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Dec 24, 2017 at 11:41
by Scott Secco  
Poland the Land of Enduro: Rider: Filip Kołodziej.

Views: 6,629    Faves: 32    Comments: 3

The Giros - El Camino Loco: The ultimate van trip in the best mountain bike spots of Andalusia. Good friends and good times. Location: Andalusia, Spain. Editing: Pierre Henni.

Views: 14,468    Faves: 129    Comments: 11

Civilian: Featuring: Reed Boggs, Nicholi Rogatkin, Ethan Nell, DJ Brandt, Connor Macfarlane, Brett Rheeder, Brandon Semenuk, Jay Dalton, Jamie Cooper-Ellis, Matt Ray, Matt Macduff, Kevin Sweeney, and more. Created by Peter Jamison.

Views: 13,157    Faves: 151    Comments: 12

Try It All: Rider: Dominik Puffer.

Views: 12,021    Faves: 153    Comments: 26

Sam Hardman - We wish you a Metal Christmas: Sending it for Santa.

Views: 6,365    Faves: 31    Comments: 12

Twisted Seasons - Peter Mihalkovits: Watch Peter shredding hard on his home trails, doing gnarly gaps, and fooling around.

Views: 20,975    Faves: 337    Comments: 20

The Awakening: Marco is a real mastermind when it comes to trail building. He and his friends built some super sick local trails this year.

Views: 8,789    Faves: 81    Comments: 22

Whistler 2017: A throwback to living the good life in Whistler.

Views: 5,991    Faves: 108    Comments: 11

Ludwig Jaeger / Kevin Liehn - 60 Seconds at Mellow Park: Just a few runs before the sun went down. I hope that you like it!

Views: 2,085    Faves: 11    Comments: 0

Coast Gravity Winter - Alex and Wes: Biking isn't always the most fun in December, but somehow on the Coast the boys know how to keep the trails solid and fun as heck!

Views: 3,128    Faves: 27    Comments: 2

Season Ender feat. Akos Istvandi: The traditional Romanian downhill season ender featuring Akos Istvandi.

Nathan Williams - ''Still United'' Full Part: An instant classic.

Christian Rigal - ''Still United'' - Full Part: One of the best rail segments ever.

Socialites: Ty Morrow, Bruno Hoffmann, Sean Burns, Dan Coller, and Devon Smillie descend on the BMX mecca of Austin, Texas for a week. The Socialites trip was dubbed “an end of the year Eclat vacation” but you wouldn’t know it from the amount of work these guys put in all over Austin and nearby San Antonio.

My War - Jamie Foy: El Toro has been a monolithic benchmark since Heath’s lipslide in The End, and while skateboarding continues to progress at a mind-blowing pace, it’s still near impossible to wrap our heads around this front crook.

RJ Anderson XP1K2: Still holds up.

China Doll - Love, Obsession and Hard Traditional Climbing with Heather Weidner: China Doll is a provocative exploration of gender stereotypes, romance, and rock climbing. Witness Heather Weidner battle personal demons in the world of hard traditional climbing. With her ascent of China Doll, a 5.14- R traditional route in Upper Dream Canyon, Colorado, U.S.A., Heather Weidner nabs the first female ascent, and becomes the fourth woman in the world to climb a 5.14 traditional route. In the process, she discovers that loving herself is the ultimate project.

Angel Collinson Annihilates Alaska: The Rowdiest Women’s Skiing Segment To Date? Angel Collinson, the female skier who was honored this September with the award for the Best Female Freeride Performance at the Intern­ational Freeskiing Film Festival (iF3), linked together a segment that is being called one of the best female skiing segments ever.

Apex Predators of the Northern Deep: A tranquil day of ice fishing goes suddenly awry when natural selection rears its ferocious head. Something lurks in the depths of the great lonesome mountains of the North - a land where if you are not the predator, you WILL be the prey. But four skiers will not go down without a fight.

Norway By Train: In March of last year, the snow was pumping in Norway, so Stian Hagen called upon friends and teammates Austin Ross and Nadine Wallner to show them his homeland. The plan was to hop on the railway line from Oslo, and take the cross-country train to Bergen, all the while stopping and skiing in a variety of local spots. Unfortunately for us, snow conditions abruptly shifted and we were left with icy slopes, grey skies, and poor avalanche stability on many aspects. The saving grace of the trip was the company, and our trusty transport method: the train. Using the Flamsbana railway line, we toured in several different locations and stayed at the Vatnahalsen ski hotel, a small abode that can only be accessed by the train line as there are no roads to speak of. Making it all the way to Bergen completed our trans-Norwegian journey and left us hungry for more. Next year...

Joey Schulser riding in Narvik Norway.

Title Photo by: Mattias Fredriksson

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 The Nathan Williams As powerful, committed, skilled, and BIG as it gets on a bike. INCREDIBLE riding, absurd skills. Mind....blown.

None of those moves could have been done with the added weight of a helmet of course. I mean, ya. A stylish chunk of energy absorbing foam with a hard shell MIGHT have reduced the devastating effects of each crash in the whole opening segment. You know, the 2 minutes that highlighted every brain smashing concussive head injury he endured searching for the best shot but.....dude, that would have spoiled the hardcore style that made all of the rest of the edit INCREDIBLE. Seriously, the helmet would have been WAY TOO HEAVY to pull off any of those moves. Right?

I often puke when reading the all too often preachy rants about the wearing of helmets but......seriously. The first 2 minutes of this should scare the phuck out of you. Not the bloody hand or smashed shoulders. That heals and it means nothing when you are having your diaper changed in a care home as an octogenarian. But the phucking devastating and repeated blows to his head on concrete in those first 2 minutes? Those are BRAIN injuries my friends, each and every one of them. Each one of those events would have been lessened or completely avoided with a stupid chunk of foam on his head. Each one. And he still would have looked cool crashing while failing on the initial attempts to pull those absurd moves. Except not curdling big parts of his grey matter. Just that.

I don't get it. No level of style and skill is worth that level of life altering injury. Amazed and then sad as phuck to watch this seg.......
  • + 7
 could not agree more man, been on both sides of the head injury fence, having had a few and nursed my missus thru one. Head injuries suck so so much balls, just wear a fucking helmet, I honestly can't understand why you wouldn't pull one on for this kind of riding, sure a casual mosey to the shops, not wearing a helmet is a fairly safe bet, but this is is just crazy
  • + 15
 After watching Nathan Williams throwing his weight around trying to intimidate that old security guard who was easy 60 years plus I really couldn't care less what he does to his head. But yeah sends a bad message to all the kids who look up to him.
  • + 11
 one day his brain will take its last hit. everyone will comment "RIP, he died doing what he loved, gone to soon" on his memorial video. All the while his death was 110% preventable. Every blow to the head is WORSE than the previous one. Brain damage is CUMULATIVE.
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 I couldn’t agree more. I’ve ridden bmx for a long time and still surprised after seeing so many bmx related brain injuries that so many pro riders still ride without a helmet. I mean, yes, they can do what they want but this video part is glamorizing the pain and commitment that goes into riding bmx. To me, it’s just such a fine line to be walking and an immature decision to make. I hate to see any more people get brain injuries in situations that could’ve been avoided.
  • + 2
 100%, when he smashed his head on the last rail slide. Yea, you are truly a f***in twat. Respect the mad throw downs tho I guess....
  • + 3
 NO HELMET..... WHAT the hell!
  • + 4
 My favorite part was tearing the awning down from someone’s property....
  • + 2
 1:48 That slam was a real bell ringer. Why do hard core BMX vids pay homage to such horrific self abuse?
  • + 1
 @integralnz: I guess they re proud about surviving these crashes ... they re just so damn c*nt no to protect themselves ...
  • + 3
 To be fair, one of the main reason's why bmx riders hate helmets, is because all they want to do is get up, and start riding. they don't like worrying about if they have all of their pads or not. Most of the riders have poor experiences with helmets, as helmets used to mainly be sweat buckets back in the day. those memories of helmets being garbage is all that they can remember when they think of helmets, even though, helmets have come a long way, and are both safer and more comfortable. That being said, it makes much more sense to ride with a helmet, especially knowing how well they work after some first hand testing. They should be using helmets, no doubt about it, but they do have their reasons to go without.
  • + 2

Fair enough, But, after getting your bell rung a number of times, you would figure that the pain and what goes with a head injury, you would start looking at wearing a helmet. Heck, even the casual bike riders that cruise the beach wear a helmet..Cuz you never know whats going to happen. I'd also bet he has No medical insurance, so who gets to pay for his treatments..? Just sayin.
  • + 3
 @Hammer48: I'm not saying that it's ok or smart for them to not wear helmets, I'm just saying that they do have some reasoning. And yes, after a few hits, they really should have that sense knocked into them, which does amaze me that they don't consider helmets as an option. A few riders have gone from no helmet to helmet, ex Alex Donnachie and Jabe Jones, and hopefully more will follow, especially with more and more riders promoting the use of helmets
  • + 1
 I believe they call this behavior “natural selection”, i’m Just just sad Nathan doesn’t have the brains to know i’m Calling him a dumbass.
  • - 5
flag jjwillTOmaui (Dec 26, 2017 at 7:59) (Below Threshold)
 Y'all key up this helmet shiz.

I feel you, it's different. MTB stuff is all chest protecting, slo-mo shock, tubeless whatever, full your face up, skid stuff... "dude, did you see that..."

Different strokes.

As for Na-will, he's a different breed amongst the "average.". It's not contrived or played out or for a sponsor. Bmx these days has the benefit of being documented at a rate that ensures the "sport" continues to progress. However, it's still very individualistic. Dunno, Nathan is on so Kevin Jones do-up. If you glance you'll miss it. If it inspires you to a slight degree, awesome. Get a bike, strip the stickers off it, loose the brakes, become completely nondescript and throw down. Still "two-wheels" but ain't the same

I tend to think of him, and Cory, and Seth K as I do the history of country music. Waylon Jennings, outlaw kind of jazz. Dudes showed up, from small town Alabama or outskirts of Nash-vizzle and SHOCKED the world. They don't play by the rules cause dudes never weren't taught em y'all.

If you watch na-na, or others and see only what's missing, your on the wrong level trying to look down on a dude.

Ain't saying I want my man to bump his head. Far from it... I watch it as a true art form.
  • + 4

I don't give a f*ck about there lack of caring. Cool you can ride a bmx that's great. It doesn't make you better or worse wearing a helmet. It just proves that you are an idiot who doesn't care about your brain or friends.

Make any excuse you want. It's all the same shit you said bmx isn't about. EGO . I bet if you where to ask him to wear one he'd lose his shit and have a temper tantrum.

Too hot to wear a helmet? Excuses..

They think of helmets of the past as sweat buckets... small minded excuses.

I concur his biking ability is off the charts and that's great but that doesn't mean shit when you can't bike and are a vegetable at 40.

A bloody shame idiots can't see the destruction of their future beyond their years.
  • + 2

Poor excuses for small brained decisions. If it was in fact about a hot head why is he wearing a toque and hat through most of it. Yea.. because idiot.

Like I said. Mad skill, zero brains.
  • + 1
 Screw his memorial anything. I quit watching after 30 seconds, nobody deserves his soon to be miserable life, but the guy's an idiot.
  • + 2
 @m33pm33p: whoa... Slow it some dude. Cool, we disagree. The name calling tho... What's that all about.

I know I know, you got issue with whatever you see. All good.

Calling me an idiot. Seriously... Not nice. Come to San Diego, I'll teach you how to manual then no more hostilities.

Actually, I'll up that. A free lesson on how to ride Vert, cause I'm a good dude.
  • + 2
 @norAZ: no one's really complaining about this enough. If he wants to be a dumbass and bash his brain to pieces at least that's his problem, but when you start destroying peoples property to get a shot it just gets us banned from places. I can't even build a jump on a MTB trail around me, but i guess breaking the shit out of someones house or business is fair game in BMX
  • + 6
 Wear a helmet, don’t wear a helmet, that’s your biz.

But when you start disrespecting people just doing their job and vandalizing property you’ve crossed the f****** line.

That doesn’t make you hard, it makes you a douchebag.
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 Scott can you feature my video I just uploaded? @scottsecco
  • + 1
 Hi @Ironmane, just send me a message with a link to it and I'll check it out! Always happy to watch submissions.
  • + 2
 Dude has got skills! Following
  • + 0
 Is anyone familiar with the concept of Live hard die fast ? I still remember my youth . It seems good at the time but I will leave you with this the baddest MFers I ever knew went down in a ball of flames and I am still here . Go figure
  • + 3
 Thee boy Jamie Foy with the Pinkbike feature hell yeah
  • + 3
 digging Sean Burns's riding.
  • + 4
  • + 1
 UTV video was the sickest shit i’ve Ever seen, I will try this at home (not)
  • + 1
 What is the carbon footprint of a big mountain skier/snowboarder? hmmm
  • + 4
 depends on how big the skis are. my skis are 192 cm long and 123mm under foot and the base material is mostly carbon i believe so i would approximate the carbon foot print to be 2,361cm^2

  • - 1
 What an irresponsible shit-show. So much for responsibly representing and promoting a community sport - FAIL! Hope they enjoy their long lives of drooling and spoon feeding
  • + 1
 Stop being such a puss and worry about yourself.
  • + 0
  • - 2
  • + 0
 @SpencerRutherford: its more like death without helmet
  • + 1
 @RedBurn: it's like the chicken-egg argument, what came first the concussion or the decision to ride without a helmet?

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