Video: Tyler McCaul's 5th Place POV at Red Bull Rampage 2021

Oct 18, 2021 at 17:33
by Sarah Moore  
Incredible to see T-Mac come back to Red Bull Rampage and stomp two runs, finishing in fifth place, after sixteen months on the couch recovering from injury. The finish line chat at the end is pretty special as well.


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 Crazy that runs like this are FIFTH. Someone has to be first, second, etc. We get it. But this (and others like it) are the run of a lifetime. Almost a shame there has to be a winner in a sense. Super stoked for T-Mac. Juggernaut of the sport, hands down. Breathe deep dude; you're back and you belong where you're at: in the record books. \m/
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flag pinkbike1000 (Oct 18, 2021 at 23:30) (Below Threshold)
 Next thing...#tylermccaulgotrobbed
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 You can tell there's a lot of nuance in these riders lives, even though you only catch glimpses of it. Riding at this level is a hobby that comes with costs, stress and sacrifices for the guy on the bike, and for those who care about them. Im guessing theres some hard conversations that happen before any event like this.
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 My hands are sweating profusely from watching that top section
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 Watching him land that first flip so sideways made me poop.
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 God that pov makes the upper ridge line look as terrifying as I thought it was.
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 This is pretty much the only way to see how crazy those lines are, and how they're scored appropriately. I was also thinking Jaxson got underscored significantly, but now when i watch Tmac's run i realize there's so much exposure and risk that was not captured on the live broadcast, while Jaxson's run was super stylish but a nore "sane" line.
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 One of the few times the GoPro-affect is reversed...seeing that exposure is horrifying on POV. Sniper landings and turns where washing out = ragdolling off hundred foot cliffs. No thanks!
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 it's not reversed, it's that gnarly
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 @sunday06: you ain’t lying. It’s hard just to hike it.
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 @sunday06: yep, seen it in person. Scary even to walk some of those spots
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 Gopros tend to flatten out surfaces which are level with the angle of the bike (e.g. if the bike is going straight down a steep, it'll look flat because the surface and bike are parallel), which is frustrating when you ride something super steep and it just looks level, because as far as the camera is concerned it is level.

Any surface perpendicular to the bike will look as crazy as it really is! (or at least something close to it). And there's a lot of that at rampage due to the terrain. It's not a sustained steep trail, it's all over the place, with big drops either side.
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 @sdaly: Scary?? Been up there in 2015. You CANNOT WALK most of the steep ridges.

And yes, walking or climbing up there is really intimidating. Everyone should go up there and get this impression! Astonishingly I was the only one the day after the finals. Everyone to scared?
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flag rbeach (Oct 19, 2021 at 4:18) (Below Threshold)
 @yoobee: Lol calm down, stop being so dramatic in all your comments. How much Red Bull have you had today, because you should stop.

Clearly you can walk the ridges since people built the features and cleared the trail. The tricky part is the loose surface. The only things you can't hike are the chutes and obviously the drops.
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 @rbeach: What I mean is the Goblin and the Knoblin - these are no chutes but steep ridges or cliffs, ending in drops. You can't walk or hike them, it's a climb. Why do you think they use ropes? Probably Alex Hunold had got no time Wink
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flag rbeach (Oct 19, 2021 at 5:22) (Below Threshold)
 @yoobee: You said "You CANNOT WALK most of the steep ridges". You did not say "You CANNOT WALK the Goblin or Knoblin". Don't move your goalposts.
A cliff is not a ridge. A ridge is at the top with drops or slopes on either side. That's what a ridge is. Don't blame other people if you don't know the terminology you're using.
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flag rbeach (Oct 19, 2021 at 5:29) (Below Threshold)
 @yoobee: And two features are not "most" of the steep ridges anyway. You can walk most of the Rampage course, people are only using ropes on very specific features. Most of the time it's hiking and digging.
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 @rbeach: lol You want me to calm down?? Man, I'm sooo sorry for you that I did not use the exact terms ridge/cliff/chute you expected Cry It is hard for me to translate Kammabbruchkante or Steilstufe...

Like these:
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flag rbeach (Oct 19, 2021 at 7:13) (Below Threshold)
 @yoobee: Yes you should calm down, because in all your comments you're acting like some schoolkid who is seeing mtb for the first time and exaggerating everything. Two features are not "most" of anything.

If you can't translate things accurately don't tell people who do speak the language that they are wrong Wink

Now put down your Red Bull and go chill out lol
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 @rbeach: Now you prove yourself trolling.
Whom told I to be wrong?
And to use your words "two features are not "most" " - two comments are not all my comments.

I'm quite sure you did not stand at the Rampage hill. Or you simply don't share my passion. I ride all that stuff, but at a quarter of the size. Maybe that's why I'm so impressed.

I'll get a coffee.
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 @yoobee: If I'm trolling why are you feeding me lol

"You simply don't share my passion" - Ah, we're gatekeeping now are we? Sorry buddy, but your opinion is just as valid as anyone else's.
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 I need to know where he got his couch
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 This run is way better than I thought it was while watching it live on Sunday! The speed is absolutely in sane probably my best POV from rampage so far........
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 That was soooooooooooo gnar. Good god. Not bad for being off the bike for a year.
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 These P.o.v's are crucial for giving the public a bit more insight. I was skeptical if this was a 5th place run when watching the live stream, however after seeing the exposure and realizing how fast he's going I don't think many could argue with the score.
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 Such a rad line. Always feel like he is under scored.
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 I'm back boys...decided to go incognito so my CTO doesn't catch me this time! Thanks for the support - consider subscribing! Be safe be well, Robin
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 We are beyond proud of our dude TMAC.
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 Rampage wasn’t gnarly enough. Judges suck, I know way more. Now, I’m off to granny up and drag down an 8% fire rd so my bros can kudo me on strava
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 Thanks for having your gopro in a good position! Knife ridge wild!
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 Wow that first backflip landing… with a couple of more tricks in the middle jumps points would have increased for sure
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 I hope the kid asking for his goggles wasn't too disappointed he didn't get them.
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 Those kids are like that every year. Just going for it!
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 @onemanarmy: if you dont ask, they cant say yes.

During the broadcast i did have a laugh about the kids asking for goggles. I heard one of them saying the other kid already has a bunch of goggles. Thought it was pretty funny.
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 @jojotherider1977: I thought he said I already have 2. Guess he said he's already got 2.
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 @onemanarmy: eh i just heard it once. But it was funny he ratted out the other kid.
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 Damn, did he touch his brakes at all during that run?
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 Yes. Lots.
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 Way to go T-Mac. Inspiring come-back.
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 These POV shots are never ever not scary to watch
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 I seriously thought he was a top 3 finish...
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 That second run seemed a bit speedy!
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 Girlfriend running to hug you is the best part Smile

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