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Jul 10, 2012 at 10:35
by Scott Townes  
It seems like its been a lifetime since the last time I participated in any kind of trail work. To give you an idea of how long ago it was, the last trail I had a hand in building was Meadow's End at Highland Mountain while attending Plymouth State freshman year in 2006.

When I left the east coast for Utah, my love for building trails took a backseat to skiing and partying. All the people I hung out with were about skiing in the winter and trying to figure out how to go skiing during the summer. If summer skiing wasn't an option, drinking your face off sufficed. Needless to say the motivation to go out and spend six hours to build 15ft. of trail was no longer there.

Today its different. My passion for riding is stronger than ever and the motivation to create a new trail has returned. With the generous help and input from a couple of riding buddies, we started work on my first personal trail build since the 11th grade, which can be seen here
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I'll continue to update this throughout the construction of Gingervitis and I hope you guys enjoy the process.

Berms for days

Small gap coming out of a berm

Top view of the berm gap to berm before the road gap

Bottom view of the same feature

The road gap in the process of being built. The gap will be approx. 10ft. high and 18ft. out.

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 is this in park city

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