Throwback Thursday: That Time Anthony Napolitan Almost Impaled Himself Trying to Front Flip Over a Fence

Jun 23, 2022 at 10:00
by Sarah Moore  

This could have been so much worse.

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 Been wanting to learn front flips, but this really has me on the fence about it
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 If he wanted to ride a pike he should have bought a RockShox
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flag BenPea (Jun 23, 2022 at 13:36) (Below Threshold)
 Ok guys, you can switch off the internet now.
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 Gee, he really stuck the landing
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 He could have easily tripled his asshole count. In one move!
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 Sometimes life gives you a VERY CLEAR warning.
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 Only someone with a bmx background could spot that landing so perfectly on top of the fence. Bravo!
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 He's not even close to clearing that fence.
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 this would be enough of a scare for me to stop riding
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 No not stop riding but stop making stupid stuff....
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 Try telling ya mates at the pub, about this gnar, without camera footage.
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 Death was taking a nap. Thank goodness.
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 Haha I thought the #colonybmxbrand was a colon joke
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 He's got a helmet
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 I was surprised by that too
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 I don't know. "What In The Heck Guy" kinda takes away from it for me. This is a full on you-have-to-be-shitting-me moment and "heck" is the best exclamation he's got. Also, I dispute WITHG's claim that's it's a save. Just a ludicrously lucky fail.
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 If at first you don't succeed, try, try again
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 He wasn't close and easily could have been impaled. He obviously didn't really plan/think this one through and it's pretty stupid tbh. I would not be laughing had I ended up in that position, I would be shitting my pants and possibly crying as I considered how close I was to getting a new anus.
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 Can i tell it? What an idiot to try that trick Smile
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 Fencing is an Olympic sport.
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 he copyrighted that clip and made a bunch of money off it. making a the best out what could have been very very bad. napolitan is an incredible rider for those who don't know
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 cameraman's reaction at the end of the clip about sums up my reaction
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 Sometimes, when there's a lot at STAKE, bad decisions are made! He came very close to experiencing what a convicts first day in Cell Block D is like.
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 that was the day to but a lottery ticket.......
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 If there is a god, he/she must have been there, that day!
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 checks out, God doesn't like that sort of penetration
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 @overconfident: Other gods are available.
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 @overconfident: hmm, conflicting opinions here...
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 Bmx background
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 Murphy's law?
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 Murphy's Law couldn't do the math on how to ruin him this time. Utterly fried the circuits in the Murphy machine.
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 few more inches forward and my man is getting violated
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 Front flip to fence seat. Insane to hit it first try.
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 Almost went down in the annals of BMX history as the first fencestration.
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 Darwin runner-up
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 But he didn't die..
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 @danielfloyd: lol my coach’s favorite question “but did you die?”
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 You could say that about most mountain bike vids then? Just because it almost went wrong for this guy, doesn’t make him more idiotic.
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 shish kebab. stupid ass
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