @ismasan: Didn’t say it was a bad thing that the outbreak has been very localized, simply that it is extremely localized. Simply put, 36k deaths, predominantly in NYC does not mean the entire US healthcare system is feeling the effects. Thus there are layoffs, and the people being laid off would have had no effect on those dying 2500 miles away. I gave the numbers because they’re an important bit of information when it comes to understanding the situation, not as a way to minimize the threat of the virus.

No system is perfect, but our privatized healthcare system is part of the reason we have more ICU beds per Capita than any other nation, and also part of the reason we’re a deeply unhealthy nation which is driving the deathtoll, so it’s neither all good nor all bad. As far as the layoffs go, in areas where there is not currently a dire outbreak, those workers really should be at home. Should the situation deteriorate I’d rather they spent a few weeks resting and hanging out with their family before being pressed into 24/7 service than have had them sit in an empty hospital twiddling their thumbs.

In my county in particular the reason for widespread layoffs is the new ordinance against non essential medical procedures. Hospitals and doctors offices are forced to lay everybody off, their only choice is whether to continue paying their staff or not, and it’s about 50/50 there.
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flag Beez177 (Apr 18, 2020 at 12:33) (Below Threshold)
 @ismasan: funny how the UK has the most bike thefts. I can generalize too! tosser...
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 @Beez177: Thanks Donald
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 @jbling: NP Newsom, you little bitch.
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 Best lock-down cooking has to be Nats What i reckon - guy is funny as and food looks pretty good too. Mate send it to me and made my day.
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 Martha Schurter Stewart much?!
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 Yolanda's in a tough spot, choosing between USA and Switzerland during COVID...tough options
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 Switzerland has a lot of nice spots but the view of the Pisgah Forest in her video is way nicer than she (and me also) would have at home. The north-east is not as nice as the east or south of Switzerland. But at least we're allowed to leave the house for a ride. Happy to see she's OK again.
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 If you are old enough to remember the "20 Minute Workout" shows, then you were brought right back there with Yolanda's getup.
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 @vhdh666: I meant two countries which are "having a hard time" with covid. I'd choose Helvetia over Uncle Sam any day !
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 @DGWW: from that point of view: yes you're totally right.

From riding point of view, I guess Pisgah Forest is nicer.
And at the moment, we're being faced with trail-access difficulties very often due to "too much trafic" on the trails which "stresses animals" (but forestry and hiking are no problem). Bit of a pain in the behind.
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 @vhdh666: I'd still take that terrain over NC all day long ! Not to mention skiing ! Not so fond of the cost of living or xenophobia but hey , can't win em all
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 @DGWW: there‘s not much skiing in the north east
And xenophobia is not too bad, exept for a few idiots. I am Dutch and I have been living here for 25 yrs and no problem
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 @vhdh666: As a Canadian, the distance between 'no skiing' and 'best skiing' in Switzerland is equivalent to what many here would call a daily commute haha. As for the Xenophobia, I don't know your ethnic background, but what I've heard , is that it has more to do with non Europeans.
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 What about Chris akrigg lockdown sessions? #actualbikecontent
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 Hans Rey has been pretty decent as well.
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 Need more LOTR content
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 Well it looks like everything is gonna be alright. I made oatmeal cookies yesterday. Keep calm we'll ride on.
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 Funny but gross numbers, the US has over 36,000 confirmed deaths do to Covid-19, but just over 300 in Russia (per google). Proof the Great Wall still works.
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 I would be highly skeptical of Russian (or Chinese) figures. Little oversight compared with democratic countries .
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 Rae Morrison’s “types of park riders” was easily the best thing I’ve seen in a long time
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 What kind of machine is Nino, I have less than 1% of his skill.
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 Jill Kintner ftw
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 That Yoan move should be called "Log Roll".
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 Very doubtful
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 Yoan was pretty cool the rest was hard to watch.

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