Movies For Your Monday - Brett Rheeder, Thomas Genon, Vaea Verbeeck, Overlanding, & More

Sep 25, 2023 at 0:08
by Scott Secco  
Tor Cameron - Compulsion: Our short piece, "Compulsion" is a testament to the passion and dedication that Vancouver Island freerider, Tor Cameron puts into his building and riding. Built and shot between October 2021 and May 2023, "Compulsion" features a series of freeride lines built by Tor and friends in the forests of Southern Vancouver Island. Video: Liam Morgan

Brett Rheeder & Matty Miles - Holler: Brett Rheeder and Matty Miles follow each other with high-energy above Vernon, BC, with shuttle assistance from the Can-Am Defender Max Limited. Video: Rupert Walker.

Anthony Shelly - Whistler Destruction: Anthony Shelly is a 16 year old downhill racer. Growing up in Whistler, he is no stranger to the bike park. He's been showcased in Anthill Films' "Return to Earth," and is currently finishing up a phenomenal race season here in BC. So far, Anthony has had six top-3 races this summer, including three 1st place finishes. We shot this video this past August between his race events.

Thomas Genon - Threeride: Get ready for an adrenaline-fuelled ride like no other as Canyon mountain bike athlete Thomas Genon takes on the trails like a true legend! In his new edit "THREERIDE," Tommy G showcases his incredible skills on three different Canyon bikes, each designed to conquer different terrains and challenges.

Godzilla - Alex Volokhov, Vaea Verbeeck & Hayden Zablotny: Tucked away in the mysterious forest of Vallée Bras-du-Nord, lives an ancient beast only talked about in whispers. Join Rocky Mountain riders Alex Volokhov, Vaea Verbeeck, and Hayden Zablotny as they navigate the legendary trail they call “Godzilla.” Featuring: Alex Volokhov, Vaea Verbeeck, and Hayden Zablotny. Director: Zach Turgeon. Cinematography: Antoine Caron.

Vaea Verbeeck - Pushing Her Limits In Utah: Vaea Verbeeck has solidified herself as one of the top female gravity riders in the world. Running the gamut of disciplines, she has made her mark in World Cup DH, holds current back-to-back Queen of Crankworx titles, pushes the limits of Women's freeride, and is involved in Red Bull Formation. Finding the time for your own personal growth and development with such a busy schedule can be extremely challenging, let alone making the time for a film project highlighting her level of progression. When Vaea said she wanted to do a project together with Calvin, we saw the stars align and jumped at the opportunity! Rider: Vaea Verbeeck. Video: Calvin Huth.

Peter Jamison - Sessions Ep.3: To conclude the ‘Sessions’ series for the season, the team and I headed off to Highland Mountain Bike Park, where I grew up riding. I first rode at Highland in 2011, which was my first ever downhill MTB experience, and I rode there on a regular basis until 2019, when I moved away. In that time, I was super fortunate to be able to develop my skills on the bike and meet so many amazing friends. For this trip to the park, many of those friends who I met growing up at the park came together to rebuild the ‘Dirt Pipe.’ Originally, the ‘Dirt Pipe’ was built for the New World Disorder films, and my most memorable moment from the original build was Adam Hauck’s double whip in NWD 10. Those films are what inspired me to want to be a professional athlete, and to now be in the position to help with this build was super special. To begin the build process, over the winter, the Highland team and I had a few preliminary design meetings to go through what we thought the pipe needed and then many months later, we got to construction. At the end of the day, I really believe that this trail is going to have a very positive impact on the next generation of riders from the East Coast, and I am excited to see what the future holds!

The All New Aluminum Process X: Kona Super Grassroots rider Noah Hofmann is no stranger to getting rowdy. The EDR Jr and World Cup racer calls bike park Leogang home – where no berm-to-berm gaps or sniper lines are safe from his tires. We figured his creative and burly style, combined with Leogang's high-speed trails, were the perfect way to illustrate just what the all-new aluminum Process X is capable of. There is the small possibility that, in our brief to Noah, he got surly and burly a little mixed up – no one should keep a shuttle mom waiting!

David Lieb & Friends - B-Rage Sesh: Traveled to Norway to attend Brage Vestavik's B-Rage Session. Guest appearance by Sergio Layos, Elliot Lapotre, and Joey Gough. Thanks to GT Bicycles and Trysil Bike Arena for making it happen!

Squamish Summer Session: Jakob Jewett, Dane Jewett, and Coen Skrypnek, getting deep in the sesh. Hope you enjoy!

Tyler Fernengel - Markit : Tyler has been down with the Markit boys for a bit but here's his first official edit for them. Tyler's young and better than everyone already, the future is scarier than that roof drop to pegs. Video: Christian Rigal.

Tyler Fernengel - Haro: Two years of stacking clips, injuries, pain, recovery, and life in between have all led to this. Four minutes of high-speed, hit you over the head riding from the one and only Tyler Fernengel for Haro BMX! Video: Christian Rigal.

Tyler Fernengel - The Michigan Video: Here's Tyler Fernengel's break-out section from The Michigan Video

Steve Alba's True Grit: Want to skate forever? Salba's got the sauce! Take a deep dive into the decades of experience as Salba shares his wisdom and passion for skateboarding that never ages. The true embodiment of From the Beginning Til The End! Inspiring some of the greatest skateboarders of all time such as Tony Hawk, Lance Mountain and Jeff Kendall, Salba answers the question we are all too scared to ask, "How long can I skate for?"

480 - New Balance Numeric In Chicago: Putting the 480 to work in Chicago. Starring: Andrew Reynolds, Justin Henry, Ryan Lay, Jordan Trahan, Charlie Birch, and Marcello Campanello.

Adimatic Mid by Maité: Watch Maité Steenhoudt skate through Osaka and Tokyo, Japan In her new anime inspired Adimatic Mid colorway. Featuring Momiji Nishiya, Kento Yoshioka, Kotora Mitani, Issey Kumatani, and Laurence Keefe. Video: Naoya Morohashi.

How To Be An Overlander: Get to the bottom of what overlanding really is in this step by step guide. Director: Matt Dennison.

Wet Lycra Nightmare: When Jordan Cannon fell near the end of a 5.13 pitch on Wet Lycra Nightmare (5.13d), the steepest big wall in the Yosemite Valley, he didn’t give up. At least not on his climbing partner, Sam Stroh. Moving slowly upwards the duo gave it their all, and the sun-baked day ended with Stroh becoming the 5th person to ever climb the elusive wall. Next, it was Jordan’s turn to do it in his own style, free-climbing the iconic route over two days and becoming the first person to do so in the process. Featuring: Jordan Cannon, Sam Stroh, and Alex Honnold. Director: Samuel Crossley.

They Came From All Over: A love letter to small businesses everywhere, They Came From All Over follows grocery store owner Tom Mulholland as he fights to save his family business. Director: Rayka Zehtabchi.

Holy Dog: Brady Jandreau is a young Lakoda Sioux cowboy and bronco rider. After suffering a potentially career ending trauma, he travels deep into the Patagonian highlands, on a quest for spiritual renewal.

No-look flip from Compulsion

Photo: Liam Morgan

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 Haha overlanding...gag gag ...
  • 9 0
 Is it over yet? I'm looking to pick up somebody's mall crawler for pennies on the dollar.
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 I am guilty of building a bit of a Covidlander but I use it.
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 Not personally into bmx but Tyler is insane. Seems like everything he does is huge and precise.
  • 7 0
 Dude my body needs a week to recover just from watching that.
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 @BiNARYBiKE: I don't understand how his ankles and wrists can take that abuse.
  • 2 1
 The soon to be late Tyler Fernengel? Does he even own a helmet?
  • 1 0
 @JWadd: He had one on in a couple clips, but ya just kept thinking "put on a helmet!"
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 The first clip Compulsion was amazing. The terrain in costal BC is unbelievable. If a divine creator exists, this is surely evidence of that entity being a fan of mountain biking.
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 The riding and building was so good, to be totally torpedoed by editing that tried to pack as many cuts into a 2 minute piece as possible. You must of have spent so much time building this; let us actually see you hit it with a single shot.
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 Sorry guys - I'm going to say it, BMX is so much more interesting than 95% of the MTB stuff out there, it just is. Seeing rampage is fun and some of the bigger stuff but it gets sterile while the creativity with BMX is always eye opening and the urban riding always keeps things unique.

No to mention the risks those guys take on a day in/day out basis

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flag deco1 (Sep 25, 2023 at 13:45) (Below Threshold)
 Fuck off BMX dork, you realize this is a MTB website.
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 @deco1: then tell the mods to quite posting BMX vids?
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flag deco1 (Sep 25, 2023 at 15:24) (Below Threshold)
 @RadBartTaylor: I don't have to; I just won't watch them. Nothing lamer than going onto a website of another sport and saying how much better your preferred one is.
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 @deco1: your attitude is posing some tough competition
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 @deco1: nothing lamer? Stealing bikes, kicking puppies, eating marmite instead of vegamite, rooting for the All Blacks over the Wallabies, saying Sam Hill sucks....all outranked by me posting that a BMX vid is it.
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 I’m a sucker for watching rock climbing documentaries even though I know nothing about it and have no desire to do it. That was way gnarlier than I expected.
  • 3 1
 I am so bad with heights that I was feeling super anxious just watching that video. But it was still fun to watch.
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 I think I need to wash my phone to get all the dirt off from the Rheeder clip! Wild riding!
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 Thanks for the share, Scott!
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 all the jason lucas stuff that is supposed to be funny, just isn't. not hating, they are all well put together videos, just saying... is there some kinda contract he has that makes sure you actually put his videos up on pb? the Mahalo my dude stuff is especially lame.

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