Video: 4 of Loic Bruni's Most Dramatic World Cup Crashes

May 25, 2020 at 9:31
by Sarah Moore  

The World Champion looks calm and collected as always, until he ends up violently wrenched from his bike in these four crashes.


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 It's his goggles. His goggles make him fall. Watch how he adjusts them immediately after every crash. /s
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 100% Wink
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 @goldsie: GOLDEN pun right there! Well done.
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 @Trudeez: So true!
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flag gossman (May 26, 2020 at 11:18) (Below Threshold)
 The goggles might move a bit from those crashes... Nothing major at those speeds, but just a thought : = I would probably have to adjust my goggles too if I flew across a WC DH course face first.
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 @gossman: the batteries are dead in your joke detector.. Smile

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 Loic Bruni crashes and lands 7-8 meters away..
immediately stands up...
"putain j'ai rien" (translation: "holy shit... I'm all right!")

that's war machinery stuff rite there
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 He would have made a good Paratrooper. He's got the PLF down naturally.
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 That's youth and muscle. Get your upper body strength y all
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 How the hell is he so composed that he manages to roll onto his shoulder like that? And then bounces right back up like he's made of something bouncy.
Meanwhile, I'm still out from a low speed tuck under last week where my brain made the survival decision to stretch an arm out and belly flop onto a rock.
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 Crash more... Eventually you figure it out.
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 @jomacba: Or die.
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 @Mondbiker: well you know what they say, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger
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 @jomacba: seriously unrated comment!
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 @jomacba: underrated* damn autocorrect!
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 His physical strength helps him survive such crashes with minor consequences. I think this is the most important reason a pro rider should be fit as fuck.
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 @DuckyHoodman: Well that, and likely if he (or she) wasn't fit as f*ck they probably wouldn't be pro... at least at the highest level anyways. I have to say my general fitness has saved my ass many times, but as I said, crash more, you eventually get used to it. One of the first fundamental elements to learning martial arts is to correctly break fall. The same can be said for mountain biking. I can't tell you how many times I've used the exact same techniques.
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 A squirrel calculates his landing and starts making body position changes in about 300 milliseconds. Loic is smarter than a squirrel.
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 @JohanG: Never assume anything.
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 Sorry you're hurt and out, but holy crap your description gave me a hilarious mental picture of someone in a old-school superman flypose as they eat sh!t.
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I see somebody watched the squirrel ninja warrior video on YouTube.
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 @jomacba: Years of skiing and mountain bike crashes have hard wired me to tuck and roll. Practice does make perfect. Still effing hurts tho.
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 @jomacba: Crash responsibly kids
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 I’ve had so many crashes where you go.....holy f*ck how am I not hurt! Then others that seem minor in comparison that take you down the road of physical therapy and surgeries.
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 I did martial arts as a kid and we spent days working on forward rolls. Since I practiced thousands of times, now when I crash, I roll out of it (most of the time). That skill has definitely saved me from more injuries than any of the actual fighting techniques I learned.

He probably did tumbling or gymnastics and learned the same thing at a young age so now it's instinct.
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Also, if you consistently wear armor, you can calculate your roll to impact or slide on that body region. My Evoc backpack absorbs most of my crashes, because I typically roll from elbow/shoulder to back. My elbows are haggard, but I haven’t convinced myself to pad them for the sake of vanity.
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 1 part muscle acting as padding, 1 part yoga allowing for the flexibility to not break things. Then the rest is years of experience I'd guess. Like how you see the slopestyle boys bail out of a corked 3 tailwhip, and pretty much slide/run it out every time.
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 @spankthewan: That shit was so entertaining
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 @EricHarger: Couldn't agree more. I raced XC for a while when I was in uni. The best takeaway from that (other than that Ontario trails aren't technical) was how to minimize damage in a crash.
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 Haa that's why he's called SuperBruni.
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 Reminds me of Douglas Adams instructions on how to fly..."Throw yourself at the ground, but miss."
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 42, and thanks for all the fish.
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 and hang in the air exactly the same way bricks don't!
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 Take note Soccer players.
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 If MTBers were like soccer players:
1. Rolling over 10 times after crash
2. Clutching a body part that wasn’t hurt
3. Anguished look on face (“May never walk/ride again!”)
4. Getting up and gesticulating angrily at the root
5. Arguing with trail side official with whistle
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 6. Getting yellow card for “theatre”
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 The comparison to football is erroneous. The rule set and referee use in football has created the situation where achieving a dead ball situation, or a card for the opposing team, is highly valuable (winning games at the highest level is economic in nature). Any opportunity to sway the split-second decision making is taken and maximised. The only way out of it is to start penalising play-acting or any attempts to influence the game.

In contrast, bailing in a mtb race, with nobody else involved, serves only to diminish that riders chances. The total opposite.
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 @mi-bike: Gesticulating angrily at the root :'D
Think that was a 90's XC thing...
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 @tobiusmaximum: you’re doing analogies wrong.

The dead-bike situation is highly advantageous to the opposing team, the trees, and their most ardent supporters, the roots.
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 Take note:

Football players play between 40 - 60 90+ minute games per season, cover 10-12k in games, faster players making regular sprints of 85% on grass of Olympic sprinters.

They train 5+ times per week, often at higher intensity than actual matches.

They may also play 10 - 12 international matches.

They do lots of unseen community work and have contributed massive sums of cash to the current crisis. Some like Juan Mata (ManU and ex Spanish international) contribute a percentage of there wages each month)

Catastrophic lower limb injuries are not uncommon, often similar to those seen in two wheeled sports. From an age ago but google David Boost (Coventry) injury. Unfortunately head injuries are common and there is growing evidence of early onset dementia with ex football players. Shoulder injuries, arm and facial also regular and due to pressure to play they are often at 35/36 left with the knees of OAPs. Tragically players loose there lives mostly through undetected heart conditions that in normal life cause no issues but can be deadly for football players at all levels.

Nobody likes the play acting you are alluding to but unfortunately it is cultural is some countries - I don't like people straight lining tracks to get a decent strava time and dont get me started on roadies and doping.

There is lots wrong with football but at it's most basic level it's a fantastic, simple, inclusive game. And just cos it's it's not an 'extreme sport' don't ever under estimate the mental or physical toughness of the players.
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 @jemscott: It's a joke........lighten up Frances.
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 @rideonjon: Frances??

Just cant be doing with the extreme sport bro macho attitude, to many people think it makes you cool or tough by association, then they always want to dis every other sport and especially football. There usually about 15 though not 44!
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 @rideonjon: Haha, nice reply! I think lockdown is making me grumpy, although I have ridden my bike loads as we have been allowed to do that in the UK Smile
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 @jemscott: To be fair, football players have incentive to argue that they were hurt. If they can penalize another player, it can help their team. DH is the opposite. Pretending to be okay will let you get a race run in, vs. being told to stop by paramedics. Obviously both are impressive athletes that are tougher than 95% of the general population in a rough crash, just footballers pretend to be more injured and DH less injured
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 @IsaacWislon82: I've never heard roots complain either. If anyone has a #machobro attitude here, it's them. Way tougher than DH riders or soccer players.
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 @jemscott: spoken like a true Englishman.
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 Does the UCI have rules against being a cat?
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 How he crash and stand back up so quick? I crash and lay on the ground for like ten minutes like what just happened??????
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 Adrenaline, my friend. My worst crash, I got up, picked my bike up, and took off my helmet. Didn't feel any pain, just a little fuzzy vagueness. After I sat down for a minute I couldn't move my leftarm without insane pain. Left collarbone was in four pieces...
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 Looks like he needs to cut 10mm off his bars. :-D
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 Putain j’ai rien.
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 I can't believe I'm the first to say this (maybe it's too obvious)...

Red Bull gives you...

Shuffling awkwardly away now!
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 The second one at Fort Bill was horrendous to watch live...but awesome to see him just get up. I thought there was gonna be some nasty injury...but Bruni said no Smile
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 If these are his worst crashes, then I'm actually better that a World Champion Smile
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 Rob and Cunny, what a team.
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 Red Bull take notes. This is how you make a crash compilation.
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 on the 1st crash the bike "shaves" his helmet and breaks his gopro...
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 but he "rolls" perfectly into the sweetspot
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 The one I wanted a slo-Mo replay of... there was none. Ouch! Glad Super-Bruni is back.
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 That third on is a scorpion front flip. I didn't even know that was possible
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 Anyone else notice the gopro getting sheared off his helmet by the bike in the first one?
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 Before I watch this video, I just want to say I burst out laughing reading the title. Not because it's funny, but because if I posted it, the world would hate me for it. HAH!
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 The jackknife, Bruni's only known weakness.
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 Good fall skills = not such dramatic
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 The Lapierre years were torture for this reason. Ok, not actual torture, sheesh...
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 Was half-expecting the Leogang one
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 Thats why i don't clip in.
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 He's clipped in and did ok?
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Everybody form a circle
You put your left foot in
You put your left foot out
And you shake it all about
You do the hokey pokey
And you turn yourself around
That's what its all about
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 I watch these to stay humble.
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 When in doubt, roll it out.
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 damn.! he even crashes smoothe.... Smile

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 the caramel world champion
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 he's resourceful
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 Things be gettin mighty desperate round here

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