The Ultimate Recap of Sea Otter 2022

Apr 12, 2022 at 14:10
by Sarah Moore  


Come with us for a walk through the Sea Otter venue to look for new bikes and gear. Max and I find a prototype Polygon using a six-bar suspension layout, the Reeb SST with its 3D-printed frame components and flex-stays, Van Dessel's carbon trail bike, Revel's new 29" wheeled Rail, and Mondraker's 130mm-travel Raze that comes with their own suspension telemetry system.

Announced back in February, the Pinkbike racing team is tackling the 2022 World Cup downhill season with Ben Cathro at the helm as manager and coach while also still getting between the tape himself. With Cathro in California for his first Sea Otter, we thought it'd be a good time to talk to 'Line Guy' about his Santa Cruz V10 race bike and how he likes to set it up.

The Digit Datum is a 140mm-travel trail bike with a novel suspension system that sees the shock, which they also manufacture themselves in the US, tucked up inside the toptube. The load-bearing shock slides on a set of fork bushings - it's a structural member of the frame - and a short link rotates around the bottom bracket to connect the front and rear triangles together. It's a clever arrangement, so we tracked down Tim Lane, Digit's founder, to take a closer look.

The sun is out at Sea Otter and so are all the fresh bikes and shiny components, and that means it's time for us to take walk around the venue to see what's new. We spotted the 130mm and 170mm-travel versions of We Are One's Arrival, Orange's linkage-equipped Switch 7, a new down-country tire from Vittoria called the Syerra, 5 Dev's wild cranks and titanium stem that are both machined in San Diego, and X-Fusion's surprise E-Manic wireless dropper post.

We're back for another episode of Daily Driver Bike Checks. This time we take a look at what people were riding at Sea Otter.


Pinkbike Podcast
Art by Taj Mihelich

April 9th, 2022

"There are a lot of different carbon fiber rims on the market these days, but there's only one brand manufacturing their own mountain bike rims in the great white north: We Are One. Their first product, the Agent, was released back in 2017 and they've since added many more to its catalog... as well as a highly-regarded enduro bike that's also made in their Kamloops factory with domestically sourced ingredients.

Brian Park and I sat down with Dustin Adams, We Are One's founder and retired World Cup downhill racer, to talk about the challenges (and advantages) of doing it in Canada, locally sourced parts, knowing when to ask for help, if We Are One has plans to make a downhill bike or e-bike, and many other things." - Mike Levy

April 11th, 2022

"Last week saw Sea Otter return to full strength for 2022, with a packed venue full of exhibitors, racing, and a lot of mountain bikers who were all happy to be back at Weathertech Laguna Seca Raceway. And it wouldn't be an Otter without a bunch of new bikes and fresh gear, which is what Mike Kazimer, Alicia Leggett, and myself are on about in today's episode. We get into the details of Contra Bikes' steel high pivot machine, EXT's new air shock, a ton of fresh clothing, X-Fusion's wireless dropper post, and a whole bunch more." - Mike Levy

EXT Aria

Monterey, California mountain biking trails


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 You cannot put such a rad bike in the thumbnail and then NOT put the picture in the article. I'm calling the outside police!!
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 With those wheels, it's a reverse mullet bike.... business out back, party up the front.
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 @scantregard: Came here to read about that bike, thanks! I had a set of Spin rims in the late 90s/early 2000s. They were radical for the time. I spent all my hard earned money from working at a gas station on MTB parts and had a tricked out Dew Green Specialized S-Works frame with Full Xt/XTR build, had a Marzocchi Z2, and those spin rims. Was absolutely the most custom bike I’ve ever owned. Rims looked awesome at the time to me but they didn’t race well IMO. Felt slow, and I always thought it was because it carried more weight around the middle of the wheel than outside, but I’m no scientist so that may be a garbage theory… all I know is I looked “cool” but ended up slower in the end LOL I was a kid, so lesson learned: function over form!
  • 2 0
 @time2evolve: a friend had a front spin mid 90s. as long as the hub didnt work loose, or you wore through the rim sidewall apparently they werent as bad as either the tioga disk drive (which I had & killed) or the hed deep section rims (which could fill up with water)

I really like the look of the bikeaheadcomposite 5 spoke wheels, but given the price i wont be buying a set..
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 That bike was featured in this article:, which is mentioned in this article... So many articles.
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 The front SPIN, rear spoked-something-because-the-SPIN(s)-cracked setup is a pretty classic late 90's configuration. I did love those wheels though (until they inevitably cracked at the valve recess).
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 Annoying things: I pay for Beta content... and then when I click on a video to watch it, I get a message to turn off ad-blocker. Umm... (insert impolite phrasing here)... No?
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 Solution: don’t pay for Beta content
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 More dogs please.
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 Less dogs please. Now downvote away
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 More aardvarks please.
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 @tremeer023: to each his own, but to the Queen her English. Fewer dogs, not less. If you can count it, use fewer.
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 @hIDesert: ah yes, well corrected sir. TBH I was expecting a lot more backlash from my comment.
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 No slalom or downhill photo epic… very disappointing
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 you get to pay for it on beta now.
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 Kyle Straight posted a sick photo of him and Cody Kelly going head to head on his instagram. The DS racing was probably my favorite part of the SOC
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 No more e-Fbikes please.
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 Forgot to mention new apparel. Check out Send It Death Before Dishonor!! Their booth was great and their crew was off the chart!
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 Sea Otter Daily Driver.... Atom Lab guy... Front fork is not a Fox. Looks like a Suntour with Rock Shox travel gradient sticker and Kashima Coat sticker.
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 That Ti stem looks so cool and the custom painted tec gnar yeti....nice recap PB.
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 Race reports?
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 how are you guys not including the i Lot sends?
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 Not one picture of Levy's Supra?
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 Did lifetime jack up vendor exhibit fees like they did race fees?

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