Video: Sage Cattabriga-Alosa, Ingrid Backstrom, Hannah Bergemann & Cam McCaul on Finding Bike Ski Life Balance

Nov 24, 2020 at 16:09
by Sarah Moore  

bigquotesThroughout time on this planet life has had an intrinsic link to the harmony of balance. As humans, we need, and seek, to find things in our lives that create this harmony. It’s our key to happiness, and a life lived well.

This film follows four characters who demonstrate different aspects of balance in their lives. The harmony of doing what you love and raising a family. The challenge and excitement that comes from building trails. The influence of making music as a creative outlet. And the symmetry of seasons, and the activities we do that bring us joy.


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 Those slams by HB on that funky drop. DAAAAAAAAMN girl is tough!
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 man that was gnarly, i am currently thinking of doing something similar but half the size to my 42 year old body, very inspirational
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 I broke a collarbone just watching that.
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 Absolutely savage.
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 Great film. I also shot a film (with the help of many others) with the same name and a similar theme a couple years ago, with some of the same sponsors too! But I suppose I wasn't the first to think of it either.
Here's a link to my Balance
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 I just watched your Balance and it's amazing! I grew up snowboarding in Washington from around '95 to '06 and seeing all those guys ride again brought back a lot of memories. Your film is full of outstanding footage of all my childhood heroes! And it was crazy to see Austen Sweetin (who was just a young shop kid right around when I exited snowboarding) skating with Mark Appleyard (who belongs on skateboarding's Mount Rushmore).

Thanks for posting the link to your film on here. Got me real psyched.
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 @KoanB: thanks a ton! Ya made my day!
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 That hare had the gnarliest line i've ever seen. Worth a watch just for that.
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 Paul! Thanks for posting the link I had no Idea, and not surprised that the theme had been explored. Great work on the film, clearly Im a fan of the crossover worlds!!
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 Confucius heli-drop. The difficult part is getting rabbit to pose in avalanche
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 Thank you for watching, It was an honor to make and share. So fun ridding and hanging with Hannah and Cam they are true gems!
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 Sage is the shit
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 bike and ski ...two of my favorites
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 misses in addition climbing and surfing...that would be awesome!
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 So much NWD style in Cam's part. His band/music is pretty dope too
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 For real!!
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 Sick vid. Pros have all got this work/life balance thing nailed already, don't they? ????????
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 imagine how much happier we'd all be if we didn't have to waste 40hrs/week working...
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 @Muzled: For most people it's more than that.
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 me watching this great video in the year 2020 trying to find the balance....
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 Cam playing guitar song?
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 yeah the song is by him and Dusty Wygle they both are singing, drumming, and guitars I believe. So rad to showcase their additional talents!!

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