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Movies For Your Monday

Jan 8, 2023 at 15:16
by Scott Secco  
Dylan Stark - 2022 Mixtape: The year 2022 was one I'll never forget. From losing my father at the start of the year, filming my best video part ''Real Heat 2,'' and then finishing the year off with my first Red Bull Rampage. This video is a highlight of my favourite clips from the year 2022 put to some of my favourite music. Sit back and click play. Hopefully this makes people stoked to pick up a bike and go ride! Huge thanks to my sponsors YT Industries, Pit Viper, and e*thirteen, for the support and helping me be able to chase my dream of riding bikes and making videos! Stoked for what's to come in 2023. This video is dedicated to my dad, DeWayne Stark. Without him I wouldn't be riding and he was a huge part of my life. Miss you everyday.

Vinny T - No Dig, No Ride: A world-class freerider needs world-class trails, and for Vincent Tupin that means getting out the shovel. "No Dig, No Ride" gives us a window into the work and - most importantly - the time that goes into building a great trail. Follow Vincent as he works through the winter and spring, digging and shaping, and then finally getting to enjoy the fruits of his work across the seasons.

Terraform: Terraform shares a true behind the scenes look at what a team goes through during competition at Red Bull Rampage. Follow Reed Boggs from beginning to end and take a look at what it's like to experience the most innovative event in sports.

Evan Mercure - 2023 XR: Evan tears it up.

Kilian Bron & Victor Broquedis - Dune: Meet on top of the highest dunes in the world in Peru for a ski/MTB double-header with Victor Broquedis and Kilian Bron! Let's start the new year in an unreal setting, showcasing just a small part of Kilian and his team's latest trip to South America.

Peter Jamison - Must Be A Dream: From his home in Utah, Peter Jamison decided that May was the perfect time to initiate a cross-country migration to cooler climates. With a long-haul drive to his old stomping ground in New Hampshire, a stopover in Colorado, and a return to Utah for the best conditions possible in September, Jamison made sure to get the best possible harvest of hero dirt for 2022. Sounds dreamy.

Self Portrait - Louis Citadelle: Louis Citadelle is no stranger to doing things the hard way. Several years ago he burst onto the media scene with his self-filmed project, Why I Ride. It was picked up by most major media outlets for its stunning scenery, but also garnered a ton of attention because it was expertly shot and edited all by one person. Self-filmed edits aren’t new, but sharing the nuances behind that level of work is fairly rare. It’s an entirely different project on its own. Louis is back with his second major self-filmed and edited project, aptly dubbed “Self-Portrait.”

Brad Simms - Good Times In Madeira: I ended 2022 by taking one of my favourite BMX videographers, Raphe Valdez, to Madeira to give him a glimpse into the mountain biking world and explore the island's extensive network of trails. Madiera's diversity of riding and micro-climates made for a fun and easy-going trip. Looking forward to returning soon.

Daniel Tavares - New Bike Day: The youngster is locked and loaded with his brand new Mondraker Foxy RR. Showing off his skills under the typical Azorean rainy weather. Video: Miguel Sousa.

Keir & Paris: They dodged rain, wind, hail, and snow and no matter how much bad weather was thrown at them, Keir and Perris laughed and joked their way through the down times to session as many skateparks and fun SLC spots as possible during the breaks in the weather. This edit just goes to show when you have your friends and your bike, it's gonna take more than a little rough weather so stop the session from being had! Featuring Keir Sirlin and Perris Benegas.

Alex Hiam - Aim High: You can't beat fresh Alex Hiam footage, and today is your lucky day. One of Australia's finest ever exports doing what he does best. The talent is unreal.

Cultcrew - Initiations: Initiation starts 2023 off right with a diverse group of homies riding and having fun. Some old, some new, with the right vibes, let’s goooo…

Nike SB - Best Of 2022: What a year. From Ishod's first signature shoe to partnerships with incredible community organizers and advocates like Skate Like A Girl and froSkate to Nyjah's mind-melting, three-song part, 2022 tapped team riders and collaborators to celebrate 20 years of Nike SB. Here's the best of the year. See you in '23.

Deedz' "HVVS" Rough Cut: Through soaked boards, gear malfunctions, and good old fashion slams, Deedz powers through with some of his most impressive feats to date.

Louie Lopez' "Seize the Seconds" Rough Cut: Louie’s Cons part was one of the highlights of the year. See all the madness that couldn’t fit in the final cut.

The Real Danger Of ChatGPT: We've heard all of Levy's reviews are written using ChatGPT.

Bahamas: A snowboard film by Beyond Medals. Featuring: Kevin Backstrom, Tor Lundstrom, Sebbe De Buck, Ludvig Billtoft, Ulrik Badertscher, Zak Hale, and Tyler Nicholson.

Fairly Mellow: Got a chance to go ski at the Fairy Meadow or Bill Putnam hut in British Columbia. We had a bit of a challenge finding the fresh snow but in the end it was super fun and enjoyed the company of the whole crew. Video: Peter Wojnar. Skiers: Lucas Wachs, Sam Cohen, and Peter Wojnar.

Ken Block’s Climbkhana - Pikes Peak: RIP Ken Block, 1967-2023.

I Am Tuvsho: If Tuvsho was a superhero, this would be her origin story.


Photo: JB Liautard

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 Rip ken block, a real motorsports legend
  • 4 0
 Super cool and nice nod to the classic "Climb Dance" by Ari
  • 8 0
 As he said it best "If your not scared, you are not going fast enough." He was a humble guy and inspired a new generation of motorsports fans. RIP 43
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 too sad!!
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 Ken Block 43ver
  • 3 0
I'm sure he's already gone sideways through the gates of heaven. God bless the Block family and any of you fellow fans that are here to reminisce. Legend. "
  • 24 2
 Advent contest winners? Are there any?
  • 10 0
 only losers
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 Evan Mercure, that was the best mtb edit I've seen since the NWD days. Thanks for not dressing, riding, and filming like every other Mountain Bike dweebo on the planet.
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 Kilian Bron is always doing amazing videos…can’t way the release of the full movie!
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 no helicopter - props. Nice sponsors funding all those trips. CO2 footprint is happy Whip
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 RIP Ken Block, the real goat.
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 Alex Hiam isn't real.
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 He’s low-key incredible aye
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 Last week I thought you might have missed it because of Christmas new Year this week you missed it again. Unbelievable. Gary Young. Unbelievable.
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 Gary Young's ''Forever Young'' video? It was already in the December 25th edition.
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 Chat GPT is crazy. If you need to draft an email, it does it in seconds. Such a timesaver.
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 I typed in "Create a short comment on why 26 inch wheels aren't dead." In seconds this is what I got:

There are several reasons why 26 inch wheels have not died out:

26 inch wheels offer a lower rolling resistance, which makes them a good choice for mountain biking. This is because the smaller wheel size allows for a higher tire pressure, which helps to minimize the deformation of the tire and reduces the amount of energy that is lost as heat.

26 inch wheels are also lighter than larger wheels, which makes them easier to accelerate and maneuver. This is especially important for mountain biking, where riders often need to navigate steep, technical terrain.

26 inch wheels are also less expensive to manufacture and replace, making them a more budget-friendly option for many riders.

Overall, while 29 inch and 27.5 inch wheels have gained popularity in recent years, 26 inch wheels are still a viable option for certain types of riding and remain popular among certain segments of the cycling community.
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 been going to the hill climb since the road was dirt. Never seen the road torn up like that. RIP Ken Block
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