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Video: Bernard Kerr's Track Walk from Red Bull Hardline 2022

Sep 7, 2022 at 16:55
by Sarah Moore  

The already huge Red Bull Hardline course has received some updates for 2022 with some massive new jumps added in. Bernard Kerr takes a first look at the course (track walk starts at 7:30)

See the list of riders competing here (including Gee Atherton!).

More details on the course can be found here.

Thumbnail by Dan Griffiths

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 Appart from the beginning of the track, the whole middle section and then towards the end, I’d be keen to try riding it!
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flag betsie (Sep 8, 2022 at 1:16) (Below Threshold)
 .... no you wouldnt!
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 Yeah, the in-run into the cannon sender out of the woods looks like fun! Not the actual jump but all the trail before that and the big, off camber rock slab. The landing after the road gap looks neat also!
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 That on-off feature just looks nuts. With this year's stacked rider lineup, course changes and Rob and Eliot bringing the coverage, feels like we're shaping up for one of the best Hardlines yet.
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 Yeeeeehaw! Can’t wait! Send it boys and girls. And stay safe!
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 @taurausmountain: Stay safe! Haha! Good one!
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 Hope gee stays safe
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 Yea, more rain forecast today, but then its mainly dry until Sunday. Could be hero-clay/rock by then.
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flag kubaner FL (Sep 8, 2022 at 4:32) (Below Threshold)
 Elliot is so vanilla though!
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 @kubaner: Eliot is the best technical track/riding analyst besides Cathro and his stats breakdowns are amazing. Maybe you’re just someone who prefers tired catch-phrases. I wish uci DH would be commentated three ways between Claudio, Ben, and Eliot, as well as having Tracy and maybe Kintner or Beerten commentate the womens races. Rob is still the GOAT announcer so far - wish him the best.
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 First 100 feet look pretty doable
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 "You boys need some counselling". She's not wrong.
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 Yep, Jenna Hastings' comment in this video sums it up nicely.
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 nice, i'm 41 and i've learnt how young people carry their sweatshirts over their shoulders now, good vid much appreciated.
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 Saw ratboy and his boys with the same setup recently and it's been a life changer.
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 You can do it Jenna
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 Every year this thing seems to get scarier...I don't really know how DH can progress much beyond this...it really has to be the limit of what humans / bikes are capable of...if we start pushing much beyond this I think the risk to the riders is just too significant...looking forward to watching though!
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 It looks way faster and more direct this year. With more air and huge consequence. But they did fill dirt in some of the raw bits before and after the road gap... and chipped that shark up high as well... so is it scarier? gnarlier? It's certainly different.

Also, this is the most impressive rider lineup ever. Firstly, Bernard upped his own stature massively this season. The winner is a legend already. And I cannot wait to see Jackson Goldstone in his 1st post Junior career event.

Holy smokes there's more hype than a world cup!!
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 Sometimes régression is the solution?
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 e-DH bikes so we can pedal faster for bigger jumps
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 It's a fair point, however last year a lot of the lads were taking the piss a little last year and flipping the jumps etc when really Hardline is designed to be a serious race. That's not a disrespect, just an observation.
Dan Atherton has obviously seen this and felt the need to up the risk/reward level even further.
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 Maybe we're just not the ones to gauge that. Hardline was created by and for riders who felt the WC DH courses weren't technically challenging enough to showcase what they were truly capable of. This thing is big and technical, but there are no shady man-made features like bridges with rubber mats, fences that might snag your bars and then a straight angle, a drop with a weird landing. Whereas in UCI WC DH racing athletes may feel obliged to ride the track as presented, at Hardline motivation may be more intrinsic. They don't have to, but they want to compete and can pull out when they eventually don't want to go. I feel this is more true to what mountainbiking is all about. Of course this thing looks big, but these urban races look most scary to me.
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 Riders have gone there in the past and chosen not to ride because they didn't want to hit the features, so it seems like riders are certainly aware of their limitations and whether they can step up to the course. Even just the way that Bernard was talking about how they'd made some bits "too easy" show what the expectation is of Hardline, and their relative comfort level with it.

Those new jumps look wild, but the difference with Hardline compared to something like the sketchy decisions made on WC tracks is that the riders have confidence in Dan Atherton and the dig crew building big stuff that will work. I'm pretty sure if they were given the chance of hitting a "Dan Atherton" 86ft double or a "Les Gets jumps builder" 86ft double they'd choose the former over the latter.
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 If it looks big on (through) camera, and it does.... It must be HUGE!
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 How cool is the sport of DH when BK is transporting Goldstone's bike for him? They're not team mates or anything, just a favor for a friend. I can't imagine something similar happening in any other sports discipline.
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 The hits are so big it's anxiety inducing. I wonder what the advantage is to the veterans who have ridden the evolving track vs a new rider that's going to it it for the first time. Good luck and keep safe you crazy velocipede riding freaks of nature.
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 Looks like redbull jump line imho. Obviously still hard and high consequence, but I'd prefer something that's closer to high-speed trials than 30m jumps at 70kph
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 damn, i thought i was clever thinking of 'redbull jumpline' - you beat me to it! Yeah i'd rather be watching the riders on some newfound gnarly lines than them hitting moto sized jumps, but hey, i'll still be happily watching
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 Seems jumps and gaps is what Hardline is becoming - the stuff between has been bulldozed smooth, very little natural gnarly terrain. Almost kind of a Darkfest or other big jump contest.
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 Hardline..... has to be the craziest invention ever. Best part of the video..... BK panning onto Dan and Dan looking like he is about to drop BK on his ass. hahahaha
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 That's just Dan's resting face
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 Wet myself a little watching that. Scary.
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 The older you get, the more you get used to it( i.e. wetting yourself).
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 I assumed Val di sole last week was the hardline event. Was pretty gnarly but this is next level.
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 Everyone was saying how dangerous VDS was and I kept wondering if they forgot about Hardline.
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 I think Rob Warner mentioned once that Kerr may have ridden the course before ?
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 Craig Evans is such a don!
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 Pivot need to give BK some camera classes. I gave up watching at the 12min mark...fucksakes hold the gopro steady and stop vaguely waving it around non stop.
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 I concur, the constant shakiness was a hard watch for sure. how much of our lives need to be documented through gopro? and everyone else in the video documenting him documenting it. I feel a little nauseous.
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 Best part about this video is the thumbnail at the end for the world champs video ahaha
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 Hope it dries up the dirt looks soft on those jumps to get the speed needed to clear those behemoths!
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 Jono Jones is producing some great alternate YouTube content on the event.
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 Dang, does what it says on the tin- looks like a HARD LINE X
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 Who’s the kiss for?
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 @enduroNZ: my wife!
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 What’s up with Bernard blocking out Jackson Goldstone’s Syndicate hoodie and saying he’s selling his bike, did he sign with Pivot?
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 Banter innit
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 If it looks big on camera...
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 "Hard line"? Ridicoulous! This is "Track of Doom"! Eek
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 Anyone know for spare tickets???
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 AND Bulldog's bike!? So cool.
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 for the love of god "bring some god damn hiking boots!"
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 Hopefully no hard cases
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 Both Gee and Dan are hard cases IMO (British definition- I think the meaning is different down under?)
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 Mondraker for George?
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