Movies For Your Monday - Andreu Lacondeguy, Graham Agassiz, Eric Koston, Grandpa Gordon, & More

Sep 4, 2023 at 2:59
by Scott Secco  
How DH Racing is Growing A New Community of Riders in North Carolina - Here. There. Everywhere. Ep.2: When people think of North Carolina, downhill mountain biking isn't the first thing that comes to mind, but the folks of the Downhill South East series are pushing for change. Although relatively new, The DHSE series has gained national notoriety from pros and amateurs alike, seeing big registration numbers and participation that in the last few years has been more present in Enduro than DH. In this episode of Here. There. Everywhere. Miranda attends one of the DH races in the DHSE series and explores the new face of American racing and what it means to the communities it touches.

Cosplay - A Calgary Stampede Bike Video: “Yo, what if we shot a bike edit at the Calgary Stampede?” Those were the words that started it all and led to the filming of one very weird, very rad mountain bike video. The Stampede is often touted as the “Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth.” Dylan Siggers, Liam Baylis, Stephane Pelletier, Paul Harrop, and Zac Mouseau went east to the beautiful foothills of the Rocky Mountains to find out for themselves if the hype is real. Not their first time at the Stampede, but definitely the first time they went with mountain biking on the docket. From the downtown stampede grounds, to the Kananaskis mountain range, the crew dabbled in all that was on offer in the region to put together a rowdy riding trip. Turns out the hype is real and the spirit of the rodeo is alive and well. While there aren’t as many real cowfolk riding in and out of Calgary as there once was, there’s no shortage of people turning up in their hats and boots to live the cow life and make believe it’s the real thing for a few weeks. Whether it’s in a ten gallon hat or a full face, we all like to envision ourselves as the raddest baddest mofo in the west when we swing a leg over our steed. Get along lil’ doggy! Video: Dylan Siggers.

Mega By Day, Mega By Night: The Megavalanche is the one of the world’s craziest, most iconic mass-start events, packed with crashes, camaraderie, and bar-to-bar racing. The 21.6km track, deep in the French Alps, moves from glacier to single track, encompassing the range of terrains mountain bikers encounter. And while there are endless POV GoPro footage, crash reels, and vlogs from the event, nothing has managed to capture how it truly feels to ride it. Instead of the typical bombastic crashes and 100m slides, the team were inspired by the course’s varying terrains and how they symbolize the different experiences of riders. Shot during the day, deep into the night and during the event itself, the short film features rising stars Louise Ferguson and Ronan Dunne taking on the famously treacherous course.

Julian Moutinho - Heat Wave: Shredding on Vancouver Island.

YT - Hit The Green: Join Graham Agassiz, Micayla Gatto, Ethan Nell, Ace Hayden, Anthony Napolitan, Dakoda Osusky, and Aidan Howe, as they road trip through the Pacific Northwest in search of good times. Last month we hit the road with an epic crew, and set out on a trip through the PNW hitting up the best trails the area has to offer, stopping in to shred with the #youngtalent at Milepost 35 camp, and taking in the vibes as they went.

Andreu Lacondeguy - Whatever The Ride: The Meta Power SX is fast becoming Andreu Lacondeguy’s favourite new bike! Rider: Andreu Lacondeguy. Video: Leon Perrin.

Love Letter To Gorge Road: Escape to the dreamy world of Gorge Road Jump Park, for one magical day with Brett Rheeder, Kade Edwards, and Matt Begg. Captured and edited by Clay Porter and produced by Proving Grounds Tour, the riders soar over the dirt jumps that freeriders worldwide only dream of. “This piece was made in just one day to showcase Gorge Road in a cinematic and meditative way that feels peaceful, elegant, and observational,” says Porter. The piece was completely free-spirited, with the riders just signalling when they were dropping and Porter capturing the action. Rheeder explains the uniqueness of riding in New Zealand, “Queenstown is in a lane of its own. It offers multiple lift-access bike parks and trail networks and has the Gorge Road dirt jumps, which are the most artistic, sculpted, and cared-for public dirt jumps on earth.” Gorge Road, often hailed as the world’s best jump location, was saved in 2021 from destruction with help from Kiwi-entrepreneur and fellow mountain biker Rod Drury. Proving Grounds and Clay Porter have created this “Love Letter to Gorge Road” as a thank you to the people of Queenstown, especially Queenstown Mountain Bike Club, for their hospitality and to Drury and the riders and supporters worldwide who came together to ensure that the pure joy of riding Gorge Road lives on.

Backyard Paradise - Mongoose MTB Team At Waranerosa: It’s been a minute since our mountain bike pros have gotten together for a Mongoose team trip. But after learning about a new build at Waranerosa Bike Park in Murphys, California, we just had to bring out our guys Greg Watts, Brayden Barrett-Hay, and Josh Hult to sample this Backyard Paradise. Built on owner Dustin Waraner’s property, not only can you can rent a place to stay and shred the trails, but you can also swim in the pool, climb the rock wall, or play in the arcade. Safe to say that we all wish this was our backyard!

Jaxson Riddle - Riddled With Style Ep.3: I had the opportunity to make a dream reality. I have always wanted to ride a moto ramp on my mtb and we finally did it. With the tow in help of Kelana Humphrey, we were able to setup and hit full size FMX jumps and quaterpipes with the tow-in speed from the dirt bike. This was somewhat of a test to see what is possible... I will just say, there is a lot more in the tank! Can’t wait to keep pushing this as the possibilities are endless. Thank you to everyone involved for making this happen!

Vinny T Rides With Les 9 Roues: Not sure who is showing who the ropes in this one. Vincent Tupin takes Raoul and Emric of Les 9 Roues for a ride in this episode of 'Heroes Inspire Heroes.'' Tune in now to see who won the mandatory whip off!

Damn Foley - Touch The Button: Foley always make it look easy. Rider, cinematographer, editor: Dan Foley.

Simone Barraco - Kisses: From the idea, to the details, Simone Barraco created this project around Kisses himself. He had a vision from the start and pulled it off. When you combine his creativity on and off his bike with his passion for BMX you get Kisses.

Burn Sloe: Burn Slow never stop with the fire releases. They got together Nina Buitrago, Chase Hawk, Max Jung, and Aaron Ross for some DIY goodness.

Eric Koston - Skate Register - The West LA Courthouse: The West LA Courthouse is arguably one of the most famous skate spots in Southern California, if not the entire world. In the second episode of our Skate Register series, Eric Koston takes us through the extensive history of The West LA Courthouse's contributions to skating from the early 90’s to present day, covering each era of progression that has pushed the evolution of skateboarding. With The Courthouse's iconic stage, the fountain, the 4 stair, a 33 foot long outledge, and an infinite amount of ledges to string lines together with, the courthouse is essentially a public skatepark in the streets. In fact, Nike Skateboarding donated funds to designate the space as a legal skate spot in 2014 and the public has been skating it just about every single day since. From the infamous switch flip switch manual by Chris Roberts, to the mind-blowing amount of unbelievable tricks Nick Tucker has done on it, the amount of skating that has happened on The Courthouse's sacred stage could tell a tale 10,000 pages long. But luckily for you, we won't make you read a novel. Instead, we put together a comprehensive collection of just about every significant trick that has graced the courthouse's grounds since we began skating it in the early 1990's. Listen up as Koston takes us on a trip down memory lane as we pay homage to The West LA Courthouse in 'Skate Register.'

HUF "Forever" Full Length: From Rizzo’s first cellar-door hit to the phenomenal closing one-two punch of Mason and Cyrus, HUF serves up an instant classic full of city energy, struggle, and glory. This one will live forever.

T-Funk & Friends - SF: Tfunk and the crew moving through the city. Featuring: Tristan Funkhouser, Alex Moran, Robby Bootes, Axel Glenney, Tanner Napper, Eddie Cernicky, Jeff Carlyle, Ivan Glenney, and Finn Pope.

Obibini: For most of their history, Ghanaian beaches were reserved solely for working men due to a prevailing fear of drowning in the village. This restriction barred women from enjoying the ocean, confining them to household chores. In 2017, a man named Justice Kwofie spearheaded a transformative movement along with his six brothers with the establishment of the Obibini Surf Club. This initiative not only challenged this gender-based inequality but also the cultural fear around drowning. The surf club empowered women, granting them rights and inspiring young girls to embrace surfing as a new passion. Justice's visionary stance ushered in a wave of change along Ghanaian beaches, liberating women from historical limitations and sparking enthusiasm for the sport. This shift toward inclusivity has enabled Ghanaian society to evolve, providing women with the same recreational prospects as men and allowing them to pursue their interests freely. With a membership of over ten active female participants, the surf club stands as a testament to the brothers' impactful mission. Support the Obibini Surf Club here. Video: Benoit Lalande.

Max Kroneck - Close-Up: Max’s love of the mountains lives in everything he does. A professional skier, photographer, and guide, he has a way of seeing nature from many different perspectives. His unique view of the mountains shines through in the creative ways he rides and the spontaneous moments he captures, all driven by his true passion for majestic peaks, valleys, and ridges. “Somehow it feels totally different to stand on the mountain if you travel there by yourself. Those are the rare moments when you work a little bit more and enjoy them way more.” Get Close-Up with skier, photographer, mountain guide, and Arc'teryx athlete Max Kroneck.

All.I.Can. - Full Film: Enjoy one of the greatest action sports films ever made.

Grandpa Gordon: Gordon Eastman made a name for himself the hard way, scratching it out of the mountains while exploring, hunting, surviving, and ultimately filming the wild north. Fifty years later, Guy is retracing his Grandpa Gordon’s steps in the same mountains in pursuit of a Dall sheep. He’s driven by the Eastman spirit still alive in those mountains and pulled every step of the way by the will to live up to his grandfather’s legacy. A Felt Soul Media Production. Directed by: Ben Knight & Travis Rummel.


Photo: Jarrett Lindal

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 Some might say 8 minutes of slow mo is too much
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 All.I.Can, what a film.Have some time on my hands just now. Its a slow started, but bloody hell, that is an epic ski film. If you like it steep'un deep, make yourself a "cupa", grab the biscuits, you're in for one hell'ova ride
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