Movies For Your Monday - Kurt Sorge, Thomas Vanderham, Matt Hunter, Vero Sandler, Wes Anderson, & More

Jun 26, 2023 at 1:08
by Scott Secco  
Kurt Sorge - Camp Hane: The first time I traveled to the Cariboo Chilcotin region I instantly fell in love with the landscapes. Coming from the mountainous Kootenay’s, the rolling grasslands and open skies were very much a foreign sight. Growing up snowboarding in the mountains where a blanket of snow gives you the freedom to ride almost anywhere, looking for natural features to hit knowing there will be a soft landing, the grasslands and rolling hills had me dreaming of riding my bike the same way. What blew my mind next was all of the big washouts along the river banks; long chutes that you see in the winter coming off of tall mountain peaks. It was as if the river had washed away the sides of the banks into perfect mountain bike freeride lines. Every straight and bend in the river offering up something unique. The riding community in this area figured this out ages ago - hiking with their bikes to the top to shred back down the natural bike park - no trail necessary. Always laughing, rarely taking the same line twice and stoked to shred, they showed me the possibilities that lie in these lands. Knowing what is going to ride well and be manageable on a bike is the largest challenge of big mountain free riding. From a distance the shredding possibilities look endless, however in your mind you’re always wondering… is the dirt going to be soft enough? Will I be able to control my speed? How is the run out - am I going to be able to stop in time? Is it too rocky or rain rutted? I have committed a lot of time to exploring this terrain in attempts push the limits of what is ridable. The Chilcotin and Fraser River have provided some of the most amazing lines I have ever ridden on my bike. Cinematography: Mitch Cheek & Chad Christensen. Editor: Tamas Forde.

Peru - How High: Riders: Kurt Sorge, Geoff Gulevich, and Wolfgang Eysholdt. Destination? Peru. Objective? To ride the highest elevation unridden terrain in the Peruvian Andes. With two years of planning between them, Goeoff Gulevich, Wolfgang Eysholdt, and Kurt Sorge are ready to set out on their epic adventure, with Haku Expeditions supporting them along the way. Will the difference between satellite images and the immensity of the real Peruvian Andes be too much to overcome? Video: Matt Brooks / Lone Wolf Productions.

Mountain Bike Trail Names Are Weird: This is why I don't ask for directions.

Matt Hunter, Matty Miles, Dylan Dunkerton - Going Fast On The Levo SL: Join Matt Hunter, Dylan Dunkerton, and Matty Miles for a (black &Wink white-knuckle ride through BC.

Thomas Vanderham Signature Series: Designed in collaboration with Team Rider Thomas Vanderham, the Vanderham collection pays homage to the trails found under the towering old growth forests of Thomas’ favourite riding zones.

Vero Sandler - VISION Chapters Ep. 2: In Episode 2 of VISION Chapters, Vero is joined by old friend and Swiss National Champ, Carina Cappellarri as they relive their World Cup race days at Bike Kingdom in Lenzerheide. Famed for its historic races and world class DH track, Lenzerheide hosted the opening round of the 2023 downhill World Series, challenging the world’s best to the limit.

David Lieb - Redemption: Follow along as I make my return to competition in 2023 after tearing my ACL and meniscus at the 2022 Crankworx Cairns Slopestyle event.

Underexposed - Gunnison, CO: Underexposed is a self-filmed and produced series by Pivot Cycles athlete Brice Shirbach dedicated to showcasing trail advocacy and stewardship while exploring a variety of trails in places that may be unfamiliar to many. Join Brice as he explores the personal motivations behind the effort that goes into mountain bike advocacy while sampling the trails they work so hard for. “You know the trails in and around Crested Butte are more than deserving of all of the recognition they’ve received over the years, but sometimes I feel like too often the trails in and around Gunnison are overlooked as a result, and that goes for the town itself as well. The people who call this place home truly have a lot of love for their town, and even as a guest here I can absolutely see why it’s so easy to fall for this place. Love makes for one heck of a foundational tool when it comes to trail and community building, and there’s certainly no shortage of that stuff here.” - Brice Shirbach.

Shawn Neer - New Normal: ‘New Normal’ is a short film that embodies Shawn Neer’s departure from enduro racing at the highest level, and his transition into a new lifestyle filled with dog duty, film production, and plenty of aggressive riding, just without a number plate or component-marking stickers.

Marcelo Cordeiro - P. R. O. C. E. S. S: A new bike day should always be memorable. Today, Marcelo Cordeiro shows us his skills on top of his brand-new Kona Process 153 DL 29. Sintra is fun on its own but when paired with the feeling of a new bike, it makes it unforgettable.

Freak Cuts: FREAK, a new Monster project is on the horizon - talk about a heavy-hitting squad. Lewis Mills, Alex Donnachie, Felix Prangenberg, and Jordan Godwin! I mean c’mon. You already know this is going to be a heater. Rich Forne is the mastermind behind “FREAK” and is wrapping up soon. We got some clips from the cutting room floor that didn’t make the video.

Cultcrew - Time For Living: We got a heavy squad together in Colorado some days before the Fast & Loose event last week including: Corey Walsh, Trey Jones, Lil Jon, Preston Okert, & Jason Watts. Colorado is unreal. Video: Veesh.

Trent Lutzke - Loose: Trent Lutzke's first video part for BSD.

Nike SB - 7 Ball: Two vans, 16 people, multiple trips, ample passport stamps, and controlled, but productive, chaos, 7 Ball is the latest full-length orchestrated by London-based videographer Will Miles. An international video inspired by overachieving and escaping the winter, Will and a double-digit crew traveled for close to two years to create 7 Ball. Featuring: Kyron Davis, Chris Jones, Korahn Gayle, Jack O'Grady, Ville Wester, Hugo Boserup, Joe Campos, Noah Mahieu, and Eetu Toropainen.

Real Skateboards - Dude, You're Wasting Tape: The Real Team tackled terrain varying from front yards, back alleys, school zones, college quads, to Tony Hawk’s Million Dollar private vert ramp for their Red Bull No Rewind video entry. They're known for leaving spots in shambles, and this edit is right in step with what you’d expect from this eclectic squad. Proper shout out to Jesus Fernandez in there as well.

John Fitzgerald - Out There: From Zero to Hockey, knee surgeries and mental-health struggles, John’s had to fight for everything he’s achieved. Donovon Piscopo and AVE attest to his hard work and strength of character.

How Wes Anderson Uses Miniatures: Miniatures in movies are way more common than you may realize, and one of the most stylish filmmakers keeping them alive is Wes Anderson. In this video we spoke to Simon Weisse, prop maker and model marker for some of Wes Anderson’s recent projects, like The Grand Budapest Hotel, The French Dispatch, and Asteroid City. Older movies, like 1977’s Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope, had no choice but to use miniatures to make their worlds feel real. But even in the modern day of CGI, filmmakers are still using minis — just look at projects like The Mandalorian, Blade Runner 2049, Harry Potter, and The Dark Knight series. In those movies, miniatures are used for expansive sets that establish the world of a film, otherworldly vehicles like spaceships, and more. But fully fabricating a 1/18th scale hotel is just the beginning. Then filmmakers have to film it in a way where it looks huge, or, at least, life-size — using the movie magic of cameras, lighting, and forced perspective.

Bracket Creep: Video: Beau-James & Jackson Wells. Riders: Jackson Wells, Ferdinand Dahl, Joona Kangas, Édouard Therriault, Tormond Frostad, Beau-James Wells, Anni Kärävä, Dane Kirk, Finn Bilous, Ruby Andrews, Kazuma Saka, and Noah Bowman.

Coalesce: Coalesce (verb): to come together to form one group or whole. In his latest video project, Coalesce, Jossi Wells unites the movement of skiing and dance alongside ballerina Chelsea Keefer to create a duet focused on precise execution and the beauty therein. Video: Jossi Wells & Brady Perron. Featuring: Chelsea Keefer.

Zofia Reych On Bouldering, Life & Neurodivergence: Zofia Reych is the founder of the Women's Bouldering Festival in Fontainebleau and author of Born to Climb: From Rock Climbing Pioneers to Olympic Athletes. Climbing is a driving force in their life—but for a long time, it also seemed to be a destructive one. After receiving diagnoses for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and being forced to limit climbing during the pandemic lockdowns, Zof discovered that perhaps the best way for them to improve their climbing was to temporarily let it go.

Shawn Neer New Normal video edit.

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