Video: Reece Wilson Plans for 2024 Comeback After 2 Seasons Plagued with Injury

Feb 27, 2024 at 10:59
by Sarah Moore  

Downhill World Cup winner & World Champion Reece Wilson is planning to be back in action for the 2024 season. Injuries set back the Flying Scotsman in 2022 and 2023, but one of downhill racing's top riders has big things in store for the upcoming races.

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 Sometimes you need other distractions to get over a bad injury, like flying small planes and building huge jumps off your roof. Keep it up Reece!
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flag Eatsdirt (Feb 27, 2024 at 11:15) (Below Threshold)
 LOL. What a d!ck.
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 Came here to do what he did
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 At this point we just need a video where one Reece is featured in the other Reece's video, posing as the other.
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 @robcartwheel: That'd be gold. Title it Pieces of Reeses.
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 Wrong Reece
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 Wishing the Canadian all the best
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 Hopefully he doesn't return home after a string of EU races and find that the wife pulled the drop-in ramp off the roof....mine probably would!
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 Fingers crossed! Would be great to see him back in the mix.
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 How awful of trek to force him to say all them good things about ebikes. You can clearly see he hates them and is being made to ride it..
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 Glad he’s been able to fly and keep himself busy! Freaking cool to see and will be great to have him back at the World Cups!
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 Great hair.
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 Oh yeah, he was amazing in Legally Blonde.
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 The trek rail is one hell of a bike. Love riding mine. Rides like a DH bike with old school central mass weight to keep you planted.
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 Such a talented rider and awesome to watch. Makes that Rail look like an SL emtb :-D

Hope to see him back at the races.
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 Brilliant that he's had the dream free ride house project there to keep himself occupied, best of luck this season
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 Swas on the same uplift bus has him at Innerleathan in December he was rapid.
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 I can't wait to see Reece Wilson back at the races! Such a unique, calculated style. Absolutely love watching him rip!
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 Good thing he’s worth 15 mil so he doesn’t have anything to worry about.
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 I rember when he had his first top 5 with Commencal 100%.. I had a low level sponsor from Commencal at the time befor my spine injury and I remeber i was like this guy def gunna win a few world cups
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 Some cornering innovation here!...
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 Keep the rubber side down and the speed up, big fella. I know many of us want to see you back on the mix!
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 Not if you actually like the actual aspect of pedaling a bike .. through technical terrain hard climbs tons of miles all day riding..I hate bikeparks
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 Glad to see Reece on the mend, such a smooth and effortless style.
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 Slaying corners on that pig of a bike... well done!
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 Rooting for ya
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 When did Reece make the switch from Giant to Trek?
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 When was he on Giant?
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 Got me also. Wrong Reece lol
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 Anyone know where that is filmed?
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 Just outside peeples I think mate!
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 Just outside peeples I think mate!
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 Let the eBike hate begin. Big Grin
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