Video: Neko Mulally on Cracking Frames & Racing in North American in Episode 9 of 'Frameworks'

Aug 17, 2022 at 13:34
by Sarah Moore  

Neko Mulally keeps it honest about how his prototype bike is faring as he takes on the Snowshoe and Mont-Sainte-Anne World Cups.

Photo by Nathan Hughes

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 Brutal case at MSA...dude is a little bit strong!
I'd love to play this game:
1. Be a good dude
2. Be f'ing rapid on a bike
3. Get sponsors
4. Play with CAD and machines
5. Go racing
...what's not to like!?
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 run your team, stress about money... etc.
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 @HeatedRotor: shhhh, I'm busy dreaming here!
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 I've felt for Neko so much this year. He's doing something so cool but keeps getting terrible luck. He's also shown a lot of vulnerability in these videos about his challenges, which shows amazing character. Hopefully this year he was just working out the kinks so next year he can really crush it, or better yet do some damage at world champs!
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 I just hope this new $20k team entry price (or whatever the new price is) doesn't kill it for people like him trying to do something different
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 Can give enough props to Neko and what is 1. doing for himself/this reflective series on the 'process' 2. Reminding the world what a hot rod, mad scientist bad ass FTW is and 3. doing what he does for our sport, especially here in the US. Keep on keeping on Neko and hopefully you have worn out the 'bad luck' monster this year and next season is the shit! We know you have it in you!
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 Lovin the Gang Starr soundtrack, and everything else.
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 Brought back memories of Josh Kalis in his DC video part.
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 Love this series. Hopefully FW will be for sale one day
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 I wonder how many they would sell... An aluminum dh race bike is pretty niche. But also awesome, I'd rather have one of these than a Trek. Maybe by upscaling the operation they could justify a custom-drawn seat tube (or just cncing a part).
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 @blackpudding: I wouldn't say it's that nice. When I look around, Commencal seems one of the most popular brands for DH bikes and they are all aluminum.
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 Has Neko not said that's the plan in his many interviews about the project?
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 @hardtailpunter: what I meant was - I'd design an enduro or all-mountain frame if I wanted to sell at volume. I'd bet the supreme isn't a big seller, relatively speaking, it's there to garner brand awareness
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 @hardtailpunter: a niche within a niche, even. Has he said he'll market them? I missed that if so, but I do have a brain made of cheese
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 Frank does custom frames. The last time I enquired it wasn't that much more than a Big Brand plastic frame. That was 3-4 years back I would guess.
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 just love the video work, Logan is killing it, great music choices. Love how open you are about this process. So so great to watch.
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 Great Work, Good Luck at Worlds!!!
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 Keep it up, rooting for you!
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 Great Ambassador for our sport. Thank you Neko
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 Absolute dude!
How can anyone be THAT laid back / nice while everything's going wrong?
I wish I could!
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 Great stuff Neko!
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 I feel like Neko/Frameworks and Raaw are going in very similar directions. I know in previous episodes they have talked and I wonder if that collaboration will continue as they each develop their bikes.
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 Neko posted a story in his IG of him riding a Madonna for his trail bike
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 Great story, 'doing it my way' keep going man, you'll get there.
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 Keep up the good work!
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 I don't know Neko Mulally, but I like Neko Mulally.
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 His videos are consistently good and I've been pulling for him all year.
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 Such a great vid. I want a FTW DH bike!
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 Same it’s on my dream list of when I start collecting DH bikes just for giggles.
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 He rode the least cracked frame at the Snowshoe race... what beast! This is pure dedication and passion! Go Neko!
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 I could watch Neko ride all day. So smooth and so much flow. This series is the best.
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 Neko is such a top lad!
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 Shouldn't the show be named Frameworx?
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 Great episode once again. Keep up the good work & good luck at worlds.
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 8:33. Hot damn.
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