Video: Olympic Prep at Testing Camp with INEOS Grenadier's Tom Pidcock & Pauline Ferrand-Prevot

Apr 5, 2024 at 9:05
by Sarah Moore  

Take a look behind the scenes at a mountain bike testing session as INEOS Grenadier's two world champions, Pauline Ferrand-Prevot and Tom Pidcock, prepare for a season of big goals, including gold at the Paris 2024 Olympics.

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 this duo is gonna kill it this year, i really hope XC racing gets more media coverage, i am not a Redbull fan, but since they stopped broadcasting, i have heard very little about XC racing.
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 And that's why there's so few outside sponsors; outside of the MTB media, it gets very little coverage from the road biased media.
All involved need to do far better......
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 @Starch-Anton: no need to bash on Road cycling, lets be real all types of MTB disciplines have always been niche, i would even say that Road is also a niche sport most year round except in the summer during le tour.

So the expectations should not be too high.
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 INEOS Grenadier always sounds like a GI Joe villain.
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 " hey kid, I'm a computer! stop all that downloadin' "
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 @lehott: save computah
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 It seems always weird to me when I see Suntour suspensions coupled to such high level athletes.
I mean, I owned an Auron RC2 during more than 5 years, and even brand new, I never succeeded to get a decent setting on that thing. Factory racers might get some excellent support and special features from Suntour I guess, but for a lambda rider like me, and as a bike mechanic who knows how to service and potentially improve suspensions, Suntour remains a disappointing brand.
Unless you service it (very) often, the behavior of that fork was... meh...: too much friction/bushing issues even with the softest oils/grease I have + lame cartridge settings (PCS RC2). Not bad, but unlikely.

On the other hand, I've got a Suntour Triair shock on another bike and I'm quiet satisfied and surprised by its behavior and consistency... for the price.
Durolux and Rux forks seem to be "OK" though...
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 For years Pidcock has been running a computerized active suspension system that wasn't available to the public at all, so the level of customization the riders get goes way beyond good tuning of off the shelf parts. I believe that system was released to the public finally last year, but the parts on Tom and Paulines bikes still look a little different to me so who knows what they've got in there.
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 T-Piddy and PFP are going to kill it this year. They win when they want to. Assume their focus will be on the Olympics, Tom defending champion and Pauline on home turf.

A moot point but are the Dogma bikes overdue for launch? Last year’s press releases stated launching in March?
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 Video is a bit cheesy! Not really any details into what they are testing..really sounds like PR... DH athletes are doing much better then are being much more relatable. More transparency and vulnerability would lead to more engagement.. Here I have trouble to connect with this team..
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 Berd spokes?
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 Yes. After seeing the video you could think that Pidcock wanted to have some more spoke tension to 'increase lateral stiffness' (nice read on that:
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 Yup. I just bought a wheel set with these on which I used at the Cape Epic and loved them. Had a slight buckle in the rear at the end which I trued when I got home. Dt Swiss hubs.
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 So much work going into trying to get Pauline to ride that FS bike in more important races!
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 This team had chosen shirt colors that look like world champ rainbow.
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 Not sure if this is sarcastic but those are world champs jerseys
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 Lol. Ineos team colors are red and black.
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 because the riders ARE world Champs lol
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 Can't believe the size of the INEOS operation for 2 XC'ers to test equipment. Polar opposite of "Privateer" Smile
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 I catch the highlights on YouTube, but that’s about it.

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