Online Deals - November 2012

Nov 14, 2012 at 1:50
by Scott Secco  

Descent Gear Deals:

2013 Boxxer RC
MSRP: £749.99
Descent-Gear Price: £499.99
Click here for information.

2013 Boxxer R2C2
MSRP: £1,099.99
Descent-Gear Price: £799.99
Click here for information.

Fox Launch Pro Knee Guard
Descent-Gear Price: £44.99 (Includes Free UK Delivery)
Click here for information.

Calgary Cycle Online Deals:

Easton Haven Carbon Handlebar 31.8
MSRP: CAD$169.00
Calgary Cycle Price: CAD$109.99 Save 35%
Click here for information.

Santa Cruz '12 Chameleon 4.0/D XC Kit
MSRP: CAD$1750.00
Calgary Cycle Price: CAD$999.00 Save 43%
Click here for information.

Mavic Crossmax ST Disc Wheelset
MSRP: CAD$1279.99
Calgary Cycle Price: CAD$999.99 Save 22%
Click here for information.

Chain Reaction Cycle Deals:

PAIR OF Intense Tyre Systems DH Intruder Folding Tyre - Sticky Rubber
Original Price: USA$127.94
Chain Reaction Price USA$67.16 Save 48%
Click here for information.

SRAM PG990 9 Speed MTB Cassette
Original Price: USA$143.98
Chain Reaction Price USA$55.98 Save 61%
Click here for information.

FSA Big Fat Pig Headset
Original Price: USA$79.91
Chain Reaction Price USA$41.98 Save 47%
Click here for information.

JT Racing ALS2 Full Face Helmet
Original Price: USA$367.98
Chain Reaction Price USA$154.56 Save 58%
Click here for information.

Shimano Saint M810 Disc Brake
Original Price: USA$295.99
Chain Reaction Price USA$167.98 Save 43%
Click here for information.

Easton Havoc Stem 2012
Original Price: USA$127.99
Chain Reaction Price USA$83.98 Save 34%
Click here for information.

Nukeproof Proton Alloy-Ti Flat Pedals 2012
Original Price: USA$207.97
Chain Reaction Price USA$126.00 Save 39%
Click here for information.

Dunbar Cycles Deals:

Huge Discounts on 2012 Devinci Wilson Frames and Completes
Dunbar Price: Up to $1,500 Off
Click here for information.

Gemini Duo Light System - 1400 Lumens
Regular Price: $229.95
Dunbar Price: $199.95
Click here for information.

2012 Formula Brakes Sale
Dunbar Price: Up to $260 Off
Click here for information.

Rear Shock Clearance Sale
Dunbar Price: Up to $500 Off
Click here for information.

Cambria Deals:

Five Ten 510 Freerider Pro Danny Macaskill Shoe
MSRP: $134.95
Cambria Price: $99.95
Click here for information.

WTB SST Saddle Team
MSRP: $130.00
Cambria Price: $91.00
Click here for information.

Kona Wah Wah Platform Pedals
MSRP: $99.95
Cambria Price $67.96
Click here for information.

Jenson USA Deals:

GT Sanction 2.0 Mountain Bike 2012
MSRP: USA $3,510.00
Jenson Price: USA $1,929.00
Click here for information.

Easton EC90 XC UST 26" Wheels 2013
MSRP: USA $1,250.00
Jenson Price: USA $980.00
Click here for information.

Shimano XT BR-M785 Oe Disc Brake
MSRP: USA$169.99
Jenson Price: USA$99.99
Click here for information.

Freehub Magazine Deals:

Freehub is offering Pinkbike users a 40% discount off our 1 year subscription package. The 1 year subscription to Freehub Magazine gets you 4 issues of the community driven mountain bike journal shipped directly to your door!
Freehub Magazine Subscription (4 issues)
Regular Price: $34.95
Sale Price: $21.95 SAVE 40%
Click here for information.

Here's a few great deals from! Logo Sock
Pinkbike Price: $9.99
Click here for information.

Where the Trail Ends DVD Combo Pack
Pinkbike Price: $29.99
Click here for information.

Where The Trail Ends - Collector's Edition Book
Pinkbike Price: $95.00
Click here for information.

There are your sale items for the month, stay tuned for next month's deals!

NOTE: This is a sponsored news piece for Pinkbike advertisers.
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  • + 23
 The UK deals are all pretty rubbish and show no variety, and only a few of the
CRC deals are in pounds? surely PB can find some better deals for people in the UK.
  • + 9
 The full RRP deal in those fox knee pads is hard to turn down...poor show from the UK!
  • - 8
flag raditude (Nov 15, 2012 at 12:24) (Below Threshold)
 Then go pay retail!
  • + 2
 Check out our buy/sell for some pretty awesome deals! Only the best prices on Santacruz Frames, Fox forks and Chromag goodies! More to come too!
  • + 2
 If you want a good deal then why not search for one your self rather than relying on PB to look for you ?
  • + 3
 Thanks for demonstrating how good your sense of humour is.
  • + 14
 Easton Havok Stem is 40 bucks on
  • + 7
 funny how msrp on pricepoint is $90 and here they say full price is $128
  • + 11
 Of course the shoe in size 14 isn't on sale.... fml
  • + 39
 Bigfoot lives in Canada now?
  • + 8
 Bigfoot is an "all forest" dwelling creature
  • + 29
 Hes always lived here. Americans just need to shave
  • + 4
 A guy down the street from me was on tv for Bigfoot. I think he might have been gay too..
  • + 16
  • + 2
 14 isnt bigfoot size.. just man sized for us men to wear
  • + 4
 Im with you there, finding my size is a nightmare if you want it on sale

It's like - " ooh buy this 50 % off. only in size 8 or some shit"
  • + 1
 size 8?? is everybody a midget now?
  • + 1
 it's not gonna help sales much if people don't fit in a size 8 doesn't fit better just cause it's cheaper lol
  • + 0
 It just seems that whenever a decent sale is on they only stock 1 size that is either way to large or way to small for an average size person
  • + 9
 That JT helmet is hideous and they want $150???? Da fuq?
  • + 1
 dude those helmets are sick. simplicity simplicity simplicity!
  • + 1
 looks like to me they are trying to go for the old school look.
  • + 0
 Whip the visor up and itl be sick
  • + 1
 yea, i like it. i think it would go good with a fat tire bike or something like that.
  • + 5
 Blaa blaa blaa how can they say such and duch is a good deal. Mountain biking is so expensive. Back in my day things costed wooden nickles and nothing ever broke.
  • + 3
 Really surprised more people arent down for this. You people arent down to SAVE MONEY and still get NEW PARTS? and before you gimme that mumbo jumbo LBS bs, some of us have really garbage LBSs and refuse to support them. be thankful PB is doing this for you. Hell im not buying anything from this list, but i am still thankful someone at PB took the time to make something like this.

although im keeping all the really good online deals to myself =)
so ill the the only one to say it,
  • + 1
 I DONT SEE NO PEZ CANDIES ON THIS LIST PINKBIKE!! My mom says that Santa's not feeling too kind towards me this year... I just say were broke. Can I get just the crown off that boxxer? Maybe next year I'll get a station or two. OH boy, im goin to bed early xmas night this year!!
  • + 4
 Dunbar why can't you just list your price here instead of just saying how much I might save??
  • + 1
 No no no no no no no! I buy OEM parts from my LBS occasionally but I'm not so comfortable seeing them on PB, and let's face it everyone on here knows somewhere they can go for cheaper parts during the lean times. Needless to say I'm not a fan of this feature.
  • + 5
 dude, relax. some of us have really shitty LBSs and refuse to support what they stand for.. you should be thanking PB for looking out for you even if theres nothing in here you would want. if i had a cool LBS, id think about ordering from them, but why even bother when they all suck and are overpriced?

internets for the win, aswell as this feature.
  • + 1
 Phoned my LBS the other week...

Me: "Do you have any Shimano mineral oil?"
LBS: "What's that?"

  • + 1
 Same as baby oil. get it at your local shops.
  • + 5
 Freehub is a quality mag. Get on that deal.
  • + 1
 50 dollars foreign?! thats like 10 quid an issue for us brits. i think ill pass.
  • + 2
 Those Mavic Crossmax wheels are SLR not ST as stated above......and its not really a great deal.....MSRP is 999USD.....regular price at Jenson
  • + 4
 A $95 dollar book with "unparalleled printing techniques". oh boy...
  • - 1
 CLARIFICATION: These are DEALS for pinkbike. They are getting payed for these ads (it even says so at the bottom) These "deals" are CRAP. Way to go pinkbike and paying shops! (If I pay pinkbike a rediculous amount of money will you advertise my overpriced stuff in the BUY/SELL section and make me look like an idiot too? SWEET!)
  • + 3
 hmmmmm, boxxer :p
  • + 1
 Find some real mountain bike deals and hidden gems online
  • + 3
 Good stuff, Good Deals
  • + 1
 sad thing is thesse are the more than chain reaction
  • + 1
 This isn't bike news! Cronie capitalism right here
  • + 1
 I just bought XT breaks from Jenson for $134 yesterday. FML.
  • + 1
 Dunbar Cycles is hooking it up!
  • + 1
 Thanks, I guess. But I'll be down at my LBS...
  • + 1
  • + 1
 Ugly helmet
  • + 1
 jt racing? no vents?
  • + 1
 i see vents on the top and front, id go try and find some better pics. helmets are hard to buy online if you dont have good pics..
  • + 0
 This is not a good idea for Pinkbike. stick to news and features.
  • + 3
 yes it is. they are trying to help us save money. now stop whining. =)
  • + 3
 Agreed^ It is good idea
  • + 1
 Wilson looks mint
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