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Apr 26, 2021 at 0:23
by Scott Secco  
Johny Salido - Synergy: Johny Salido sends it big in Virgin, Utah.

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MTB vs. Drone: Dimitri Tordo riding the iconic Terres Grises trail in the south of France. Followed by drone pilot TOMZ. Director: Mathieu Echeverri @genepifilm.

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No Dig: There's a dated saying in mountain biking, "No dig, no ride." We like to think that's bananas. Featuring: Bonnie Burke, Shae James, Cody Wilkins, Sophia Rouches, and friends.

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Paul Genovese - My World: Big thanks to the friends that let me get clips at their private spots: Coastal Crew, Evan Robinson, and Brandon Semenuk. Thanks for watching! - Paul Genovese. Video: Mind Spark Cinema.

Views: 33,988    Faves: 492    Comments: 16

Welcome To The Pyrenees: Nothing is better than seeing two talented riders hit hero dirt. Watch Guillaume Larbeyou and Léo Delfour Barsacq having a blast in the Pyreénées.

Views: 3,291    Faves: 4    Comments: 0

Hugo Pigeon - Second Souffle: Find out how Hugo's disease led him to enduro!

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Steven Walton - 2021 Costa Rican Open: With tons of race cancellations, UCI points are hard to come by in 2021. Steven Walton heads to the Costa Rican Open in hopes of earning some.

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Dylan Stark - Real Heat 2021: Mountain biking and BMX with a classic skate style. Nine minutes of heavy clips filmed with Andrew Jimenez all over southern California. Street, dirt, and everything else, From BMX bikes to e-bikes, no bike is left behind. Sit back, click play, and enjoy!

Laura Slavin - Dirty Jersey: New Jersey native, Laura Slavin takes you on a tour of her backyard in Vernon, NJ to prove that there’s more to this state than its nickname ‘Dirty Jersey’ would let on. “Whenever I tell people I’m from New Jersey they cringe and ask me why a mountain biker would ever want to live there. It's time NJ got some credit for its super burly rock trails and beautiful scenery.” Video: Christopher Vanderyajt.

Kriss Kyle Out Of Season - Behind The Scenes: The Scot might have been the only one riding his bike (with Danny MacAskill​ briefly joining the session), but making a hit video requires a team effort of epic proportions. Learn how brain power, muscle strength, and failed attempts from the whole crew led to a masterpiece.

Kevin Peraza In Barcelona: Before the pandemic Kevin Peraza took a trip to Barcelona with his brothers and some friends. Throwing down some timeless moves, Kevin takes on the streets of BCN with a style all his own! This video really shows how much fun Kevin and his crew have on their bikes. Elevated Perspective comes through with an amazing video with original music by none other than Mykel Larrin. Now sit back and enjoy.

Vans BMX - Mash - Transition: We've got a really sick two part mixtape series for you courtesy of the Vans squad! Since all their team projects had to be cancelled due to covid, their riders wanted to be active and do their part as soon as they were allowed to go out and be safe again. But with very limited travel options, they all kept it local in their region (or wherever was allowed) and asked their homies to press on that red button. Rich Forne then took the footage and created two heavy mixtape Mash videos. First up is Mash Transition; with Sergio Layos, Paul Thoelen, Greg Illingworth, Tom Van Den Bogaard, and Teresa Fernandez.

Vans BMX - Mash - Street: You've seen the Transition heads do their thing, now it's time to watch what Kilian Roth, Bruno Hoffmann, Courage Adams, Anthony Perrin, Simone Barraco, Alex Donnachie, and Kevin Kalkoff got up to. This goes hard as hell!

Krooked's "Magic Art Supplies" Video: Krooked’s young bucks take the reins with Cernicky attacking the city’s walls and hills and McNeely crushing the cuts of VA and LA. Manderson makes another classy addition to the skate canon with his immaculate closing part.

ACE Trucks "Our Turn" Video: Deedz, Jacopo, Ronnie, Leo Baker, BA and more fly in formation, covering damn near every corner of the globe before Keegan McCutchen brings it home with his signature grace.

John Gardner's "Shoutout Earth" DC Part: John rolls through concrete, asphalt, dirt, turf, and grass in this all-terrain homage to the Earth. Celebrate the planet in style.

Kayaking At 100km/h On Snow!: Watch in awe as Spanish kayaker Aniol Serrasolses descends more than 25 kilometres by kayak from Chile's snowy Volcano summit in the Araucanía region, through a forest culminating into a lake where he also manages to pull off the world’s first double kickflip on a kayak!

Real Skifi - Tenet: Take off comes before landing. Or does it? What if the outrun is actually the inrun? Real Skifi Tenet is a skiing fiction piece inspired by Christopher Nolan's Tenet. All the illusions in this video were achieved by acting and simply reversing and/or altering the speed of the footage. No VFX needed. The question is: which clips are reversed, and which are not? Which ones go back and forth, and which don't? After all, time is in the eye of the beholder.

Fountain Of Youth - Mike Douglas: Aging pro freeskier, Mike Douglas, travels to Japan in search of the secrets to perpetual youth and longevity. Between powder skiing sessions, he explores the Japanese diet, fitness, onsens, and temples. The most profound advice, however, comes from a day spent with Mt. Everest age record holder, Yuichiro Miura, and his son Gota.

Colette - Oscars 2021 Short Documentary Winner: 90-year-old Colette Marin-Catherine confronts her past by visiting the German concentration camp Mittelbau-Dora where her brother was killed. As a young girl, she fought Hitler's Nazis as a member of the French Resistance. For 74 years, she has refused to step foot in Germany, but that changes when a young history student named Lucie enters her life. Prepared to re-open old wounds and revisit the terrors of that time, Marin-Catherine offers important lessons for us all.

Sam Reynolds whipping over the huge RoyalFEST hip during golden hour

Photo: Tom B. Photo


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 "No dig, No Post" should be the new saying, localism is well due a comeback due to the number of pros/influencers etc who will rinse a spot for content without permission or having ever put shovel to dirt and lead to it getting either destroyed by an influx of riders or torn down.
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 trailforks takes our content and charges us for it!
  • 2 1
 I support this to a degree but here is my problem, how do you know who is digging or not on these trails? It's not like there is a check-in process to account for a riders shooting to digging ratio. We are called "trail fairies" for a reason. lol

If I spend 4-5 hours a week doing trail maintenance around where I live, but no one knows this. How do I cash in these hours to not get flack for posting?
  • 5 1
 @thatguyzack: you shouldnt post anything you didnt build without the builders permission. You also shouldn't be digging on others trails without the builders permission.

Clearing trails so that you can ride them is one thing, putting shoveis in the dirt is another.

Its a pretty simple concept really, if you care about unsanctioned spots being available, it doesnt belong on the internet.
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 Truer words have never been spoken
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 @HaydukeLives: So should I ride the hell out of them along with the rest of the local bike community and not donate some time to fixing brake bumps, blown out corners, or drainage? Just leave that to the original trailbuilder who may or may not have moved on?

Also, I see you are from the same area. How do I find a specific trail builder? There are so many around here for the countless trails around, is it not selfish to only ride and not try to help maintain? After all, none of us are the land owners anyway nor have permission to be there.
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 This is why I made it a point to film on a trail that I built. Smile

And some trails I build are for cameras, and some will never see a lens if I can prevent it.
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 Well, all I can think of is:
Brage got robbed
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 I read this comment after watching the Collette documentary, and holy shit, I needed that bit of levity.
  • 2 0
 jean-Pierre as well.
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 Nice, imma send after school
  • 3 15
flag likeittacky (Apr 26, 2021 at 8:43) (Below Threshold)
 Imma? You better stay in school.

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