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Jun 30, 2018 at 16:24
by Scott Secco  
Coastal Crew x Turbo Kenevo: That trail looks incredible!

Brandon Semenuk - Vicious Circle: Riding compilation segment from 2006-2007. Cool to see how far Brandon's riding has progressed over the past decade.

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Paradise with Kirt Sorge & Garett Buehler Shredding big mountain lines. Video: Solos Productions.

Views: 10,101    Faves: 68    Comments: 4

Lyon - Benoit Coulanges: Rider: Benoît Coulanges. Video: Pierre Henni.

Views: 7,234    Faves: 176    Comments: 23

Pano Shreddin' Vol 1: Spent the weekend in Pano riding hero dirt with sweet friends!

Views: 7,745    Faves: 50    Comments: 12

Maydena Madness with Baxter Maiwald: Ripping.

Views: 11,074    Faves: 134    Comments: 2

Vosk: Kolya Tsymbalov and Ivan Kunaev ride the the best freeride spot in Moscow. Thanks to Kirill Benderoni for digging.

by ionn
Views: 8,814    Faves: 67    Comments: 3

My Year So Far: Throwing dirt with the homies and sending gaps.

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Friday Afternoon: A quick cruise on Mount Geoffrey with @jodyrutherford at the helm.

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Whistler DH - RAW Wheel Smashing: 2018 Whistler BC Cup.

Views: 2,819    Faves: 16    Comments: 2

#1 B.C. Premier Downhill Series - Whistler: Race recap for the first BC Cup of the 2018 season. Video: @zane_simmonds.

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Alex Donnachie BSD Transmission Part: Alex Donnachie drops some serious street science in the final part from the BSD Transmission DVD.

Alex Donnachie - Ascent: For the past year, Alex Donnachie has travelled the world with legendary filmmaker Richard Forne in search of the most unique and technical street setups he could find. This is the result.

Tom Dugan - 48 Hours in Seattle: One of the craziest enders we've seen in a while.

Volcom's "Terminal Tourist" Video: Louie Lopez, GT, Pedro Barros, Provost, and Milton Martinez dipped below the border to meet up with the Volcom South American team and spots were laid to waste! That BMX track is next level…

Hawaiian Holiday: After the Hell of a Paradise ramp contest on Waikiki, the Adidas squad scoured Oahu in search of stoke, including a mandatory visit to the infamous Wallows ditch.

Don't Mess With Girl: The Girl squadron trekked out to Texas, shredding ditches and abandoned buildings en route to the Death Match in Austin. Hell, even McCrankers made the trip!

Let Us Roam - Arto Saari: A short film about one of the greats.

The Flood: After flooding the ice in Rossland for 40 years our beloved 1972 Ford 3000 tractor is being retired. This is his story.

Jackie Chan - How to Do Action Comedy: Some filmmakers can do action. Others can do comedy. But for 40 years, the master of combining them has been Jackie Chan. Let's see how he does it.

Title Photo by: Dylan Sherrard

To check out videos submitted by fellow Pinkbike members that didn't quite make Movie Mondays here.


  • + 21
 Always scrolling down for those epic non mtb videos! love it!
  • + 5
  • + 16
 I learned that in the last decade, Brandon Semenuk's handlebars got wider and and in the process sucked all the width out of his pants.
  • + 11
 That Tom Dugan video... ok, hometown(ish) so I'm biased, but dang...
  • + 0
 You are not. Clearly, he has a unique riding style, paired with cool character. One of the BMX guys I really appreciate, without all the aggression that is so common to street riders. I also like Corey Martinez and Seth Cimbrough for the same reason, being religious those guys don't represent the regular "punk" character which many of BMX guys have.
  • + 4
 @eugen-fried: There's aggression in Dugan's riding, not his character. As for your other point, religion has nothing to do with that at all.
  • + 8
 Wait wait wait... the first video, on Movies for your Monday, on Pinkbike, not from @paulaston, features e-bikes?! THAT, @Dobba84, is the REAL witchcraft.
  • + 6
 Still Sunday in Colorado! What witchcraft is this?
  • + 1
 Oddly enough, it is also Sunday on the west coast. Misleading. Razz
  • + 4
 Maybe Colorado isn't the centre of the universe.
  • + 3
 @DarrellW: considering colorado is in a time zone one hour ahead of vancouver there is a definite relevance in the comment. haters gonna hate though.
  • + 2
 @mtbikeaddict: It's Tuesday in New Zealand...
  • + 1
 @OceanFal-Cavrides: lol very helpful. PB runs on PST iirc... west coast... Vancouver BC
  • + 5
 That Jackie Chan nut crasher...... I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of THAT !!
  • + 3
 Nice action in Benoit Coullanges video. There are some serious steep section!
  • + 3
 Thanks for featuring a BMX rider who wears a helmet
  • + 2
 Ascent video has the most tech riding I have ever seen. Blown away
  • + 1
 nose manual to wall ride to nose manual was pretty sick!
  • + 2
 Incredible talent, and unlike Dugan, also knows the upside of wearing a helmet.
  • + 1
 The pano video. I’ve never seen a frame stand to total castration via the back wheel before. Interesting.
  • + 1
 Aaah! Contractual obligations!...
  • + 1
 Wow, no e-bike ranter comments, yet. Haha.
  • + 2
 Actually...two, but yeah, tame overall. ??? Where they at?
  • + 2
 @mtbikeaddict: They don't have anything to say because true freeriders were ripping it and styling it. Haha.
  • + 1
 E-bikes are SO FUN!! Yeeee
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