Movies For Your Monday

Jul 10, 2017 at 1:32
by Scott Secco  
Hypersonic Blur: Devinci ambassador and Squamish-based gravity gangster Kenny Smith recently requested a test drive of the all new All-Mountain Troy. So we packaged up a bike and sent a cameraman to capture the fun. The result? See for yourself as Smith smashes berms, points it down precipitous rock faces, and turns B.C.’s loamy rainforest into a hypersonic blur.

Views: 11,444    Faves: 108    Comments: 8

Tin Plate 3 - Full Movie: One filmer, one camera, one director, five riders, and a strong desire to make a good movie.

Views: 18,746    Faves: 161    Comments: 39

Backflip Nothing World First MTB: This looks scary.

Views: 8,615    Faves: 33    Comments: 15

No Bad Days BTS - White Lightning: Every good rider needs a set of super human glasses. Glasses that turn boys into men and riders into heroes. Footage curtesy of Adison MacDonald & Caleb Holonko. Edit: Adison MacDonald.

Views: 3,040    Faves: 16    Comments: 0

Hidden Playgrounds 2 - Going Forth - Chris Smith: The Firth of Forth was an important base for the Navy during both World Wars, with gun emplacements and defences peppered along both sides of the river and on its islands. The guns are long gone and the concrete is crumbling but still make some great places to explore on two wheels!

Views: 3,142    Faves: 12    Comments: 3

Kicking Coffee: William Robert have need a little coffee before the ride.

Views: 7,288    Faves: 147    Comments: 10

SouthEastCrew - Forest Of Dean: Forest Of Dean, UK.

Views: 3,117    Faves: 19    Comments: 5

Lac Blanc 2k17 - Luis Gerstner: Duct taped a pole on my helmet to get some different perspectives. Good times as always!

Views: 3,301    Faves: 33    Comments: 5

Nicolas Pary - Déjà Vu: Nicolas riding his bike.

Views: 2,606    Faves: 10    Comments: 3

Our Dream Came True! We have been given 24 acres to create our own facility to build anything we want! Follow along our journey of building the ultimate backyard playground for all our friends and family!

Views: 3,607    Faves: 14    Comments: 6

3 Amigos: Dane Tudor, Josh Solman, and Braeden Onciul ride Whoopidy.

USN Racing - 4X ProTour 2017 - Fort William, Scotland: After a crash in Winterberg one week before, the team headed north to Fort William in Scotland for Round 3 of the 2017 4X ProTour. This is the event which means a lot to Scott as it is the only event where he races in front of his home crowd. With several podiums over the last few years that top step has always just eluded him. Could he win in 2017?

Ty Morrow - The Trip Tape - Full Segment: The opening segment from Trip Tape is a heater.

Dylan Lewis - An English Vacation: Video: Scott Connor.

Mongoose Team Mix: Pat Casey, Ben Wallace, Tom Isted and Brayden Barrett-Hay riding near Lyon and Sérignan, France.

The Boss Life - Andrew Reynolds: Best frontside flips in the game.

PROCESS - Yuto Horigome - 5-0 Grind: The Skateboard Mag's own Joey Shigeo gets the call to shoot Japan's Yuto Horigome, as Yuto steps up to the massive infamous 20 rail in downtown Los Angeles while filming for his Next New Wave part. The thing is, Yuto doesn't speak English and Joey doesn't want to mess this up... Not to mention this spot is a major bust. So, what's Yuto going to do?

Yuto Horigome - Next New Wave: One of the most exciting things about ushering in the Next New Wave this month has been sharing footage of skaters who seem to be almost impossibly diverse. Take Yuto Horigome. The Tokyo teen easily puts down some of the most complex ledge combos we've seen, he grinds twenty-stair rails, and then just when we think, "Wow, he's pretty good at street," POW! He blasts an impeccable McTwist on vert. How do Tokyo teens even know about McTwists? And then, just when we think we've seen it all, there are even more surprises. But we won't give it away—you'll just have to see for yourself.

Spun Spectra: Spun Spectra is a short film based on the photo series by artist Nicolas Teichrob which showcases the natural optical phenomena of the rainbow spectra created by sunlight passing through spider webs. Of form and function unknown, certainly distinct, similarly unique yet consistently variable, the spectra of webs have likely hit everyone's eyes from afar but subconsciously pushed to the periphery of our observations. The fine details of colour wait for a participating observer to simply take a closer look and bring them to the forefront. To look and listen with a truly wide open perspective allows us to better understand the natural world around us, the billions of years behind us and resultantly have a more thorough understanding of the present as a function of the past and future. Further, these images invite us all to engage in the full range of spatial scales far beyond the average, from the micro to the macro and everything in-between. Beauty in nature surrounds us all.

Run IT

Title Photo by: Ale Di Lullo

To check out videos submitted by fellow Pinkbike members that didn't quite make Movie Mondays here.


  • + 22
 3 Amigos was my favourite. More of that please
  • + 8
 For real, vids like that get me stoked to go ride!!
  • + 8
 3 Amigos... thats why we ride. Yeah the boys! Yew.
  • + 3
 Just what the doctor ordered. Definitely my fav Monday video as well~
  • + 3
 Thanks mate, glad you're all enjoying it. It gets me pumped to ride too!
  • + 1
 When it's sponsored by scott and ones on a pivot and ones on a rocky mountain......
  • + 3
 @SRAMIX29: Scott doesn't force their riders to only ride with other Scott athletes. This video may have been sponsored but no doubt about it it was all about having fun on the bike and Dane Tudor is probably just riding with his buddies.
  • + 2
 Making Claudio proud with those 'Frenchie' lines!
  • + 8
 Please no more E-bikes on Pinkbike! Enough already. Do a separate web site for those lazy bums...
  • - 9
flag yetibomb (Jul 10, 2017 at 5:56) (Below Threshold)
 Well that ruined my fucking day. Favorite rider of all time now on a Ebike. What a horrible fucking trend. Ebiking is not mountain biking. Bring the excuses.... Done with PB.
  • + 11
 @yetibomb: "Done with PB." With your silly attitude, I hope that's true. Now be a man and stick to your word.
  • + 6
 Total bummer seeing the godfather on an e-bike. Motorcycles are fun too, but this isn't really the place for them, and neither are mtb trails.
  • + 2
 @scott-townes: yup don't let the door hit you on the way out...
  • - 1
 Bunch of insecure, closed minded 40 year old children, its hilarious to read everyone getting their panties twisted over it. ::GASP:: You might just have fun on one. Wade is clearly having a blast.

Perspective #1: comes from people who dont have the trails to ride one on and are scared that it'll ruin mntb access at their local trails, and this is totally understandable. They shouldnt be allowed there.

Perspective #2: comes from the insecure mary's who cant accept anything outside of what THEY believe is "real" mountainbiking with comments like "if it has a motor, its not a mountain bike" or "you lazy bastards".

Perspective #3: comes from people who dont give a f*k what anyone thinks and if it's fun, they're in!

Grow up people. It's just a toy. Theyre not here to take over the industry as you know it.
  • + 2
 @NYShred: so true
  • + 7
 Calling Guys like Wade lazy because they are shredding on an ebike? You really have no idea what an ebike is like to ride.
  • + 4
 Seems like PB has removed the video in this article and they have removed the separate article by Rocky Mountain from their front page. I've got nothing against bicycles with pedal support and I think that article and video with the photography was beautiful. But PB editors have openly expressed their dislike towards eMTB and exclaimed that it has no place on Pinkbike. Yet at the same time they publish (sponsored) articles and ads (that RM video was in an ad from a PB banner a few weeks ago) and accept the money. At least it has become a bit less hypocrite this way.

Could also be that RM pulled back the ad themselves as PB and typically eMTB content typically attracts North American viewers which obviously aren't the target audience (as the bike won't be for sale there).

Edit: Oops, just reappeared at the top of the front page again. PB does appreciate the sponsor money Smile .
  • + 2
 @vinay: Wow, pinkbike removes a video with Wade f*cking Simmons because of some political, hard man stance that is only supported by a loud minority. Time to get the adblocker out and call pinkbike out on disrespecting the GODFATHER of freeride. f*ck you @pinkbike!
  • + 1
 @slayerdegnar: No, that was only for a short while. Next time I checked it had actually reappeared at the top. See "Edit:" at the bottom of my post.
  • + 8
 Wade Simmons is now a godfather of eFreeride.
  • + 3
 Yes, yes he is. On top of that... I thought I rocked(kind of do/did) but now am officially old/done/insecure? Take life's pick.
  • - 1
 Wade Simmons is now the leader of the 'Froped movement
  • + 5
 reynolds still got tons of style, looks as though it takes no effort at all, nice!
  • + 2
 Kicking coffee is a testament to how far editing can go for creating some dynamic video.
One of the best edits i have seen for a while.
Three Amigos was sweet for some basic raw shredding.
Keep the home grown vids coming on Movies for your monday PB.
  • + 6
 Those Ukranians though... Scared to go beyond the opening credits.
  • + 1
 Killing themselves with huge drops and smashing cop into head with skateboard, that`s how these guys understand freeride.
  • + 3
 Gee, I wonder why they have no sponsors...
  • + 4
 totally worth it though, theres some wicked stuff going on, for example wtf is that at 59:38?! Eek
  • + 5
 Sometimes you do something because you love it and you don't care if you have sponsors or not. Not everyone has that squeaky clean image that companies find marketable and that's perfectly fine. That video was rad as hell. And the skateboarder who had an incident with that security officer - he previously explained that it was because that security guard was a bully and assaulted HIM first, but that isnt shown on camera. When security guards try to slap your thousand dollar camera almost knocking it out of your hands onto the floor then grabbing you by the throat or in a headlock, trying to physically force you off a skate spot, they deserve to get whats coming to them. Its an authority complex. Most security guards in the states will let you get one more shot and ask politely if you could leave. In places like Ukraine, security think their authority is more than it is and they immediately try to be physical tough guys.
  • + 1
 how ironic if brain eating amoeba from the bmx jump into the lake kills them, rather than lawn darting a failed backflip
  • + 3
 second video shows a skateboarder assaulting a security guard at 1min40. don't think we should be giving these people airtime on your site.
  • + 0
 Good point. When I watched part of that vid and saw the bikes/skaters vs other people it made me thankful for how good we have it in the North Shore. Most of the time people are great with lots of hellos and thank yous. I made sure I taught my boys to greet people on the trail all the time. It makes for a great trail experience when you're not an idiot.
  • + 4
 This was brought up when the trailer for the video came out and apparently there is more to the story than meets the eye. Ukrainians are clearly a different breed - I couldn't spare an hour and a half but the 20 mins I did watch was pretty mental!
  • + 2
 Big props to you @scottsecco for posting my last video "Nicolas Pary - Déjà Vu" in here. Nice selection !
  • + 0
 Check out this vid:

It's from one of my former students. Unbelievably, it's his first mountain bike vid. He'd love the feedback.

  • + 1
 Spun spectra somehow made me feel better about riding through spider webs all the time..
  • + 1
 Someone has a boner for Lac Blanc. That's like 3 Monday videos in a month. It's fun, but no Vink Line love?
  • + 2
 Kickin Coffee is sik af Smile
  • + 1
 flair to tuck no hander..sick!
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