Video: Loris Vergier Gets Up to Speed on the New Trek Session

Apr 12, 2021 at 9:41
by Sarah Moore  

French downhiller Loris Vergier of Trek Factory Racing pilots the Session down local trails.


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 I give that video an F. I didn't see him get woken up by an alarm. I didn't see him get out of bed. I didn't see him making a coffee (in slow motion), cleaning his teeth (in black nd white), having his morning dump, putting his shit in the car, driving to the location, tying up his shoelaces (in slow motion). All I saw was him putting his goggles on and riding.

That's pretty weak. In terms of boxes ticked to make a great MTB video, they scored about two out of ten.
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 Didn't even yell "sending". WTF?
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 @igxqrrl: or DROPPINGGGGG
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 What about jumping over a police car ?! Is it still popular in 2021 ?
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 No clip of him reviewing a shot of him from another camera, and then nodding in approval? Wtf
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 Didn't whip a tree branch......
At this point, is it even really a bike video ????
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 No "Yeo" screaming at the end of a massive jump?
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High fiving the cameraman is always a welcome gesture as well!
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 Yeah I would like to see an homage to horseback scene in Estaque/Frixalton, guess we won't be seeing that from Loris
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 @mi-bike: Yew! **
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 Didn't use the song Sail
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 Trek found Commencal's "Banger Edit" Spotify playlist.
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 Sick edit, a high pivot DH bike, a french top rider...Commencal, is it you?
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 Dear Trek, Loris has one of the most engaging personalities in the sport. Please leverage that. You're not getting the most out of him with standard music-over-riding-clips edits.
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 Thinking the same. They have a gold mine if they can figure it out.
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 Agree and disagree though, I agree Loris is possibly my favorite personality of all World Cup racers, but I think there's a part of him that is very much shown in this edit here, also he's in the "gelling" phase of a new team, one solution to your concern is just watch the edit 5-6 times, see if a little more of Loris shines through
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 Yup. Clicked hoping for some classic Loris humor and a few laughs. Still stuck around for the riding, though.
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 Depends on what personality your talking about. If we're talking his riding personality, I think that it shines right through this edit. This edit was 100% Loris and Trek are just piggybacking that.
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 Would've loved a single shot of him riding that was more than .5 seconds long so I could actually see him riding
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 Trek knows you want to see the suspension in action Wink
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 The super zoomed in shots and cuts between high speed shots make this unwatchable.
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 Holeshot! I like aluminum bikes.
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 Nice! Will he beat Loic on it?
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flag Dimdumb (Apr 12, 2021 at 11:06) (Below Threshold)
 I really demo if he will
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 May take many Sessions of practice but it certainly looks Loic he has the speed
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 @Dimdumb: username checks out
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 @cuban-b: by design
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 Bababababababa duph duph, bah bah bahhhh
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 "New team, new bike, same speed." So a waste of time then? Wink
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 New team, new bike, same speed, bigger paycheck.
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 @Linkpin: New team, new bike, same speed, bigger paycheck, less interesting.
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 @Rhymer: New team, new bike, same speed, bigger paycheck, less interesting, fewer cancelled races.
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 Even faster when you know the tracks, some full speed sections are in fact just after technical and tight turns... Unhuman speee
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 How does he even ride that bike without maxxis tires and fox suspension?
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 Would love to see a Trek 1,2,3 podium this year.
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 Jordi at Fox is going to miss their banter. I'm going to miss it when I watch Dialed.
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 Would have been better RAW, that music is terrible.
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 Did Trek drop Katie Winton for Loris Vergier? I want to be happy for Loris but I find Trek’s lack of support for their female enduro athletes very disappointing. So now I ride a Norco. I appreciate that Katie is sharing her story.
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 this session looks like they are on speed!!!
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 dumb question but what's the benefit of a high pivot bike?
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 High people need high pivots...
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 rearwards axle path = more betterer
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 Elephants testies!!!!
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 @justwaki: that’s why I feel so much better on my Aurum.
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 They go to 11.
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 It could be a commercial for the boxxer!
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 Wait? SRAM? I knew about Trek, but no Fox! Didn't know. (RockShox's opportunity to make thier version of Dialed).
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 They’re already three years behind Fox in everything else so why not?
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 Oh, Trek... Great athletes and many big personalities, but super weak videos and promotion of their athletes as usual.
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 dang looks like a fast session
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 I really X liked this video
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 I'm sure this is the first time he's ridden this bike...
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 no sound effects from "sound effects boi"?
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 I came here to see what the bike looked like.
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 Evo Bikepark ?
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 He looked faster on SC Smile

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