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Feb 3, 2014 at 2:05
by Scott Secco  
Dust of Queenstown: Here is the video of our two first months in Queenstown. We enjoy riding the trails every single day and we thank the locals so much for showing us around.

Views: 43,569    Faves: 819    Comments: 82

Cow Gap in Les Gets: Nicolas Mazzoleni gapped a cow this summer during his ride at Les Gets Bike Park.

Views: 57,889    Faves: 443    Comments: 28

Live To Ride - Rob Welch - Past & Present: Rob Welch's past and present edit.

Views: 19,419    Faves: 229    Comments: 22

Fight For Your Ride: Rider: Adrian Parro. Location: Madrid, Spain. Song: Beastie Boys - Fight for Your Right. Video: dirtyflows.

Views: 15,745    Faves: 123    Comments: 21

Rain Delay: After a three month break from the bike and camera, hiding away inside my house... I waited for a sunny day to film this video.

Views: 10,777    Faves: 104    Comments: 16

Ludwig Jäger - One Day in Leipzig: Four locations in five hours: Conne Island, Elsterflutbecken, ''the ghetto ramp,'' and the Heizhaus Leipzig! Video: Andreas Grüttner.

Views: 5,640    Faves: 80    Comments: 3

Matt Levasseur Season Starter 2014: Filming: Colby Bolster. Editing: Matt Levasseur. Song: Lorde - Team.

Views: 12,685    Faves: 78    Comments: 17

Roman Kumpers - Seclusion: Roman heads to the hills of Jonkershoek to shred down some of the better trails this place has to offer.

Views: 6,504    Faves: 43    Comments: 5

Philipp Fenk's Backyard: This is my part from our full length movie called The Bavarian Backyard Project. I put all my time, passion, sweat, and blood in to this backyard.

Views: 11,242    Faves: 248    Comments: 24

2013 Demo Reel: Threw together some clips from the end of 2013 after I bought my Sony FS700. There are a few clips from my AF100 as well.

Views: 13,804    Faves: 178    Comments: 18

Ship 'n Ride: A stop motion video showcasing our Ship 'n Ride program.

Views: 4,756    Faves: 0    Comments: 4

Chris Kovarik - Mt. Tamborine: TrailScapes recently finished a new gravity trail in the Mt Tamborine Conservation Park. Working in conjunction with the City of Gold Coast, IMBA, and the Gold Coast MTB Club, the new trail provides a wide range of riders almost 15 minutes of fast, flowing trail with raw technical elements. TrailScapes invited Chris Kovarik out to session the new trail and this is the result.

TrailScapes Mt Tamborine x Chris Kovarik from Holmes2020 on Vimeo.

Over It - Barrio:Full film featuring: Federico Blasco, Gabriel Herbotte, Julio Corpa, Santiago Arano, Diego Parisi, Ramiro Barrales, Juanjo Garcia, Juan Pablo Moura, Mariano Buzzalino, Juan Thill, Alan Yacobiti, and friends. Thanks for the support.


How to Backflip a Bike: Anna Glowinski learns a new trick.

John Watson - The Ends: Setting out from Shanghai, John Watson and Mission Workshop began their cycling tour of China's Yangtze River Delta. Using both film and digital formats, Watson photographed the surroundings and encounters with the local community. Led by their friends from Factory Five, they headed into a frenetic network of massive residential complexes, large industrial parks, and super highways. At first glance, the route seemed straightforward, however, the reality of the 1,000km trip was far more intense than anyone expected.

John Watson // THE ENDS from Mission Workshop on Vimeo.

Gary Young - Odyssey: Gary Young crushing it on the streets.

Beneath Jamaican Skies: Immerse yourself in an epic journey through Jamaicain mountains and stary nights. The geography and landscape of Jamaica is fascinating and diverse, the rolling green mountains, lush jungle and careening waterfalls makes this country amazingly beautiful. Film: Levi Allen/Leftcoast Visuals.

Deep Winter 2014 - ''Self'' by Nicolas Teichrob: Self is a photographic journey into the discovery of one's true inner being. It takes the viewer through the raw emotions of the process of learning, observing, experiencing, reflecting and repairing, along with the darkness that is needed in order to see and understand and appreciate the light and wonderment that can be had at the end of one's journey. This show was shot and put together in three days by Nicolas Teichrob, with a team of two athletes - Matty Richard and Matt Elliott. All photographs and editing by Nicolas Teichrob Music: Run Boy Run - Woodkid (remix by Kraai).

Deep Winter 2014 slideshow by Nicolas Teichrob from Dendrite Studios on Vimeo.

This Is Kye Peterson: Kye's riding in Into the Mind has proven he's one of the best big mountain riders in the world.

Shaun White - Russia Calling: Love him or hate him, you've got to respect his work ethic and appreciate just how hard it is to conquer fear, even when you're the best. This video may be long but it's well worth the watch.

Nyjah Huston - Fade To Black: Probably one of the best video segments ever.

Truck from above

Title Photo by: Bryce Piwek

To check out videos submitted by fellow Pinkbike members that didn't quite make the homepage click here:


  • + 28
 Some f**king serious hand rail action going on by Nyjah Huston,i haven't skated for over 15 years now and am well out of the loop but 360 flips to smith grind/nose,tail slide down hand rails,is this the norm these days? Blown away
  • + 8
 I don't know too much about skateboarding but I'm going to go ahead and say that he is far above the norm.
  • + 6
 I haven't skated for ages, but watch videos from time to time. The fade to black video is the gnarliest stuff I've ever seen on a skateboard. Pretty sure he's a robot, or a some sort of skateboarding lizard.
  • + 12
 Skateboarding will always be gnarly. If anyone doesn't think so, go try it.
  • + 21
 Or just believe Zimmer68 and keep biking.
  • + 1
 Agreed kudos100, I did skateboarding for almost 14years, I love it, the mental and technical skills these days are out of mind. I start at DH as part of my healing training after a serius injury skating. Since that day I enjoy MTB till death. Both disciplines shaped my life. This Nyjah Huston deserve serius respect.
Meanwhile, enjoy our mountains!! ;-)
  • + 0
 I agree Nyjah must be a robot... and a very steezy one at that.
  • + 0
 Made me say "shit the bed" and shake my head a lot. Props!
  • + 2
 Nyjah is a pretty insane skater. I was also impressed with Brandon Westgates part in Emericas Made.
  • + 0
 I think this is the part during a bike video that someone complains that they are not wearing a helmet. Double standards?
  • + 1
 ^^ It's the same way with BMX edits. A lot of skaters just don't wear helmets. I have a friend who skates, he'll drop huge stair sets and gaps, but helmets just arent in the picture at all. Is it style? Balls? Or just being crazy? Who knows, only they do.
  • + 20
 Lovin cow gap
  • + 3
 I'm came round that corner on the Chavannes run once and there was a cow in the same spot. I just stopped and felt a bit scared and tiptoed around it! If only I'd thought to jump it!
  • + 7
 There is a potential of creating a video like the Jamaican one, in every single country and region of the world. The beauty lies in the eye of the observer and on web also in price of the camera.
  • + 4
 I agree with you, its all about how you see the world and chose to share it with others, that last bit about camera price though I disagree with. Cameras are insanely cheap theses days, you can shoot and edit something absolutely stunning with a cell phone!
  • + 1
 Yes I think you've just convinced me sure.
  • + 9
 Nyjah Huston goes hard, miss the dreads though!
  • + 8
 that Kovarik video is missing some Metal!! \m/
  • + 2
 cuz no berms were destroyed or harmed for this one
  • + 3
 Kovarik without metal... what's next, pizza without tomato sauce?!? I am crying here.
  • + 4
 a bit off topic from Kovarik but try a bbq base on your pizza, pretty tasty stuff
  • + 6
 So when did Shaun White turn into the Fonz?
  • + 2
 That first queenstown vid was perfect! Chill vibe, big hits.. Doesn't even matter if you like the music or not, it was spot on.
  • + 3
 Dat backflip was sweet! blond + backflippi'n = dreamy Smile ))))
  • + 3
 If she can learn to flip, so can I!
  • + 1
 Yeah I think I'll give it a go. All you gotta do is hit the ramp as fast as you can and look back. Of course, I don't have a foam pit but if I stick to the 2 steps it should all work out - no?
  • + 1
 yes good effort on the flip but... into a foam pit?! don't really think that counts as learning to flip until she lands it on a resi or something
  • + 1
 Awsome videos this week. love the Barrio movie. but this week i like most of them a lot of cool bmx videos and also cool mtb videos good work pb
  • + 2
 this guy takes bigger drops with his skateboard than me with my bike.... f*ck
  • + 1
 Shaun has turned into a man…. The Man! I was not a fan until that glimpse inside his head.
  • + 3
 kye peterson @3:03 mad!
  • + 2
 Nyjah nails rails...that is all.
  • + 1
 It's gonna be a great Monday! Thanks Pinkbike and all those who make us movies to keep our sanity!
  • + 1
 The backyard looks absolutely amazing! ! Good job i wanna ride there ! Smile
  • + 1
 I cant name any of the tricks in Nyjahs vid but that was fucking nuts!
  • + 0
 We want to build a bikepark in Geneva...
  • - 2
 Next move for Anna Glowinski is a front flip onto my lap .... good lord i'd wife her.

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