Video: Vali Höll Smashing Her Home Trails in 'Sound Of Speed'

Sep 15, 2020 at 9:47
by Sarah Moore  

bigquotesVali Höll has been fast from day one. Is it any wonder when she grew up in Saalbach? As she rises through the ranks of her sport, the Austrian prodigy takes us down the trails that made her the rider she is today. 100% Raw riding, Raw trails & Raw sound = Sound of Speed!Red Bull


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 Tires, hubs, dirt flying all sounds awesome. But that laughter when you pull something off, that's the best sound ever.
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 Can't wait to see Vali against Rachel, Myriam, Tahnee and all the other pros. She can shred!
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 Be interesting to see the style match up eh, Vali seems to have that quiet-hips through brute strength style reminiscent of Bruni or Gwinn. One thing for sure, it'll take something special to step up to Atherton.
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Vali basically had the whole year to train for the Elite World Champs at her home turf. That might be enough to beat 'em all :o
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 @DirkMcClerkin: she would have been on the elite podium A few times last year. She is consistently very fast. She won a few junior races by over 30 seconds. Trust she’s pretty special!
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 Loving all the content featuring women as of late, well done.
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 yes, please more of this raw content where you see a real human that is not afraid to curse and can back it up with her riding. She is sooo smooth and I am pretty sure we have the new queen of DH in the making, watch out ladies there is a changing of the guard coming!
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 my god she can rip. cant wait for a real race season.
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 Sooooo fast! Great video and thank you all for the extra effort to talk in English
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 when my daughter grows up, I hope she has as much fun on a bike as Vali
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 Holy shit! This is so sick. Thanks for the English ;-)
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 "I thought downhill is just fun". Vali: "I thought so too" Smile )) This comment was really funny. I spent vacation in Saalbach for the last two years and I know all the trails quite well. Some parts are gnarlier than it seems in the video. Her riding is really awesome, can't wait to see what she can do in elite.
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 Been to Saalbach 2 weeks ago and can say at least from my perspective her speed is unbelievable! wish her all the best for the upcoming season/races. She is so humble and sweet. F@cking rad!
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 Hi i'm Vali Höll and this is ASMR
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 The edit was cool, but I really loved the video after. Do you always have people pushing your bike I'm a Rock-star. Hell yeh!
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 speed and style
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 F@king Rad!!
Vali is so chill and humble...
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 All I'm going to say is that there is danger on the horizon for the entire women's elite DH field.
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 woop woop. can't wait to see her competing in the women's DH!
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 Felt that opening overshoot to flat compress my spine!
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 Impressive skills!
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 I love the occasional laughing.
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 You look fast from here Vali!
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 Hope the stunt bee was ok.
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 Wow... Legend....wait for it... hope you're not lactose intolerant.... DAIRY!!
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 This year was supposed to be her coming-out-party to the UCI Elite! Alas, we wait. Can't wait to see her in action.
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 Moderat t-shirt for video maker Wink
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 Music for editing videos by.
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 I wish she were like 5 years older so we could have seen her go head to head with Rachel in her prime. She's gonna be smoking folks in no time.
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 Yes and no. Without Rachel in her prime these younger women would not be riding like they do. Think about it.
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 I wish I could ride like that...
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 deadset superstar.....!!!!!
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 shit @ValiHoll if you look bad on a bike than we should all delete our pics and vids cause everyone sucks....
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 "I was a 4Runner"
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 So sick!
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 das Geld schuss
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