Movies For Your Monday - Sam Hill, Amaury Pierron, Mark Matthews, A Locksmith, & More

May 29, 2023 at 1:57
by Scott Secco  
Monte - Can't Stop, Won't Stop: As a high schooler in the public-housing projects of Richmond, Virginia’s East End, Monte Cosby felt his future was limited—until mountain bikes offered him a different route forward. In the years since the bike has served as the bridge between two different worlds and a vehicle to overcome the struggles along the way.

Mark Matthews - The Rise Of Iceland's Mountain Bike Scene: The passion and enthusiasm of the Icelandic mountain biking community is truly contagious. Despite facing significant challenges such as limited resources and environmental restrictions, these riders and trail builders continue to work tirelessly to create more mountain biking opportunities. Video: Scott Bell.

Amaury Pierron - The Pilot: Two World Cup Downhill Championship titles with a space of four long years between them, connected by the resilience of one man. "The Pilot" is a story about Amaury Pierron. From his explosion onto the scene at the highest level and his journey through rehabilitation from bad injuries, to his recovery in 2021 and his return to racing after nearly two years off. Discover the story of Amaury and the road he travelled to win the World Cup DH overall for a second time and make 2022 his best season yet. With "The Pilot” by the Sleeper Collective team, you’ll be riding alongside the best (pilot) in the world - Amaury Pierron. "I've always loved watching athlete docuseries and always thought it would be great to do one some day. It was when Sleeper Collective were filming me on the DH World Cups last year that we decided to go for a longer format. It became an important project for myself, Sleeper Collective and COMMENCAL. It was cool to have the Premiere at the cinema in Andorra, where I live and train all year round. Can’t wait for you to see it too!" - Amaury Pierron. Rider: Amaury Pierron. Video: Sleeper Collective.

Trailshark x 50to01 - Bolly Best: Built, Produced, and Directed by Ollie Hindley & James Pettitt. Riders: Craig Evans & Dan Paley. Filmed by: Ollie Hindley, James Pettitt, Josh Lewis, Max Nerurkar & Josh Bryceland. Drone: Sid Grimes. Edit & Sound: Ollie Hindley.

Troy Brosnan Following Sam Hill POV: A secret track in Scotland following only the best rider, Sam Hill! Getting loose and dislodging massive rocks.

No Summit In Sight: Nepal’s mysterious and undeniable beauty instantly hits you – flying across its majestic valleys and ridiculously huge mountain ranges, landing in the middle of a stunning ancient culture. For MTB-adventurer/artist Tito Tomasi, Nepal had peaked his must-see list for a long time, and it was time for some action. From sleeping in the thin air of the Himalayas to downhilling into the Annapurna massif, we join Tito, his friend Geoff Gulevich and documentary filmmaker JB Bazzarini on the journey of a lifetime. Riding from Jomsom to Manang by way of Lo Manthang – and parts of the Annapurna Circuit – with staggering elevations and plains beyond belief, where going off-road is a sure-fire route to unprecedented adventure.

Marius Perraudin - All The Hucks: Marius got himself a name after sending it biiiiiiiig over Instagram. It was a normal evolution then to bring him to Châtel to check out the few transfers they built lately. "Marius came with a bag full of hucks that he gave away very easily," says videographer and trail builder Gaëtan. "First time that I witnessed a rider sending all the old gaps plus extra new ones built for the occasion." Video: Gaëtan Rey.

Lukas Schäfer - Finding Peace: To find peace, is the mission of the most of us. Lukas Schäfer spending his time on two wheels in his local woods to get the momentum. Video: Jannik Hammes.

Kaede Sakurai - North Shore: Rider: @kaedemtb_maple. Director: @joshyaron.

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Rainy Day In The Desert: Some foggy laps at Coal Hill, and some primo dirt at the Bike Ranch. In search of more weather like this. Kamloops, BC.

Kriss Kyle '23' / BSD BMX: Back down to Earth for Kriss Kyle's new BSD video, and back to Unit23 where it all began. With his limitless creativity on the bike, the new lines at Kriss' home park just keep on coming... This is Kriss Kyle, '23'. Guest clip from Hector Spencer-Wood. Video: Dave Sowerby.

Mo Nussbaumer - Interim: What can be said about Subrosa rider Mo Nussbaumer that hasn't already been said? He's been such a good rider for so long, and his videos speak for themselves. Mo is so good on a bike, and even better off the bike. His personality and passion for all things new is inspiring. Mo loves bikes, but almost more he loves where his bike riding takes him, and the journey his bike takes him on. Life changes constantly and changes fast. "Interim" comes from a time in Mo's life where many things were happening and changing. The video was filmed throughout Covid, while Mo was finishing collage, and while he was beginning a new job in a new city! Peep the video and if you run into Mo make sure you say hi, he'd love to meet you!

Ruben Alcantara & Joe Rich - Train Trip: Six weeks, 1 regular sized backpack for each of us, one Super 8mm camera, one DV video camera, one 35mm film photo camera, two bmx bikes, $400 in train tickets each = one amazing adventure. We had the most basic of plans - leave Malaga, Spain by train, and arrive in Prague six weeks later. No day was ever mapped out beforehand. We'd take a train to a new city, leave the station upon arrival, and see what we could get into. Some cities we stayed in for days, others just overnight. "Chance" and "Wonder" were our co-pilots. Exploration and adventure go hand in hand, add in our loose schedule and we had ourselves one amazing journey .

Simple Days: Skating around LA with Christian Maalouf. That pretty much sums up the synopsis for our latest visual short. Initially we had ideas for a generic profile video of sorts. The day in the life vibe or whatever. But since Christian's restaurant Woon released a profile piece not too long ago, we scrapped that plan. And opted for no plan at all. Just meet up. Skate. Invite Sammy and Appleyard to the session. Cruise from spot to spot. See what happens. The result being this. Simple days.

Nike SB - Gassed Up: The winning formula for these projects will always be a lot of gassing up your friends at the session to keep them sparked, mixed with a little bit of light banter in between to keep them laughing and the vibes soaring. Gassed Up is the latest video from Nike Skateboarding. Featuring: Nicole Hause, Hayley Wilson, Arin Lester, Sarah Meurle, Chloe Covell, Victoria Ruesga, and more.

GX1000 - Feels Like Spring: Rain or shine, the streets of San Francisco rumble under burning urethane and breakneck bombs from the fastest crew on the planet.

Johanna Åström - Close Up: When Johanna entered her first Skyrace in the summer of 2019, on a whim, she came second. A month later, the then 24-year-old unknown from Sundsvall, Sweden, broke the course record on the most technical Skyrace of the Migu Run Skyrunner World Series. Despite her immediate success, Johanna doesn't see herself as overly competitive. She just wants to have fun and test herself while doing it. Luckily for her, running straight uphill fits her definition of a good time. “Living as an athlete 24/7 is not my recipe for success. I have figured out that using an, 'on and off' button is key for me. When I turn that button off I am allowed to be just Johanna.” In the first episode of 'Close-Up', get to know the young Swedish-born mountain runner and Arc'teryx athlete, Johanna Åström.

Window: A quick little walk, totally against the rules of course but if we don't change a thing, if we're very careful, it shouldn't do any harm. It would be nice. Featuring Stanley Normam.

White Horizon: Mount Vinson is Antarctica’s highest peak. At 4,892m, it takes most people between four and six days to complete the journey to and from the summit. Fulfilling her dream to run in the world’s most remote locations, Fernanda sets out to see how much quicker she can scale the coldest and most isolated of the seven summits.

The Chronicles Of A New York Locksmith: Leading up to his retirement, a New York craftsman trains his young protégé, in a short documentary by Ian Moubayed.

Santa Cruz Syndicate - Road Rules

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 I'm a simple man, I see Sam Hill, I click.
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 Troy was all giddy, he was like ''that was beautiful" than a second after hes dodging snipper rocks Sam is rolling out. LOL Good Stuff!!
Australians are some of my favorite to watch and some of the best damn riders ever!
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 Such a cool video of one of the local old school trails. Shame its 10 miles from my work and can mostly be uplifted! It is steep at the bottom. Some cool videos of Greg Williamson hitting the top turns at insane speeds on his IG just now.
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 Don't forget they were teammates for a while on specialised when Troy was young and he no doubt looked up to him so much, Sam is prob like his second dad.. they would've had an epic catch up.. id have to put my money on Troy on a proper WC DH trail though...
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 @houli77: this track is way steeper and more technical than the Fort William DH World cup track.
Going fast at Fort William is easier than this track.
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 Nike SB gets a lot of flack for not being a core skate shoe brand but the fact that they fund a women's team, team trip, and come out with a full length video is pretty awesome. Also the dirt jump gap at 4:44??? HEAVY I want more
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 really glad to see the sport spread. Love the first vid
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 Joe & Ruben were so good, Ruben especially was wayyyyy ahead of the rest.
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 Insane, can't count how many times I watched Forward and the T-1 DVD as a teen
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 Train Trip Video 13 years ago !
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 Almost 18 actually! The video was posted five years after the trip. Time flies.
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 Please re-upload All the Hucks as a raw edit. Just bike sounds. Amazing riding! Awful music.
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 GX1000 for President
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 Do I watch all these videos? Or do I just put Sam Hill on repeat?
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 Speed and Power

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