Video: Kriss Kyle Tackles 4 Seasons in Cappadocia for 'Turkish Delight'

Feb 28, 2024 at 13:32
by Sarah Moore  

240 miles northwest of Gobekli Tepe lies the region of Cappadocia, Turkey. Millions of years ago this region was transformed by a series of volcanic eruptions, leaving layer upon layer of volcanic ash that compressed over millennia leaving behind this other-worldy landscape. In this mountain bike film Kriss Kyle tackles all 4 seasons in this strange and wonderful place.

Rider: Kriss Kyle
Bike: Specialized Status
Director/cinematography: Matty Lambert
FPV drone pilot: Andrew Lawrence
Sound mix: Keith White
Still photography: Marcus Cole
Edit: Matty Lambert

Music: Lost Under Heaven - Beneath the Concrete

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 It sure why Pinkbike didn’t deem this a “must watch” but this is indeed a must watch. Bloody ace.
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 Snow on sandstone somehow so, so satisfying, even before Kyle puts his twist on terrain.
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 I see the words Kriss Kyle. I watch.
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 forgot to include you're a simple man
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 Oh, be something you love and understand
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 i want a semenuk and kris kyle edit
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 The question I pose is whether they saw Kilian Bron's "Follow the Light" before or after making this?
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flag kamikatze (Feb 28, 2024 at 22:32) (Below Threshold)
 This try is nice, and I do not want to disparage Lriss`talent.
But Kilian Brons`is the original and wayyyy better.
In Comparison this here is like some nice chinese product review before you realise it is just an knockoff.
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 Almost every travel part Bron has ever put out has been amazing. That said, just because "Follow the Light" stole the drone-w-flare follow-sequence from the 2019 ski flick Heatseeker did not invalidate the whole project as a "knockoff." For that matter, Candide Thovex ripped some of the exact same lines in Cappadocia in 2018 that Bron did in 2021, and did things in air that Bron couldn't touch. And Thovex was *on skis,* sans snow, and got the same damn balloons in his part. Did that invalidate Bron's effort? Hell no. Locations can be revisited, and the results can still be awesome. Bron's approach was more freeracer & directional, and leveraged night shots w/ the flames in balloons. Kyle's part was much more jibby, drifty, off-axis, and leveraged a winter backdrop that even Thovex didn't get to "first." Breathe deep, repeat after me: "they're all awesome, and I wish I could be so unoriginal as to ride there too."
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 Wow I can see this guy's been heavily influenced by my riding style. It's practically plagiarism.

Also turn the volume up and rewatch Kaleidoscope:
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 Katy Perry's video? I love her.
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 Is there any chance there are pictures of how he routed his front brake cable? Not so much the topcap but more on how it comes out of the bottom of the head tube and doesn't get messed up through the fork's travel.
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 I was like this song sounds like WU LYF... so I had to research it and it is, indeed, the former singer from WU LYF. Banging edit and thanks for reminding me of a band that was too short lived.
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 Another Matty Lambert masterpiece, from bmx to mtb. Same with wee crab Kriss. Still inspiring me to my ride as I approach my 30’s
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 Very Must Watchable.
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 Wow! That was wicked!!! ... appropriate use of slo-mo as well : )
Should have been "Must Watch"
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 More slides than a powerpoint presentation. Great stuff Kyle, always a pleasure to watch!
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 How can he ride without Kashima and LSC/HSC???
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 This guys style….
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 Consistent bangers from Kris Kyle. Landscape is dope.
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 Kilian Bron who?
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 Horrible song but awesome video.

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