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May 13, 2023 at 13:17
by Scott Secco  
Meet Crosby: International Renaissance man and Mountain Bike enthusiast Crosby Lightfoot introduces the new Specialized Turbo Levo Sl. The verdict is in, it’s a helluva a ride. Directors: Ian Schiller & Dustin Cook.

Summoning - Forbidden Druid: Vol. II: We've called upon sacred wisdom to deliver a trail bike that truly defies convention. The new Druid sees a ground-up frame re-imagination that reaffirms its position at the top of the trail bike class. Video: Liam Morgan. Riders: Brock Hawes, Ollie Blight, & Magnus Manson. Shot on location: Forbidden Plateau, Mt. Washington, Cook Creek, & Hornby Island.

Cami Nogueira In Sedona: Cami Nogueira is a freerider born in Argentina and living in the US. She is known for her technical and scary lines and loves to ride in Utah on the old Rampage sites. Now she visits Sedona to send some insane lines. Tory Powers did an awesome job behind the lens. Enjoy!

100th Upload Masszívmag Special: In 2020, when the world slowed down and people suddenly had much more free time, it seemed as if time had stopped, and we decided to capture this vibe. In the meantime three years flew by, and we got much more leftover and B-roll footage from other projects to compile into a very mixed 27-minute video.

Ben Wallace - It's Almost Summer: It's been a long, wet winter. We're all jonesing for some dry summer conditions. Here's Ben Wallace ripping the Sunshine Coast from last summer to help get the stoke up for the longer days and dusty trails ahead.

Underexposed Tucson, AZ: Underexposed is a self-filmed and produced series by Pivot Cycles athlete Brice Shirbach dedicated to showcasing trail advocacy and stewardship while exploring a variety of trails in places that may be unfamiliar to many. Join Brice as he explores the personal motivations behind the effort that goes into mountain bike advocacy while sampling the trails they work so hard for. "We spend a lot of time praising professional mountain bike athletes and trail builders for what they do, and for the record I'm all for it. While advocacy and volunteerism might lack the sex appeal of other dynamics in mountain biking, the reality is that our sport's unsung heroes are the ones attending board meetings, and filling out 501c3 forms, and are often the ones answering to the questions and demands of various other trail user groups. A peek behind the curtain of a prolific mountain bike association reveals responsibilities and duties that, quite frankly, kind of suck, especially when considering that it's done on a volunteer basis. Advocacy and stewardship is very hard work but it's not without its rewards, and in Tucson, AZ there are two separate but equally tenacious trail associations looking to reap as many rewards for local mountain bikers as possible." - Brice Shirbach

Custom Wheels for However You Want to Ride: Custom wheels built up the way you want them, however unique that might be...

Trailblazers & Community Builders: A new era of trail building and advocacy is now underway in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Colorado Springs Mountain Bike Association (COSMBA) is the city’s newest trail advocacy organization, and they have big plans to say the least.

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Asher Darlison at Narby: Ripping down under.

Queens Of The Classic: The pro cycling calendar is awash with hard races, but none truly compare to the Hell of the North. Grueling sections of bone-rattling pavé are only worsened by the fickle spring weather of northern Europe, pushing riders and their bodies to the limit. Arguably the most difficult one-day event of the year, Paris–Roubaix, or the Queen of the Classics, has only been open to women since 2021. But despite its short history, Paris–Roubaix Femmes has already delivered some timeless editions, and for two EF Education-TIBCO-SVB teammates, 2023 was no exception. In Queens of the Classic, we follow Zoe Bäckstedt on her journey to a race won by her father Magnus Bäckstedt in 2004, and document Alison Jackson’s coronation as Roubaix royalty. From furthering a family’s legacy on the world stage to writing a new chapter in women’s cycling, join us for a behind-the-scenes story from a classic like no other.

Say Less: Corey Walsh, Gary Young, Dennis Enarson, Perris Benegas, Justin Spriet, Tom Dugan, and Noah Miranda. SAY LESS! Enjoy. Video: Zach Krejmas.

Cam Woods Is Built Different: Cameron Wood is carved from a different tree... the killer kind. Cam's one of our favourite riders to watch and consider this your friendly reminder that he owns and operates the Wood Shop in SLC, Utah and Mike Aitken mans the shop sometimes.

Chasing The Clock - BMX In The Balkans: A new full length from Toms Silins and the locals out in Riga, Latvia that they've been plugging away at for the last 8 years. Sit back and enjoy all their efforts. ''Chasing The Clock is the name of our full-length BMX project hailing from Riga, Latvia. We're a group of close friends who are all lifelong riders. We're well in our thirties and wanted to leave something behind before riding off into the sunset. For some of us this is our video debut, for some of us this was something more like a comeback, for most of us this is our last ever BMX video project. Each one of our small group of friends has a regular day job, a family, and everyday struggles - same as with most BMX riders who at some point realize they are not 16 years old anymore. This is us trying to catch up with time that is constantly slipping away. There’s this theory known as ‘log time.’ It’s that as we age, a year becomes a smaller fraction of our entire lives up to that point. A year for a 5-year-old is one fifth (or 20%) of their life so far, but a year to a 50-year old is one fiftieth of their life (or 2% of it) so it seems to pass ten times faster. If you’re 33, a year is 3% of your life so far, so time passes almost seven times faster than it did when you were five. Time for an 80-year-old passes almost in the blink of an eye, sixteen times faster than it does for a 5-year-old. This video is us trying to catch up with time that is constantly slipping away. Hence the name - Chasing The Clock." - Toms Silins

Nyjah Huston - ''Need That'' Extras: If you're going to send, you got to pay to play... Nyjah antes up. Extras and alternate angles from Nyjah Huston's "Need That" part.

Pushing Forward - Mental Health: Skateboarding has many amazing body and mind benefits – but we too often like to pretend skateboarding is all we need. However, as we get older and life creates new challenges, skateboarders are not impervious to life’s obstacles. Every now and then, just like rehabbing a skate injury, skaters need help getting back to full mental strength. Collectively as a community, skateboarding, with the help of some amazing individuals and organizations, is pushing the benefits of skateboarding forward. The community is removing the stigma of asking for help in order to better understand how skateboarding can be used as an auxiliary to strengthen the mind and even as a form of rehab.

Vans ''U Reckon'' Video: A barrage of stunts from Matthieu Lucas D'Souza sets the stage for a production pulsing with style on Australian soil. Special guests from the States aid in the affair. Cheers to a new crew of crowd favourites.

Close-Up w/ Russell Winfield: The world’s first African American professional snowboarder in the 90s and now an inspiration to a whole generation of snowboarders through his AYEE-ESSE movement, Russell Winfield is a living legend. His creativity, style, and positivity bridge the gap between outdoor activity and street culture, bringing countless people to the joy of mountain adventure. “For me, to be a joyful human is to always be learning, always be growing.”

Groundwork - A Family Journey Into Regenerative Cotton: Shifting from conventional farming practices to regenerative agriculture takes courage, but the Kahles believe it could be the key to restoring the health of their soil—and the health of their family.

Always A Fire: A short documentary film on former New York Giant Chad Jones—a star athlete from LSU whose promising professional career was put on hold by a tragic car accident before it even had a chance to begin. The film details Chad's incredible rehabilitation and recovery from the horrific accident that nearly cost him his life. Comprised of intimate interviews with Chad and his trainers, as well as never-before-seen footage of his long road to recovery, the film provides an unflinching view of an elite athlete facing unimaginable tragedy and refusing to submit.

Round & Round: A group of seasoned roller derby players give a glimpse into life’s incurable tendency to define one’s individual identity through the pursuit of passion. By finding meaning and solace amongst a community of like-minded individuals, they learn the adverse consequences of pursuing their ambitions while “actively hitting each other.”

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