The Ultimate Recap of Eurobike 2018

Jul 13, 2018 at 12:11
by Sarah Moore  

The Live Valve logo - will we be seeing this on more bikes in the future or will it remain a top-tier product

Eurobike 2018
The helmet is well ventilated

The Landing Pad will store and secure your glasses
Endura have been working hard on a full face enduro lid. This is a 3-D printed version but it s based on their popular MT500 helmet.

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 wheres the Intend fork? specifically clicked to read about it. @pinkbike have been doing this clickbaity crap more and more recently. Might as well have been called 'You'll never believe what we saw at eurobike"
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 This article was not intended to show it.
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 Sorry for the confusion, that's in "Eurobike Randoms I" and I've updated the post to highlight where the fork is.

Nobody's trying to bamboozle anyone here. We did cover that fork at Eurobike, we just needed to do a better job of making it obvious where the content from the thumbnail was.
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here is everything you might want to read Wink
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 I think it was on that huge cargo beast from Portus Cycles. Either way, if you're particularly interested in the Intend fork you'd indeed be best off going to the Intend website. The fork isn't new.

Portus had it on their Krowd Karl at Eurobike last year too, when their Kickstarter campaign was still going. Maybe a prettier sight than that cargo beast, but as long as Alex is smiling he'll melt your heart anyway.
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 I am very interested in the DVO onyx SC which I saw on a German website last week, and an Italian one at the start of the year. Still no love on pinkbike!
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 PB have a habit of using thumbnails which don't relate to the content.
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 @brianpark: weak sauce
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 @Bommelmaster: damn, that's some beautiful craftsmanship.
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 Internet 101: When you place a thumbnail image next to your article, it is holistically assumed and expected that the article will include mention of the content within the thumbnail. If you don't do that, this is called click-bait, aka, bait-and-switch.... A poor practice that smut-blogs practice to inflate engagement clicks on their platform. The community is seeing this more and more here on PB. So, Pinkbike staff - Please, stop.
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 please stop with the videos too... put them on your youtube page, fine... don't pretend they make up for articles and pictures though
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 @laxguy: out of curiosity how would you want us to approach video from tradeshows? Lots of people who would like to watch video might not know we make videos as well if we didn't post them up.

Couldn't people who don't want to see Eurobike coverage in video format just avoid clicking on the stories labeled "Video"?

Or would it be better to just do a single post with all our Eurobike videos after the fact?
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 @brianpark: honestly, it would take too much time and effort to pull links and write you the response you deserve. short answer is, videos are intrusive and obnoxious in a lot of situations. in my daily life i'm 100 times more likely to read an article than I am to watch a video so it's frustrating to deal with the mess on the homepage. maybe later i'll think better and can explain clearly but for now im a moron
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 @laxguy: I'm genuinely trying to understand the issue here, so DM me if you get your thoughts sorted out.

I've got the team clearly labeling videos as "Video: ..." in the headlines, and we're now adding a PB watermark to the Pinkbike Originals video thumbnails to make them even more obvious. Isn't it as simple as not clicking the video headlines?
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 @laxguy: 100% agree. A video your passively stuck waiting... An article I have control. I read a sentence on the way to a meeting, a paragraph waiting for the meeting to start, open a picture and drool over it now and then while I'm back at my computer working. At lunch I'll reread the whole thing and do an in depth compare for spec/geo/tech details with numerous other options and triple check for interesting bits. And then later in the afternoon when it's time to visit the "2nd cubicle" I'll drop down to the comments section for a laugh... you can't get that from a video. (can't play video's in the "2nd cubicle" without someone overhearing...)

Obviously, riding video's are amazing. Be great if there were more riding clips to go along with/compliment bike reviews. Etc.

I get that it's quicker/easier and more efficient for PB to walk a show/race, etc. and get quick content and post ASAP. That is cool. But ideally then someone goes back to their computer and format a few pics/paragraphs and creates something more worthwhile. (better for search rankings anyway)

I know some will say it's "free content" stop complaining... and they have a point! Flip side is advertisers are here because the content pulls all of us interweb bike warriors soooooo content needs to keep pulling! Smile
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 @stiingya: this guy. this guy gets it, its almost like youre in my head. i have basically the same routine hahaha

and thats not to say i dont watch videos at work, but when a majority of the content produced or made available that day is all video, well its a bummer..
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 How are the Hayes Dominions not included under brakes?
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 Was it in a PB Eurobike article? I think it was on Pinkbike, but in a review not necessarily related to Eurobike.
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 @vinay: I guess it was reviewed separately, but the product was officially announced at eurobike, so it seems odd it wasn't included.
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 @mullen119: Yeah, but this is a recap so merely a collection of what PB already published about Eurobike. So if PB didn't publish anything about that brake on Eurobike, you won't find it in the recap either. See, Eurobike is a big exhibition and Pinkbike isn't going to cover all of it. So it could happen they won't cover your favorite product either. See, last year (2017) they didn't mention that very cool Portus Cycles Krowd Karl steel hardtail with Pinion gearbox and Intend USD forks because they were way too busy moaning about the e-bikes they're not interested in (though interested enough to actually mention them instead of the Krowd Karl). See, after one year it still bothers me. This was one year, many years to come of me being bothered by PB featuring e-bikes instead of that cool hardtail.

So I don't blame you. Go ahead and tell again, Pinkbike didn't mention the Hayes Dominion in a Eurobike article.
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 I know it wasn't on a mountain bike, but CermicSpeed had a super interesting, super efficient (more than chain and derailleur system) driveshaft-based drivetrain on display. Surprised pinkbike didn't report on it.
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 Not everyone's cup of tea, CHILL.
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 It’d be cool if the companies put a tech employee in front of the camera instead of these pr buttheads that can’t go a sentence without an umm or uhh
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 Working with many high tech guys at my job, those are the LAST people you want to have try and explain stuff to us knuckledraggers...unless you enjoy the intimate details of carbon fiber composite pyramidal lattice structures. How about we just go with no hype less bullshit product facts?
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 This was the absolute ultimate?
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 No no, this was the super mega ultimate recap. The absolute ultimate recap is expected to be published tomorrow. Can't wait!
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 That hydraulic groupset had my attention. Though I'm not interested in the 13 speed but I am I to the 12 speed option.
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 Guys, really?

Missing E-Enduro related stuff. There must have been tons of new E-MTBs at Eurobike. Or did I miss something?
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 Any more details on the Intend stuff?
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 Did that guy even work for Shimano..................
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