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Mar 5, 2023 at 23:49
by Scott Secco  
In the Know - Caleb Holonko: To create something is to know it. For Caleb things are simple: No Dig, No Ride. Caleb grew up in North Vancouver on Mt. Fromme, one of three mountains that make up "The Shore", the birthplace of modern freeride. When he wasn't playing hockey, he would dedicate every spare minute of sunlight and some of the darkness to building and riding the trails. Calebs knowledge he gained through the years now serve as a platform for him to push himself and the trails around him.

Bike & Rally - Brandon Semenuk's Journey: For Brandon Semenuk, it was never about winning, it was about pursuing his passions as a multi-sport athlete. Growing up biking on Canadian logging roads with his friends as a hobby, he often saw the Subaru rally team racing and heard them echoing through the mountains. His passion for motorsports led him to join a local rally club, where his zeal for rally has transformed into professional rally driving.

Chris Bennett - Asymmetry: Chris Bennett rips the Cowichan Valley in his own style in "Asymmetry." Video: Liam Morgan.

Tommo's Story - Three Years Later: Thank-you to everyone that has helped me in one way or another over the last few years, it’s so good to feel happy again! Big love, Tommo.

Zachary Rebitt - Something In The Water: The hydrologic cycle is a continuous circulation of water between the earth and the atmosphere. This cycle is particularly active in the Comox Valley, delivering about 1157mms of water per year. However, somewhere along the way, something has gotten into the water. Maybe it was stored in the Comox Glacier or maybe it was in the soil all along. Whatever it is, it has produced an abundance of very talented mountain bikers. Zachary Rebitt grew up at the base of Forbidden Plateau, which features some of the roughest old-school trails in the area. Growing up at the base of the Forbidden Plateau, Zachary has had a lifetime of exposure to this mysterious substance, and it shows. Zachary is part of a new crop of very fast and very stylish riders that are emerging from the Comox Valley. Realistically, though, it's more than just the water that contributes to their skill. It's the vast, rugged, and topographically diverse terrain, the dedicated team of trail builders and advocates, a mild climate that provides nearly year-round rideable conditions, and a connected community that supports athletes. These variables combine to create a powerful ecosystem that produces hardworking, talented, and refreshingly humble athletes. Zachary might not be a household name just yet, but he has impressed us beyond any reasonable doubt, enough that we had to give him a shot at joining the Forbidden Synthesis team and taking his riding overseas. We can’t wait to see how Zachary continues to develop for years to come. Maybe, just maybe, the “fastest kid in town” can one day become the fastest kid in the world, it’s worth a shot. Welcome to the team, Zach.

Dillon Butcher - Island Flow: Write Your Own Chapter #19 brings us the story of Dillon Butcher, one of the local steeze masters from Vancouver Island. He aimed to build a completely new line but faced some incredible weather challenges which did not stop him to putting together this incredible piece. Dial back and check out how he turns his home spot into something we all dream of riding.

Harriet Burbidge-Smith - Home Away From Home: Do you have a home away from home? A place that you love coming back to, where you find joy, and maybe even a few good trails? For Haz, that place is Queenstown. Born and raised in Australia, Haz spends most of the year traveling the globe, packing and unpacking bikes and suitcases, following competitions and freeride events. Only when the off-season starts, during the northern hemisphere's winter, she has a few weeks to unwind and spend some time in New Zealand. Follow Haz to some of her favourite riding spots. This is 'Home Away From Home'. Video: Blake Pickup.

Brett Rheeder - Getting Better: The girls got whips, and I'm getting comfier on my bikes. Good times in Queenstown! Additional riders: Vinny Armstrong, George Astle, Casey Brown, Robin Goomes, and Martha Gill. Video: Corbin Selfe.

Jonas Salamon - Lines: When building up a new bike, no two people’s vision might be the same. What you have in your mind’s eye as you collect the parts and put them together, will have such a level of uniqueness that there are endless possibilities for how the bike can come together in real life. Jonas, a 22 year old rider, photographer, and videographer from Heidelberg, had a vision already a little more obscure when he set out to build his version of a jump bike. A Jibb might not jump out as the initial candidate, but it’s a versatile little machine and so Jonas set to work turning his vision into reality.

Jacob Mullen - Override: 'Twas the night before shredding and along came a storm. Jacob awoke to a bike, far from his norm. Electric and zippy and full of raw power. The perfect machine to ride hard for hours.

Johnny Raekes - Welcome To Odyssey BMX: Welcome to the Odyssey Pro team Johnny Raekes! Merging tricks into mind-bending technical maneuvers and never-been-done combos, Johnny's riding is sure to make you say "WTF!" We're absolutely stoked to have him on board. Check out this video that Johnny banged out on his recent trip to Austin, and keep an eye out for more in the future. Video: Trent Lutzke.

Cultcrew - Swampfest 2023: Another Swampfest in the books, Trey Jones and his crew killed it once again. The amount of work and dedication that goes into an event like this is insane. Shout out to all the people we hung out with, thanks for all the beverages and good times. See y'all at the next one.

Hector SW - That Wallride: The wallride gap in the Unit 23 bowl has been something that's been talked about for years but, due to its huge size and how difficult it is to get enough speed, it always seemed just out of reach. However, BSD's quantum physics PhD student Hector Spencer-Wood calculated it was possible and over the last three years made several attempts. That was until June 2022 when he finally pulled it. Video: Jacob Campbell.

Push - The Luan Oliveira Story: Luan Oliveira is arguably one of the best, most popular, and most beloved skateboarders of all time. If you were ever curious about him in any way; where he came from, what he thinks, what he does with his time, or just simply how he talks, you’re in the right place. Push: Remastered is the reimagining of The Berrics’ groundbreaking series edited down into one definitive film about Luan. It isn’t just a personal journey you’ll be taking with him but a professional one too as we show you all that went into the making of a his seminal Push part. Packaged in one beautiful and poetic vision, hold tight and prepare to be reminded, once again, why Luan Oliveira is your favourite skater and why he will go down in history as one of the best to ever do it.

Kilian Martin's "Virtuoso" Part: Kilian Martin's got the 'Virtuoso' skills to pay the 'Virtuoso' bills in his latest part. Filmer Hunter O'Shea gives you his quick intro to the edit: "'Virtuoso' is a visual collaboration reuniting Kilian Martin and A Happy Medium. Their intention being to create something that would evoke the experience of viewing an interpretive dance performance. Accompanied by a hauntingly beautiful musical score performed by Radical Face, this is a must watch for all of you artsy types." Video: Hunter O'Shea.

Meet Abe Bethel - One Of The Best Curb Skaters In The World: We first learned about Abe when we heard The Nine Club hosts, Ronnie Creager, and Jamie Owens all praising his curb skating skills. Jamie even went as far as calling Abe "the greatest curb skater of all time," which was a claim we had to look into. It turns out Abe is truly a master of the slappy and had a part in last year’s curb heavy ((THEVIDEO)), which is a great showing of what is possible when you have a rub brick, a shit ton of wax, and a little determination. Abe has since moved to Miami, opened Greater Skate Shop, and received even more praise for his curb dancing abilities. To get a better idea of his skating, we took a quick trip to Miami to see how he is settling and talked to a few curb-loving pros about his influence. Video: Richard Quintero.

Balkan Express: A documentary capturing the challenging journey home for mountaineers Max Kroneck and Jochen Mesle. Traveling exclusively by bike and ski, the pair traverse over 2, 500km and 10 degrees of latitude through the Balkans, exploring some of the wildest mountains in Europe, looking for the most beautiful ski runs, and meeting locals along the way. Video: El Flamingo.

The Physics Of Noseriding: The noseride is one of surfing’s peak moments: part fluid dynamics, part magic. But how does noseriding actually work? What makes this suspension between sea and sky even possible? The Physics of Noseriding explores the question through the eyes of Namaala, a young surfer whose people were flying on the water before the world even knew what surfing was. Her curiosity invites us to examine the sensation of levitation that unfolds as wave, surfboard and surfer come together for surfing’s fluid dance. Video: Lauren L. Hill.

Sub Eleven Seconds: A brief profile of 100m star Sha'Carri Richardson.

Ten Meter Tower: Would you jump? Or would you chicken out?


Photo: Margus Riga

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 I never watch Monday movies but I might have to now. I didn't think I'd be so intrigued by 16 minutes of people at a swimming pool. Now that I'm not 12 anymore, that fear is real.
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 I was that guy yesterday, standing at the top of a set up jumps for ages!! Worst thing is that my mate and me built the jumps. He was hitting them - no problems. I just couldn't bring myself to hit them. I rode them a few months ago without a problem. Yesterday though.... forget it. Had to walk away. I spent the rest of the day sulking - so disappointed in myself. Next weekend maybe.......
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 yeah that was the coolest thing I've seen lately, the range of emotions is awesome
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 Can't believe how riveting that is. Such a good piece of film.
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 Bro is like "I'll do it tomorrow", his bud says a 70 year old women just did it. This was one excellent vid.!
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 @Freemij: I think we all know that feeling, it is rough. You want to do it so badly but just can't.
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 @Freemij: That is our family motto I have said to my kids since they were young. It works for biking and skiing.

"If you think you might not make it, you won't"
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 @powderhoundbrr: Mine roughly translates to "When in doubt, don't. When you do, don't doubt." Same idea I guess.
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 Holy smokes, the spring stoke is growing!
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 It was really moving to to watch and listen to Tommo speak about mental health and rehabbing after that insane fall. Thanks for sharing and helping normalize the conversations around mental health.
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 Brandon is really good at a number of things, talking in commercials just happens to be one of them. Seriously kick ass job kid.
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 "Just make it happen"
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 The start of "Chris Bennett - Asymmetry" reminded my the start of Darren Berrecloth part on the movie ROAM
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 Haha thanks for the non-Thrasher skate videos :-)
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 Johnny's riding is incredible. Fiend have a stacked team of talent.
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 New Trek Slash spotted?
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 Looks like just custom painted Gen 6 Fuel EX due to the lack of upper chain guide that can’t be fitted to the bike due how far the chainstay pivot point extends wider than the frame. Even OneUp components claims their guide won’t work with the Gen 6 Fuel EX. Shame too because it does have the ISCG tabs for one, so limited to just bash guide only.
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