Video: Good Times in Rotorua with 50to01

Mar 27, 2019 at 9:52
by Sarah Moore  

Around a couple of the Crankworx Rotorua events, the 50to01 crew had a great time exploring the area.

Thumbnail image: Jim Topliss

Music in order: Blouse - Ghost Dream / Sister Nancy - one two / Delta 5 - Mind your own business


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 Tbh probably should have a bit more respect to the trail crew who worked on those sick berms
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 The trail builders would probably be stoked to see their berms slashed by the 50to01 gang.
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 I’m sure the trail crew are buzzing to see their work in a 50:01 edit. Now thousands more people can see the trail crews handy work
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 Where is Ratboy these days!? Seems like since the move to Cannondale he has almost vanished. BRING BACK THE RAT!
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 wow, that's pretty good
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 yooooo Loose at 3:20 was vicious though
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 Such a shame they have ruined those berms. As most of you should appreciate, trail building takes an awful long amount of time, and to see that section of trail ruined makes me angry. I'm all for having a good time, but please respect the trails and the committed volunteers that build and maintain them.
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 ye brah but it was feckin siiiickkkkkk
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 no fun alloweeddddddd. Says doctor-doug who can't cuttie.
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 or maybe the fact that this video will be watched by so many people that they may be inspired to go to new zealand and ride those trails.......thereby bringing more money to the area and more money to the trail infrastructure .....maybe.
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 Nobody’s ruined anything. Why are you crying?
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 They just felt like destroying something beautiful
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 It was really dry and loose. They schalped a few berms with style. Most of the damage comes from thousands of people who ride those trails throughout the season. Gotta put it in perspective people. The berms looked the same after they were gone.
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flag doctor-doug (Mar 28, 2019 at 17:42) (Below Threshold)
 @slayerdegnar: So what u are saying is that thousands of people have created as much damage as 5 guys. Thousands of people inject thousands of dollars into the local economy, these 5 dudes prob just buy a few beers, have Maccas, ride an event (which they probably did find out about by someone wrecking trails) and then leave.
I'm all about having fun, I've been riding bikes for 30yrs, but to see the damage caused to those trails (not just doing cutties, but also creating new lines off the main ride line) makes me sad for the trail builders. I'm a trail builder and it frustrates me when people don't respect my trails.
These guys riding NZ trails isn't going to encourage thousands to come to NZ. Crankworks, EWS and other multi day events attract the real riders.
They just needed to show some respect to the trails.
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 @doctor-doug: I’m super confused. You’re behaving like they shat in the corner of your bedroom. What have they done?
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 so dope just needed Dan Paley with them again!
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 Honestly: I don’t realize 50:01 existed without Ratboy - surprised to see this edit
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 Whats 50:01?
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 that got me pumped to go to NZ like last year... i didnt went to NZ last year, but i was pumped as well!
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 dentists don't hit berms like that, too busy worrying aboot how their kit looks..
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 This just in: Full face helmet sales sky rock as dentists analyze the cost benefit of saving their teeth.
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 Sick turns, RIP berms.
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 I don't know whether you are saying Rest In Peace berms or instructing me to go rip berms like 50:01
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 Serious question, is 50:01 Santa Cruz's IP? I always thought it was just Rat's crew and that the name would travel with him.
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 Sam Dale fucks hard.
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 Can somebody tell me what 50to01 means or where it's derived from?
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 sister nancy ftw!
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 Sam's the best one
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