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Mar 12, 2023 at 18:02
by Scott Secco  
Brendan Howey - HWY 3: Brendan Howey is completely at home behind the handlebars of his FRS on the trails of British Columbia. In celebration of his 30th birthday, he treated himself to some freeride lines and a fast and flowy trail, shaped by the man himself. Thankfully, it was all caught on the cameras of Rupert Walker, Clay Porter, and Calvin Huth.

LandoSteezy: Leo Smith is a bodge job. And a proud one at that. Hailing from the streets of Manchester in the North of England, Leo—known to his thousands of Instagram followers as @Landosteezy—is a self-proclaimed helper of the people. Forging his own path in the bike industry, Leo is creating space in the sport for everyone. Video: Anthill Films/Mark Johansson.

Richie Rude - Roots Run Deep: Beyond his stoic exterior, Richie Rude is just somebody who loves riding his bike above all else – a passion that was fostered as a young grom in his New England backyard led him to becoming the 2013 DH JR World Champ, and claiming back-to-back Enduro World Championship titles. We follow him through those achievements, push past his quiet exterior, and delve into the relationships beyond the tape that proves his roots in the MTB world run deep. Video: Craig Grant.

Vali Höll - Youth + Glory: What makes a World Champion tick? Youth + Glory Season 2 kicks off with a look behind the scenes at how RockShox Trek Race Team athlete Vali Höll spends her off-season, what motivates her, and her outlook on the upcoming season. Stay tuned for more episodes coming this season in what's going to be the most exciting season of the team. Video: Kuba Gzela.

Cosmic - Enduro World Series Film: Enjoy 20+ minutes of shredding from the 2022 Enduro World Series in this otherworldly short film. Featuring the world’s best enduro racers, including Jack Moir, Sam Hill, Richie Rude, Isabeau Courdurier, Morgane Charre, Bex Baraona, and many more.

Giro del Monviso - Glenn MacArthur's Fastest Known Time On The Stone King: Monviso marks an important point of the Southern Alps. The imposing 3,841-metre giant stands over 500m higher than any other peak surrounding it. It’s this prominence that gives it its name. Monviso translates to ‘the mountain clearly visible (from everywhere)’. It sits inside Italy but overlooks France, a meeting place not just for borders but also for people, communities, and commerce. The trails that flank this mountain mark the passage of traders and even armies that stretch back thousands of years. Today the mountain’s routes are mainly trodden by hikers who take 3-4 days to circumnavigate the mighty Stone King. But 21-year old Glenn MacArther, who lives in the shadow of the mountain, wanted to establish a benchmark for traversing it on a mountain bike. He succeeded. Video: Jules Bellot.

Kandace White - Finding Myself: Kandace White returns to the trails that helped her discover that she is, in fact, a mountain biker. “Mountain biking helps me feel a sense of peace. A sense of being one with nature. It takes away all the overwhelming thoughts and weight of the world and the focus is forced into the trail. It gives me breath. It gives me adrenaline and makes me feel alive in those moments and I finally feel like the weight of the world and pressures have lifted in an intense physical moment. The excitement overrules everything else that is in my head.”

Chris Akrigg - Going Beyond Pt.1: We’re really pleased to welcome one of the world’s leading trials riders, Chris Akrigg, to the Whyte family for 2023 and beyond. Chris is a former 6x British Bike Trials champion and one of the most technical bike riders on the planet who’s well-known for his jaw-dropping riding videos, such as Five, As It Lies, A Hill In Spain, and many more. He has the ability to jump on pretty much any bike – be they hardtails, road and gravel bikes, BMXs, rigid trials bikes, trail full-suspension, fixies, DH rigs and many more – and make them to sing to his unique tune.

Forbidden Synthesis - Team Camp: There's been a few additions to the Forbidden Synthesis over the off-season. We've covered the EDR side, and now it's time to shift our attention over to DH. This time, Magnus and team mechanic Antman help get new DH Jr team rider Jon Mozell dialled in and up to speed on his new steed at the legendary Mount Prevost. We're pleased to officially welcome North Vancouver native Jon Mozell to the Forbidden Family. First-year Jr's, let's go! To infinity and beyond. Video: Thomas Doyle.

Mimo Sidler - Maybe: Mimo was putting in the work in Barcelona and filmed this piece in two weeks with great weather, greater people, and the best spots you could ever imagine.

Dakota Roche - Low & High: Vans BMX Presents "Low & Hi” starring Dakota Roche. Endless trick battles, injuries, and ongoing spot searching pushed Dakota to his physical and mental limits throughout the making of the film, such dedication achieved Dakota’s proudest video part to date. Directed by filmmaker Calvin Kosovich, this project was 14 months in the making. Filmed in California, Houston, Copenhagen, and NYC with Dakota’s creativity focused on emphasizing locations and trick selection. “Low and Hi” is an ode to the intense process of delivering a memorable video part, in which Dakota is completely addicted to. Rider: Dakota Roche. Video: Calvin Kosovich.

Dakota Roche - Talk Is Cheap: A timeless classic.

Dakota Roche - Vans Illustrated Full Part: Dakota Roche dedicated two years to filming this video part and created a two-song masterpiece by combining his progressive street riding and the dead-man hammers that have made this Huntington Beach local a living legend in BMX.

We're From Here: Known for his well-rounded approach and being truly an all-terrain skater, Zion makes the most unthinkable tricks look easy with his fearless, no-holds-barred approach. This essence comes through in his latest Vans Skateboarding short film project titled "We're From Here." The short film portrait brings into focus Zion's impact on skateboarding and the future progression of the sport as he and those closest to him take us down memory lane in his hometown of Jupiter, Florida.

Ok Bet: Ok Bet shines a light on two of DC's newest AM's - Thomas Dritsas and Adilson Pedro - along with heavy cameo's from the rest of the global squad crushing spots in London, Paris, Lisbon, Los Angeles, and Philly. This is only the beginning...

Worble & Cobra Man’s “Worble III” Part: An instant classic, The Worble combines Mull mania, serious skating, nonstop hijinks, and the power-disco genius of Cobra Man. Your world will never be the same.

Roger Deakins Breaks Down His Most Iconic Films: "I'll never talk to you again if you don't direct it." Oscar-winning cinematographer Sir Roger Deakins breaks down his most iconic films, including '1917,' 'Prisoners,' 'The Shawshank Redemption,' 'Sicario,' 'The Big Lebowski,' 'No Country for Old Men,' 'Skyfall,' 'Fargo,' 'The Assassination of Jesse James,' 'Empire of Light,' and 'Blade Runner 2049.'

Pass It On - Tami Knight - Ep. 1: Born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Tami Knight grew up chasing after adventure, whether it was competing as an elite gymnast, studying animation in art school, or becoming a climbing legend in Squamish. Today, she’s known as one of the preeminent route developers of the late 70’s and 80’s.

Five Horses Deep: Seeking a different way to explore their homeland, a group of Kiwi freeskiers loads up five horses and heads deep into the Aotearoa, New Zealand backcountry, balancing their curiosity for what’s over the next ridge with the hard work it takes to get there. Video: Finlay Woods.

Didi: Not all mountains are created equal. But those who live, work and play in them are. Home to the world’s highest peaks, Nepal is at the forefront of mountaineering but in other ways it lags behind. Women are still subject to archaic traditions including forced marriage, and few make it into mountain jobs. Dawa Yangzum Sherpa Sherpa is an exception. As the first Nepali woman to become an international mountain guide, she understands that there’s more to the mountains than summits and sporting success. And she’s not alone. Marion Haerty’s record on the Freeride World Tour is legendary. But now she’s focused on legacy. "Didi" follows her as she travels to Nepal to meet Dawa and combine forces on a two-part mission. With support from local female guides and sherpas, Marion attempts her first 6,000m peak with Dawa and together they celebrate women who, despite the difficulties, have carved out a different destiny for themselves.


Photo: Roo Fowler

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 Look at Dakota Roche's front tyre on the landing of that staircase! Bet he runs high pressure too.
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 Nice work Leo !! Looking forward to seeing more of your edits and photographs. And congratulations on signing with Nukeproof.
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 That Dak video is just ridiculous!!
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 Hi Low is a simply incredible peice of art. No one else does it like Dak.
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 No edit from the Audi E-bike? Shame that.
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 Lando Steezy is so positive for this sport. He’s got a solid message. And…mad skillz
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 Thought the same thing. It’s a heavy edit.
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 Maybe also worth for "MfyM"

Starfield Simulation ...
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 That Stone King loop. Fantastic.
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 Not very "off the wall" of Dak
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 Worble III is just all time
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 Nod to Tami Knight.
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