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Video: First HUGE Hits from Red Bull Rampage 2022

Oct 19, 2022 at 12:14
by Sarah Moore  

Red Bull Rampage returns to the former site of the 2008-2013 competitions, which last saw riders on the course almost a decade ago. It’s the site of the contest’s most iconic moments, with new history-making sends to occur this week in Utah. Here are the first hits of 2022.

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 They should do a mass start for the event this year. Make things a little more exciting.
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 Best comment ever!
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 Orrrrr- make everyone ride each other’s lines. Best rider wins.
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 RedBull Rampalanche
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 Semenuk for the win me thinks.....
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 If he can put down a full run, I don't think anyone can touch him. The man is built different.
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 Semenuk out tricking while the others starting to drop in.

I wonder how much of that was the narrative of the editors?
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 Yup. Shows over
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 @audeo03: and he didn't even show up for the first few days! Too busy winning a rally. No big deal
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 It will be interesting to see who runs an ebike this year
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flag yoobee (Oct 19, 2022 at 13:01) (Below Threshold)
 @j-p-i Doesn't make sense as you cannot ride up that hill...
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 @yoobee: Which makes it even more interesting to see. Can't wait!
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 @yoobee: not with that attitude.
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 Well, I could imagine an insane british guy doing it. Having an epic day Big Grin
But he's not attending. Blank Stare
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 Semenuk goes for a combo and still has time to say my favorite word while bailing. That is talent.
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 Strait going straighter than he wanted. Surnames have consequences.
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 did anyone else get a ESPN+ subscription for just this event? I literally subscribed for one month, and then I'm unsubscribing afterwards.
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 Ummm no...VPN...
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 @wolftwenty1: man, geo location restrictions suck. Borders on the Internet - makes no sense.
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 @danielflyod PM me your username and password and I'll send ya 5$ after its over.
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 Don’t forget VPNs are free, ya’ll! But if you work for the FBI and can’t make that happen, Hulu also makes it easy to add ESPN+ on. Less setup, uses the same apps and such.
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 Rampage is worth ten bucks IMO
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 I just watch the replays on youtube for free.
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 One bonus of subscribing to ESPN+ is a ton of soccer and NHL games if that's yer jam...
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 I did it for Straight Rhythm and this
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 @danielfloyd: Rampage athletes are not seeing a dime of that ten bucks. IMO
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 Already had Disney+ and Hulu so got ESPN+ as part of the bundle.
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 @scott-townes: Be great if someone started a "I watched it for free but want to support the athletes fund" that people could pitch $10-20 into and then that goes directly to the athletes as an appreciation. If anyone starts it- I'll happily chip in.
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 I did. Looks awesome. You can catch football matches in spain and germany with the subscription.
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 @foggnm: Thats one way of making sure the athletes never get paid as much as a lot of people think they should. If the community wants to see athletes get paid more then it is the community that will have to pay for it one way or another
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 @CM999: Oh god, are you really trying to push the trickle-down effect here? Yes guys, give the TV execs your money, I'm certain it'll eventually trickle-down to the athletes! LOL
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 @scott-townes: No it wont. What is more likely is that if ESPN or whoever see the return in viewing numbers then they will show more which will increase athletes worth to sponsors
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 @CM999: You act as if this wasn't already one of the most viewed and "viral" events in action sports. Please, do tell us more how ESPN's viewership numbers of a single MTB event broadcast is directly tied to sponsorship contracts LOL
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 @CM999: but the same could be said about a YouTube video that has been viewed a lot. Or any social media that attracts a large audience.
Don't agree that if Red Bull strikes a deal with ESPN it's beneficial for the athletes. It's only beneficial for Red Bull and ESPN.
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 that case at 1:01, ouch.

also, lots of single crown forks - I guess we expect a lot of whips & bar spins across massssssssive features!
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 bent his crankarm apparently.
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 @scott-townes: and somehow his ankles still work.
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 It is a slopstyle contest these days. If you want to win you have to do tricks not ride a gnarly line
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 @CM999: Let me correct that for you... If you want to win, you need to have a gnarly line with gnarly features while doing tricks.
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 Truly they are gods among men. But Semenuk looks in another league. Wishing all the riders a clean run top to bottom.
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 Water has really changed Rampage over recent years. Looks like a Joyride course now, only with better scenery. I miss the days of raw builds and raw terrain. But it is what it is.

It’s still HUGE of course. Prayers again that all the riders stay safe! Animals, all of them
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 I find it hilarious the guy with the primary Leatt sponsorship isn't wearing a neck brace. Guess he's wearing the Leatt underjersey armor.
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 I think you need more head mobility when you are doing rotations. Gotta be able to spot those landings.
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 The clip at :51 really shows how gnarly some of the exposure up there is.
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 Amazing and that's only the practice !! id pay for it .. I'd love to see a system where we ALL paid to watch BUT a large percentage of the revenue was split equally between all riders participating ..
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 First hits were more exciting to me than the comp when I was there. Just the dig teams, no swarms of people, and huge cheers echoing off the walls. It always seemed like no matter who dropped in, the whole place knew and stopped to watch.
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 So how long after the live espn feed will this be aired on Redbull tv. Are we talking hours or days
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 You should be able to watch the replay on Red Bull TV in the US almost immediately after the ESPN+ show finishes
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 What drives the organizers to move location? Is it related to ecology? Lines being blown-out? Keeping rider + viewer interest?
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 part of it is because it keeps it interesting and helps the newer riders not have to battle over where they can and cannot go (people have gotten pretty territorial in past years). I do know permits have played a role at times.
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 They really should be doing this on ebikes. Imagine how many Xtra runs they would get in a day
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 Gonna be a sick event this year!
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 ooOOooh! I am for reeeeal.
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 A crash from Semenuk must be fake!
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 @dh-corn He's just casually separating from the bike at 7:17 Big Grin
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 I’d love to have seen what Brendog would have built here. He’s been robbed already. #TeamGB
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 Yea, tragic really.
And no one in the frame to take over, either. End of an era for brit free ride :-(

I’m rooting for Jax and the euro shredders now.
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 Isn't he not there because of the birth of his kid?
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 Preview of the slopestyle comp starts at 6:51
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 That's a lot of hike-a-biking. I'd have my build crew spend the first day putting in a rope tow.
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 man, the difference in the light and then the shadows...definitely "mind playing tricks on you" kinda stuff.
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 Even Semenuk's bail here has more steeze than most.
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 I love DJ's step down/step up half pipe
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 This is the best part of the event, imo. I like the closeup shots more than the faraway view of the finals coverage.
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 Have a feeling it's Rheeder's year...
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 Let the slopestyle begin. I didnt realise the hills were made of so many sandbags and had natural lines wider and smoother than the tarmac road to my house.
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 That sh!t is crazy
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 Looks like a session... A lot of sessions....
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 More tech less tricks. This is big mountain, not Slopestyle!!
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 looks more like a slope course every year! The lines are so manicured, bring back the old days of rampage.
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 Did that guy really shout "Money"?
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 Hahaha yes! Pretty sure that wash josh bender yelling that
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 I say it every year but...Jesus Fucking Christ!
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 Free Bird!
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 Norbs got robbed
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