Video: Jolanda Neff Talks About Time Off the Bike & Her Recovery Journey

Mar 3, 2020 at 10:39
by Sarah Moore  

Jolanda is back on the bike after the injuries she sustained in December.


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 Should have been indexed under Commercial, not Video.
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 Yo So Woke.
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flag RoadStain (Mar 4, 2020 at 13:25) (Below Threshold)
 @WAKIdesigns: I made it to "Hello, I am..." and click, seen enough. Bleah. I do not care.
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 What a great ambassador for the sport. Keep up the great work and get well!
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 I'm getting a "This content can't be shown in a frame" in multiple browsers.

Clicking through to the video on youtube (where its hosted) works just fine, its just not displaying correctly at the moment.

Glad to see her back in the saddle again. Getting back up to speed after an injury is never easy.
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 Hasn't yet been 3 months since her injury. You have to wait. Big Grin
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 Should be fixed now
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Can confirm, its all fixed up now. It wasn't a huge deal, but figured you'd want to know.

Thank you kindly Smile .
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 Hopefully she can make to the Olympics in top shape. The Olympics wouldn't be the same with her not competing for medals.
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 It might get delayed so that could be good to give her a bit of extra time to get back up to speed.
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 Why the hell have they subtitled her??
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 some people are deaf. some people, who do not speak or comprehend spoken english well, can do pretty well reading it.
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 Original: no todo el mundo habla o entiende el inglés. También hay gente con problemas auditivos. Smile

SUBS: not everybody speaks or understands English. There people with hearing problems as well. Smile

Subtitles are great.
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 It has't yet been 3 months since her injury
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 Jolanda we're gonna be cool … like Fonzie Cool lol
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 Keep on the road to recovery will be back on the start line before you know it.????
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 That was a great Buff commercial.
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 Why is she wearing that thingie on her neck? Is that some Euro-fashionista thing?
"....and I am a Buff ambassador."
Dangit! She lured me in with the eyes.....
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 @blowmyfuse: they are really nice if you hang out in the desert...they keep you surprisingly cool.
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 @clink83: I'm sure. However, things I will probably never do is hang out in a desert.
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 @orastreet1: Sam Kennison's greatest line: "You live in a desert. Move!!!! Go someplace where there's FOOOOOOODDDD!!!!"
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 I hope she makes the Olympics, she always brings her best game and raise the stakes of the competition. All the best for her recovery
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 In the nature is the best.
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 Can’t see the video on iOS
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 Can someone post a link to the Youtube vid please.
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 @MrMentallo: just curious where Mentallo came from? I ask because we are roughly same age and back in the 90s I was heavy into Industrial music, still am actually. Use to love a band called Mentallo and the Fixer. Anyway, was curious.
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 Noland Jeff
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 Careful bro, Luke Asho is coming at ya.
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 Does anybody have a clue what "BUFF" means in the military?

Big Ugly Fat F**ker.. Sorry....but still LMAO.
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 @CuzinBruce: Jolanda is definitely not a Stratofortress....

Hope's she recovers well and can fully join in the fray that promises to be a really great year of XC Racing.

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