4Cross Bike Checks: MTB Festival – Leibstadt, Switzerland

Oct 3, 2018 at 0:39
by Lars Evers  

Only 6 out of 9 sprockets are used on the cassette.
100mm travel in the front.

About the Bike
FRAME: Specialized SX
FORK: SR Suntour Axon Werx 100mm
WHEELS: 26“ Specialized Roval Carbon Traverse SL
BRAKES: Avid Elixier Ø160mm / CL Brake Pads
HANDLEBAR: Azonic 750mm
STEM: Azonic 50mm
CRANK: Specialized S-Works Carbon 175mm
CHAIN GUIDE: Specialized
CASETTE: 9-Speed (only 6 used)
SADDLE: Specialized S-Works Carbon
SEAT POST: Thomson
TIRES: Specialized - Purgatory Control 2.3” / Fast Trak Grid 2.0"

The current world champion wore his rainbow jersey for the last time at a 4Cross event at Round 11 of the European 4Cross Series in Leibstadt. He was one of the only guys that rode a full suspension bike on the rather smooth track, but still finished on the 2nd place with his Specialized SX.

Simon Waldburger (SUI)
Elite Men Winner
Simon definitely did not goof around during the race.

Schwalbe Racing Ralph tires on the rear end.
Schwalbe Nobby Nic tires in the front.

After many years as a pro, Simon Waldburger decided to stop competing regularly. On his last race in Leibstadt, his home track, he showed everyone how it’s done and took the win and the Swiss Chamionship title. His Schwalbe tires gave him the speed for the win on that day.

About the Bike
FORK: Fox 36 Factory
WHEELS: 26“ DT Swiss 240s / Ex 471
HANDLEBAR: Renthal Fatbar Lite
STEM: Renthal
CRANK: Shimano Saint 170mm
DERAILLEUR: Shimano Saint
CHAIN GUIDE: Carbocage
CASETTE: Shimano Dura-Ace 9-Speed (only 4 used)
SADDLE: Tioga Spyder
SEAT POST: Thomson
TIRES: Schwalbe Racing Ralph addix speed / Nobby Nic addix speedgrip

Was the single speed a disadvantage on the 4Cross track?
25 elite men found their way to Leibstadt.

About the Bike
FRAME: Mondraker Dualen 2012
FORK: Marzocchi Bomber 100mm
WHEELS: 26“ Onoff Bula
BRAKES: Juicy / Shimano
STEM: Reverse
CRANK: Shimano Saint 175mm
SADDLE: Raddix
TIRES: WTB Weirwolf 2.3” / Maxxis High Roller 2.1”

BMX racer Charly Gaillard took the challenge of riding a 4Cross race and brought out his Mondraker Dualen from 2012. With a solid performance all day he managed to finish 4th against the experienced 4Cross men.

Gustaw Dadela (POL) – Specialized P3
Gustaw's black set-up looks beautiful.

Also 100mm of travel on the fork.
CST Tires, front and back.

After an unlucky crash in the qualification last year, the Gustaw Dadela wanted to get some redemption in Leibstadt. The track suited him well, but after a collision in the semifinal he had to settle with a 6th place.

About the Bike
FRAME: Specialized P3
FORK: Rock Shox Pike
WHEELS: 26“ DT Swiss / Dartmoor
BRAKES: Sram Guide RS
STEM: Dartmoor
CRANK: Shimano XT
DERAILLEUR: Sram X0 7-Speed
SADDLE: Specialized
SEAT POST: Specialized
TIRES: CST Tires jack rabbit


About the Bike
FRAME: Pivot Point
FORK: Fox Factory 36
WHEELS: 26“ Pacenti
BRAKES: Shimano XT
SADDLE: fizik
CRANK: Truvativ Descendant
TIRES: Schwalbe Nobby Nic

Saskja Lack already won one of the Red Bull Pumptrack qualifiers and now tried herself on the rougher terrain from 4Cross. The change from the 20” bmx to the 26” pivot point did not affect her riding skills at all and she ended up on the top of the podium in Leibstadt.

Jakub Kantor (CZE) – NS Liar
The NS Liar has especially been designed for 4Cross.


It was Jakub’s first time in Leibstadt but he definitely felt comfortable on his NS Liar with the Fox fork and some Sram components.

About the Bike
FORK: Fox Float 32
WHEELS: 26“ Remerx Harry / Tubes Novatec
BRAKES: Sram Level TL
HANDLEBAR: Renthal Fatbar
STEM: Spank Spike
CRANK: Sram X1
TIRES: Schwalbe Racing Ralph

Ingo Kaufmann (GER) – Hot Chili Prototype
German Champion 2018
The German champ got his own prototype frame.


About the Bike
FRAME: Hot Chili Prototype
FORK: Rock Shox Reba
WHEELS: 26“ Reverse 928
BRAKES: BrakeForceOne H2O
HANDLEBAR: Reverse Lead 760mm
STEM: Reverse BlackOne 50mm
CRANK: Sram X0 165mm
CHAIN GUIDE: 77 Designz Oval guide
Casette: Sram 10-Speed
Derailleur: Sram X0
TIRES: Specialized Purgatory / Continental X-King

After a few years on the top of the European 4Cross Series, Ingo Kaufmann was able to win the national jersey this year in Heidenheim. After that, he got the opportunity to develop his own 4Cross frame, powered by Hot Chili and his other sponsors. Combined with the components, it just looks great.


After a second place last year, Chaney Guennet knew that he was coming back to Leibstadt. His unique riding style and speed on the pumptracks of Crankworx are superb. But his beautifully set up Dartmoor with singlespeed and Michelin tires didn't bring him as far in Leibstadt as last year.

About the Bike
FRAME: Dartmoor 26 player
FORK: Rock Shox Pike
WHEELS: 26“ Spank
BRAKES: Shimano
STEM: Dartmoor
SADDLE: Dartmoor
SEAT POST: Dartmoor
TIRES: Michelin Wild Race'r

Vanessa Kager (AUT) - Commencal Absolut 4X
Vanessa was having a lot of fun on her second 4Cross race.


About the Bike
FRAME: Commencal Absolut 4X
FORK: Manitou
WHEELS: 26“ Sunringle Charger
BRAKES: Magura M5
Derailleur: Shimano Saint
CRANK: Truvativ Descendant
TIRES: Maxxis Minion

Vanessa Kager also won one of the Red Bull Pumptrack qualifiers and now came to her second 4Cross race after an 8th place at the World Championships. She was able to finish 2nd behind Saskja Lack.

Connor Hudson (GBR) - Banshee AMP
Just like Chaney on his Dartmoor, Connor rode on the dirt jump frame from Banshee.


British vize-champion Connor Hudson came all the way from Great Britain with his brother Jack to compete in Leibstadt for the first time. He loved the event and track in Leibstadt, which his Banshee AMP was perfect for.

About the Bike
FRAME: Banshee AMP
FORK: Rockshox Pike DJ
WHEELS: 26“ Halo Vafour
BRAKES: Avid XO Trail
HANDLEBAR: Renthal FatBar
STEM: Renthal
Crank: Shimano Saint
Chain Guide: MRP
Derailleur: Sram X0
SADDLE: Gusset
TIRES: Schwalbe Nobby Nic

Highlights MTB Festival - Leibstadt:

Words: Lars Evers
Pictures: Valentin Müller

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 Pretty ripping collection of real hard tails.
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 Ok so the winner was on a raw santa cruz jackal frame?
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 was wondering why the frame was left out of the list
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 who knowsWink
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 Haha good spot. So santa cruz have won something this year. Shame they don't make the reserve rims in 26. They would be do fast on a set of Chris King hubs
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 Yea it 100% looks like my 2013 Jackal frame. Oh boy brings a new excitement to my frame lol.
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 Cool bike check! Would love to see more 4cross around here..
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 Damn. Came here to see exactly 4 cyclocross bikes. Pleasantly surprised to see DJers and slopestyle bikes with multiple gears. Seems like they’d be lots of fun.
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 Can someone explain to me why 27.5 wheels won't work for 4 cross bikes?
What's the advantage?
Other than being lighter, stronger and better Turing radius?
Wouldn't that lighter stronger quicker turning wheel work better on trails too.
f*ck yes!
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 Faster acceleration on a smaller wheel, and a lot of races are won out of the gate. They are also a bit more responsive, stronger, lighter. For general off road riding 27.5 or 29 are better but on specific 4x tracks the 26 are faster
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flag Sshredder (Oct 6, 2018 at 9:42) (Below Threshold)
 @drjonnywonderboy: you have tried all three sizes on trails and at the pump track? 4 X ?
Because if you have not your just guessing.
Can I see your results on the 4x track? You a pro?
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 I have ridden 26", 27.5" and 29" and what drjonnywonderboy says is correct.
Bigger wheels are great for trails but 26 does the job better for dirt jump and 4cross.
Hell you'll be surprised how well a 20" wheel is for climbing a hill lol
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 I find 26” works better on the majority of rollers; it allows the wheel to pump off of things instead of rolling over them. Also, the 26” wheel allows for a stouter frame that’s easier to throw around.
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flag Sshredder (Oct 6, 2018 at 13:11) (Below Threshold)
 @speedy06: I'm curious you have tried 27.5 on pump tracks and 4x.
I have rode 20 inch 26 inch and 27.5 at pump tracks.
4x and pumptracks are all about speed and carrying your momentum.
Except for starting there is no acceleration just incremental speed changes. The idea is to have the smoothest action.
Can't help but think on pump track and 4x larger wheels would roll smoother and faster.
I have rode many bikes with 27.5 wheels and same with 26 inch wheels.
For double black diamond trails that are chundery which is all I ride most of the time.
I can't notice any difference between 26 and 27.5
Why do rode bikes use large wheels? Speed.
What is 4x about? Speed.
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 @Sshredder: all I can say mate is for pump track and proper bmx tracks you get to a certain speed and the bigger the wheel becomes slower. They bounce around and don’t fit in transitions etc as well. Your just fighting to keep the wheels glued. The faster you go and the more it becomes about pin point accuracy and you can get more out of a smaller wheel. Some say 20 wheels are sketchy but personally the faster I go the more stable they are! I race both 20 and 24 bmx and am quicker on the 20 for sure!
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 bigger wheels would feel awkward through the rhythm sections, wouldn't jump as well, etc
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 @Sshredder: 4X is about acceleration, very different to sustaining speed. Imagine some one gets late into a corner an brings another rider or the whole pack to a near stand still.. 26 Will ALLWAYS sprint out of that (and the gate ) faster, corner faster, brake later and jump better.
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 @Sshredder: how about your results. Are you a pro? What setup do you find best. Did you try all three on a pump track and trail how about a skate park what wheel works best for that. You seem to be the expert.
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 Love 4X bikes...lubes hand for the Mondraker....
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 What a great event...pls give us more 4X Pinkbike ...#26aintdead
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 Maybe 27.5 wheels just made an excuse to sell new bikes. Suckers.
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 Specialized SX and P3, looks like previous generation bikes..So these riders stock those old frames from old days?
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 The enduro SX is the last model Specialized made, and they are fantastic, the P3 is previous geberation 2012 model I think
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 Great to see more 4X content on pinkbike
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 Great, so this article misses to tell people what bike the winner is riding. Congrats! It also says a few things about the state of 4X and the involvement of the industry. It used to be custom bikes and prototypes, like in DH and XC, now it's ”we race what we have and are cost-sensitive”. Breaks my heart! But hey, at least we have XCE for a planet full of joy and true fun!
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 not if but when my juicy front brake fails i still have my shimano in the rear!
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 Bit of a off-topic, but anyone has an idea what brand/model is Gustav's jersey? Looks rad!!
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 Skinwall nobby nic26 where do I buy?
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 google Schwalbe Nobby Nic Classic Skin
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 Świetne są te rowery :3

This bikes is great ^^
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