Video: Brendan Fairclough & Sam Pilgrim with 'Maybe The Stupidest Idea Yet'

Jan 22, 2024 at 16:54
by Sarah Moore  

bigquotesSam Pilgrim and myself set out to build a mountain bike north shore ladder across a canyon/ path haha. I found this feature a few months ago. As soon as saw the fallen tree the idea came right in to my small stupid brain. So we got to it building a fun line in to the fallen tree and then putting ladders on there tree to making it ridable. We had our enduro mountain bikes for this stunt as we needed the gears on them to pedal across the log and also the plan was to flip out of the top jump.

Always a dangerous pairing when we team up. Sam and myself love pushing what's possible and have such different MTB skill sets that when brought together bad things happed as we push each other out of our comfort zones"
Brendan Fairclough

From Sam Pilgrim's perspective:

bigquotesRiding gnarly MTB features - The dangerous skinny of doom! Brendan Fairclough Aka Brendog invited me down to ride his new freeride line and it was terrifying! We also rode bike parks and urban freeride would you hit this trail?

Brendan Fairclough is an ex world cup downhill mountain bike racer who is also known for his crazy lines at the rampage event over in Utah, so when he called me and asked if I wanted to ride his new creation I was pretty scared as to what it would be! After two days of shredding MTB trails, bike parks and urban lines we then arrived at this crazy trail that definitely isn't for the faint hearted. The final skinny of doom rides over a huge canyon gap and would 100% result in injury if you fell off of it! So join us on 2 days of sending my Canyon bikes on crazy terrain! Would you ride the last trail?
Sam Pilgrim

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 Nah. The house was the stupidest.
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 I still laugh every time I see Brendog come up short on that in the opening montage.
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 @tbmaddux: "That's enough now Brendan"
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 If I tried to do this it would be the dumbest idea ever. For Brendan and Sam it's just Tuesday.
  • 51 3
 Can just imagine everyone on the north shore right now with a "bitch please" meme face.
  • 32 2
 As a resident of the north shore I endorsed this comment
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 If it were just the log it would have been a bit more proper. Add some moss and make it wet and then it's proper.
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 this is pretty gnarly even by northshore standards tbf.
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 Nutters, but.... When I watched this the other day I thought of Danny Mac just pedalling over the log with no slats put on the log, maybe turning around on it in the middle and cycling back along the log.
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 When Sam is your voice of reason you are treading way to close to Florida man territory.
  • 3 0
 Sam definitely has a big of florida man DNA in him
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 That's just what we did as kids; find the sketchiest looking features and go and spend a day figuring out inventive ways to use it to fall off the bike and hurt ourselves but just get back up and try it all over again. Obviously without the riding skill of these two but we tried our best and had fun. It was just about being out with your mates, i miss those days...
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 Jordie Lunn would have made a pretty run-in for that one.
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 Everytime I see that roll in it completely blows my tiny little mind.
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 Disappointed no-one got robbed
  • 13 7
 I like Fairclough but the clickbait...
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 Fun, but Brendan really needs a spellchecker.
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 But then it changes his name to Brandon Fairclaw
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 Do you happ to know a good one?
  • 4 0
 stupidest far
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 Honestly, this is one of the only feature Sam rode I would consider riding, so really not the worst. Going down huge staircase with tennis ball screw to your rims is way worst in my opinion, but still looks scary AF !
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 defo wasn't stupid.... it was bloody daft though Big Grin

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 Never stop having fun.
  • 2 0
 Why not post Sam’s video along with this one?
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 Darren Berrecloth says that kind of feature is pretty mellow, other than the exposure. (too 2023?)
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 Who's this "myself" guy?
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 Brendan appears to have a short memory
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 Such a great team
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 Fairclough rides Redbull Rampage. This is nothing to them.
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 skinnies were bunches of fun for sure back in the day.
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 Two mates pushing themselves, loved it!
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 sometimes Brendog looks like a younger Morrissey.
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 And I thought Gee Atherton is the one with stupid ideas
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 This was a stupid idea that might get you injured, ideas of Gee would straight kill most of the people living on this planet
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