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Jun 5, 2017 at 0:19
by Scott Secco  
Mike Hopkins - Flow State: Mike Hopkins finding flow. Video: Scott Secco

Views: 38,869    Faves: 542    Comments: 44

Behind the Scenes - Cable Cams: Scott and Mike take you behind the scenes and shed a little light on how they achieve their shots. It ain't pretty... but it's effective.

Views: 9,245    Faves: 148    Comments: 19

Chromag - Logan Peat: Logan Peat riding the Sunshine Coast. Video: Mind Spark Cinema.

Views: 128,125    Faves: 1,797    Comments: 49

Rampage 2.0 Join defending champion and freeride legend Ed Masters as he returns to southern Utah for the 2017 edition of Redbull Rampage.

Views: 9,676    Faves: 98    Comments: 11

After Hours: We spent some hours in the street with Nicolas Terrier somewhere between Barcelona and Montpellier.

Views: 3,923    Faves: 50    Comments: 5

Going Nuts On La Nuts: Ripping in the rough stuff.

Views: 20,099    Faves: 383    Comments: 61

Home to Roost EP.12 - Hockenhull Brothers: Home to Roost is back! Join the Hockey brothers whilst they rip up some bone dry Buxton trails. Sketchy backflips galore from the hugely underrated lads. Hit play and enjoy the funky vibes!

Views: 9,766    Faves: 164    Comments: 8

MSS Bike Park - Trail Crew: Surprisingly, trails don't build themselves, or maintain for that matter, quite shocking right? It takes a lot of people to run a Bike Park and they are all important pieces to the puzzle, but the most important group of them all, always hidden in the shadows and never getting the credit they deserve is the Trail Crew. This is a day in their lives.

Views: 6,512    Faves: 43    Comments: 8

That Black Mountains Buzz: This place flows like an electric current and leaves me buzzin'! Take a ride down the Black Mountains trails with Will Smith, Scoob, and myself.

Views: 5,414    Faves: 53    Comments: 6

POV: Lava Flow - Christchurch New Zealand: Jump on board with Todd for a lap down Lava Flow mountain bike trail on the Port Hills Christchurch New Zealand.

Views: 3,581    Faves: 18    Comments: 4

Spiti Awakening - Hunting lines at 4500m in Spiti Valley, India: Riding the untouched zones of Spiti Valley in India, two Indian mountain bikers go in search of the perfect dirt. Some marked and some previously unridden, Vinay Menon and Ajay Padval enjoy fresh dust at 4500m. Video: Kaushik Sinha and Vinay Menon.

Views: 4,046    Faves: 9    Comments: 2

Juliana Strega: People fear what they don't understand.

Whistler Bike Park Opening Weekend 2017: Opening weekend at the Whistler Mountain Bike Park is better than Christmas. Spirits are high, something magical lingers in the air and the trails are finally open. We were there all long weekend to see what's new, soak up the stoke and of course, ride some bikes.

Tall Bikes Will Save The World: Riding any bicycle is a positive step toward a healthy lifestyle and personal enjoyment, but it's the tall bike that has the power to change the world. The tall bike remains on the fringes — only embraced by the daring, the creative and the foolish. Join the Zenga Bros for as they explore how to build, ride and coexist on a tall bike.

Greg Illingworth - Morning to Night: Mongoose Pro Greg Illingworth just made the move to Hastings in the UK. Now he's able to get up in the morning to hit the local concrete park, take a break then ride Source Park all night. Watch Greg as he puts his own style in each park.

Greg Illingworth - Fast & Raw: Illingworth slaying small wheels in the UK, Switzerland, and France.

Greg Illingworth - The Ramp II: Let one of the most exciting, high-speed street riders take a portable, adjustable aluminum ramp into the urban wilderness of Estonia and England and see what comes out the other side.

Home For Dinner: Stan Rey's entry for GoPro GoShow 2017.

James Doerfling - Yeti Snowbike: The big mountain boss takes a trip to pow town.

Caribou Legs: A short film that documents Bradley 'Caribou Legs' Firth and his cross-country run to raise awareness for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women.


Title Photo by: scrobb

To check out videos submitted by fellow Pinkbike members that didn't quite make Movie Mondays here.

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  • + 55
 The next time there's a poll 'best development in MTB?' If there was one I'd ✅ the box PINKBIKE. Free, easy to access content that's always inspiring, informative, challenging and regularly updated. With all the other sites that are nearly as good, I don't think we realise how lucky we are.
  • + 1
 Yep. PinkBike definitely brings it. Tons of content like movies, adventures, product, etc. that I wouldn't never see otherwise. Kudos to PinkBike.
  • + 55
 Going nuts on la nuts was insane! That guy was hucking his meat
  • + 18
 I can't remember helmet cam footage that showed speed and gnar so well.
  • + 3
 The park isn't located in Germany though lol
  • + 5
 He made a perfectly healthy bike sound like a klunker. Through the roots, klunk.klunk.KLUNK.Klunk! I loved it!
  • + 3
The last champery videos do it for me !

Coincidentally I was there last week for the first time (Lac Blanc Station btw, it's in France not in Germany) and rode that.
Video doesn't do justice, as always... I rode probably half as fast and felt what you see in the video haha
  • + 3
 @wheeled: Where is it? And who is the rider? Bloody awesome riding.
  • + 3
 @MTB-Colada: Lac Blanc Bikepark France
  • + 1
 @wheeled: Thanks. Looks so much!
  • + 15
 And the riders stopped on the trail.........right threw the middle. I dislike riders that stop on the trail to that for Starbucks
  • + 4
 @MTB-Colada: Rider is Jannick Lange.
  • - 23
flag NYShred (Jun 5, 2017 at 9:22) (Below Threshold)
 The douche-baggery goes two fold though. Sure, the guys standing on the trail should have moved over - but - if some guy rolls up on us and crashed through me on purpose, he's getting his jaw broken. He could have easily went around them instead of trying to squeeze through them. He's actually being more of a dick than they are with a move like that.
  • + 2
 Having rode that track, I remember looking at those rock gardens, utterly savage. Its the first stop on our road trip this summer, hope bike lasts. As a side the burgers at Lac Blanc Bike Park and general set up are top notch, and its roughly half way through france en route to the alps, excellent spot
  • - 11
flag e-van (Jun 5, 2017 at 10:22) (Below Threshold)
 @NYShred: Yes! Dude is a D-bag no matter how fast. That was bullshit.
  • + 1
 follow this dude he s absolutely mad
  • + 22
 Going nuts . . . . . . . . was insane, pity about the chimps sitting on the trail.Going nuts dodging peanuts.
  • + 12
 Bravo Pinkbike for posting the "Caribou Legs" video!
Powerful message and so worthwhile being shared widely.
  • - 1
 Very powerful message. It's a tragedy and we as a nation must stop it! Indigenous women and girls deserve the same respect and opportunities that their brothers have and their non-indigenous brothers and sisters have. We are one and must protect our family.
  • + 4
 On instagram PB had said that the New Hopkins film uses some of the longest cable cams they have ever seen... but opening shot is not a cable cam shot is it? If it is then Scott Secco must have gone out and bought a MUCH bigger reel of rope than he showed us in the second BTS video! He'd need about 1km of rope if he was doing the dual line set up for that shot!! Looks like a gimbal shot from a vehicle on a road to the side of the track.
  • + 5
 @gavlaa Yep, good eye! That was shot at about 135mm on a DJI Ronin out of the back of a truck.
  • + 1
 @scottsecco: I'm guessing you used a lav microphone for the audio to overlay and cut the truck noise? I like it. Good skills.
  • + 1
 @scottsecco: was wondering about that. Don't think you could even tension a line that long enough even if you had the line to rig. Was really impressed by the relatively simple cable cam setup though combined with the impressive results.
  • + 1
 @LittleDominic: You definitely couldn't pull it off with my cable cam setup! If you watch the behind the scenes on The Collective's movie Seasons they show that they actually used steel cable and a truck to tension one of their lines for a shot and that sucker must have been 500 feet. Pretty wild!
  • + 5
 Tall bikes... easily one of the best films I've seen in a long time.. the world sure could use a lot more individualism and creativity like that.
  • + 1
 Agreed. Tall bikes was spectacular! Well done Zenga Bros.
  • + 2
 Mike Hopkins - Flow state. Great video.
I didn't dare on the previous article but now I can't keep this for myself.

I can't be the only one watching with good sound, right? (Hearing the details)

So please someone explain me : what's that absolutely ridiculous sound I hear when he takes off (00:39 for example), as if someone swang a stick through the air?
Really? Does a bike make that sound?
  • + 0
 I think it's the tires pressing into the takeoff. You can reproduce the sound, just try to press really hard in your suspension when you are riding on the street for example. You will be noticing the sound the tires make. The harder the pressure gets, the louder this sound gets.
  • + 1
 The audio must have been a nightmare to do on this edit as he wouldn't have been able to use the audio from the cable shots as it would just be wind noise. It must have taken a lot of work to get good audio for the entire edit.
  • + 3
 the audio was basically all done in post from my understanding, so it's not going to be exactly what happened, I agree that it does not make that sound normally
  • + 4
 The Ramp II is a master piece
  • + 2
 Eddie Masters... first Hardline, then this? There is nothing that guy won't do! Did you see him make that 5th corner? In. Sane.
  • + 4
 Watch Going nuts, it'll definitely get you stoked to ride.
  • + 2
 Going nuts !!! At 2:43 => Hold your breath ; in case you're too short...
  • + 3
 Tall bikes. Saving the world one revolution at a time!
  • + 1
 Tall bike is a great idea, to see the world from a different angle. I'm gonna make one.....
  • + 2
 Rampage 2.0 for voy, the flatspin at 2:00 was insane
  • + 2
 29ers... beginning of the end for tall bikes. Good film!
  • + 1
 Home to roost - great fun.
  • + 1
 Greg Illingworth is Just as cool as the helmet he wears.
  • + 1
 La Nuts IMO nothing beats helmet cam
  • + 1
 but what is wrong with those people staying on the corner exit?!

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