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Video: Jason Borosky's Absolutely Bonkers Street Moto Video Part for 'Today'

May 1, 2024 at 13:16
by Sarah Moore  

The opener is wild.

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Exhibit 1: Guy doing rad tricks on a dirt bike in suburban Southern California? ✅
Exhibit 2: Billy Corgan Soundtrack? ✅
Exhibit 3: Riding in a T-Shirt? ✅
Exhibit 4: Long Hair under a Beanie? ✅
Exhibit 5: Gnarly Wrecks? ✅
Exhibit 6: Moody slow-mo portraits of the rider in an abandoned building? ✅
Exhibit 7: Irresponsible, probably illegal and definitely life-endangering stunts? ✅

CONCLUSION: This is a newly discovered Crusty Demons segment from the year 1996, and you can't convince me otherwise. Also, it's perfect and I love it.
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 You're not wrong, it's like an orgy of 90s extreme sports VHS films mixed into one, Crusty Demons, JIB even some Super 8 vibes there. At least he didn't re-enact Bender's crash on the jaw drop.
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 E-bikes these days are getting crazy
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 It's do my day
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 Most impressive trick was getting his dirtbike on top of a water tank. How?!
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 Do you even lift bro?
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 Yup. Was thinking just the same.
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 They probably used the boom lift shown in the background (to the right of the tank) in the first shot.

I know no one asked, but that water tank is likely 32' tall. Usually steel water tanks are built with standard 8' wide steel plates and usually don't cut the plates shorter, even if they don't need the extra height. There appears to be four courses of 8' plate, so 32' feet high. The foundation is right at ground level, so the drop is about 32' vertical to top of the landing.
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 Nothing I don't like about this, reminds me a lot of the old school moto vids including the famous train jump and skate parks rips (I think that was Moto XXX), house hucks (Crusty) and all the other awesome vids. Really like the street stuff too...
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 No barspin off of that tank.....boring....
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 How did he live after casing that house?
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 I bet that house case saved him from flat landing the top of the dirt and being ejected 30' higher that where he did.
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 Pretty sure he broke his back in 3 places because of that crash
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 @G3V162F: I know he broke his back and apparently the entire front off of his bike, savage.
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 Now those were some wall rides
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 That house has a tax estimate of $1,080,065 on Zillow. Never seen it lived in the last 20 years though. Always thought it was a nice table gap.
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 It amazes me what they can do with only an extra 100mm of travel.
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 +50 hp helps too Smile I think Rampage are getting up there as far as hucks are concerned, they are doing stuff every bit as big as that water tower jump if not bigger.
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 I always thought it was crazy how moto guys can hit massive jumps on mostly flat landings.
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 @RadBartTaylor: Solid point… just not with a 250lb weapon of destruction under them
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 You've got a lot more leeway on how heavy/overbuilt the shock/fork can be on a powered moto. Mtb suspension is partially compromised due to weight considerations.
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 I think the really tall stack and short reach helps. How much weight can you have on your back during a Push Up vs a Squat?
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 @L0rdTom: Also being able to land with the throttle turned = more weight going to rear axle & legs instead of arms.
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 2:28 is that the spot Sheckler frontside flipped?

Edit: yep, it is
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 I see Kelly Leak is still up to his old shenanigans
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 Super cool. Question is, when is the official name change to pinkmotobike going to be announced?
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 Cool, however, I am more impressed watching guys on bikes doing same tricks and going big.
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 how did he get his bike on top of the water tank??
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 Hail Satan, indeed.
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 and i thought mountain bikers had balls
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 The plan for this movie was " Hold my beer " - f&*kin' superb
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 Hell yeah!!
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 Bomb Hole!!
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