Video: Matt Hunter - Sun Valley Singletrack

Apr 20, 2015 at 23:46
by Scott Secco  

Matt Hunter and his friends plan a trip every year to reconnect and ride. This year, the group elected to meet in the Sawtooth Range outside of Sun Valley, Idaho. Few places embody the heart of the American West like the Sawtooth. Rugged, wild, and ever changing, it's the perfect place to crack a beer, earn your rides, and laugh with great friends when it's over. Music: “Victory” by Trampled By Turtles.

Directed by: Matt Hunter & Matt Miles
Filmed/edited: Matt Miles


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 Matt Hunter is the definitive mountain biker.
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flag abzillah (Apr 21, 2015 at 2:08) (Below Threshold)
 That 29er is killing his style though. He looked fast, but he could barely get his wheels off the ground.
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 29er or 26er, matty kills it.
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 If you were secure with your 26" wheel you wouldn't care what wheel anyone is riding. Just like everyone with the 27.5+ "scare", who really cares. If you love your bike you will ride it even if the latest and greatest parts are developed around our current wheel size. Its just fine right now isn't it? I've ridden all 3 and enjoy each and every one. Any descent is a good descent because you aren't at work and you aren't dead. Ride on and live strong.
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flag GetMounted (Apr 21, 2015 at 4:45) (Below Threshold)
 If I was on a camping trip with Matt Hunter and we ran out of food, I'd eat the corn out of his s$%t. We probably wouldn't even have to be running out of food.
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 Real talk!
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flag preach (Apr 21, 2015 at 5:40) (Below Threshold)
 to be fair Abzillah's comment is pretty spot on. I miss the Matt Hunter who was hucking/jumping/dropping. This looks like a fun weekend, but makes for not as exciting a vid as compared to those classic Hunter edits from a few years ago.
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 He still hicks with the best of them. 'Men of Dirt' was the craziest release last year for sure, Hunter and Aggy are the best together.
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 We're still doing the wheel size argument?
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 just 5 guys getting together and riding bicycles. Why the hating and dissing?
Maximum respect to the cats who hang together once a year and form life long bonds and do it via mountain bikes.
Sweet trails too.
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 guess, we're not allowed to say anything but "yeah, aweseome" on PB anymore. Nobody said it was lame, just saying we wished it was a bit more aggressive.
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 Yeah. Matt shouldn't be allowed to ride the bike he likes best because we don't like the wheel size. Sorry Matt. You thought you were just making money doing what you loved but no, you are required to ride what we say the way we say. No epic mountain weekends for you on a 29er, even if that is what you prefer for long pedally trips. You have to ride 26 and huck it. I went to saint george and rode nothing but xc for two days. Had a ton of fun. If I had a FR bike I would have hated it. This trip wasn't about getting his wheels off the ground. I promise you the guy has a full quiver of bikes. I'm sure he chooses the beast of burden he wants for his edits unless spesh wants to highlight a special thing, but he didn't even mention his bike so I doubt that was the case here. Rant over.
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 @abzillah Your statement contradicts itself. He's going fast, but he should be getting off the ground more? You know that's slower right?

Plus, let's be honest here, is Matty up there to flaunt his style? f*ck nah, the dude loves getting out on a bike and having fun. Why try to please other people with style and unnecessary jumps when you're filling your own desires on a bike?
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The comment was about how the 29" affected his riding style, not whether or not he was still having fun or doing what he loves. Nothing about being force to ride it by Specialized either.


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 Matt Hunter: Adding voiceovers to vids since 2003.
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 This makes me wish I had friends.
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 I hear you brother
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 I'm such a Matt Hunter fanboy. Matt Hunter = MTB.
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 so true!
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 Im sure this video rings true with a lot on here. Biking with your friends. Stoked...
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 I started mountainbiking only in my mid 30s, and my boys from back then - 1000km up North - have no clue what I love to do with my bike. Unfortunately! Would love to share this with them. Still, we also meet once a year and have a beer and a laugh.
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 Matt Hunter is back. Had to wait but was definitely worth it.
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 Sparks memory of the segment from Roam with Steve Peat and Andrew Shandro in Sun Valley. Although they were slugging it out on full DH rigs rather than the modern day trail bike like in this vid!
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 Yeahhhhhhhh one of my favourite all time scenes. Peaty fresh from his WC win, Shandro clinging on to the dream like shit on a sheeps arse.
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 is it just me who wants to to see him back on a DH Bike ?
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 Ha! Sweet one, Ron.
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 7pm, still light outside, half way though this video I decided to hit up my local trails. Thats how these videos and especially Matt Hunter make me feel! a great sport and a good time, having so much fun!! Thats what mtb is about
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 I'm not a fan of Spesh bikes but no videos get me psyched for riding like Matt's Trail Hunter videos!
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 Good stuff, gotta love the home mountain man, Sun Valley is a pretty fun mountain to shred in the summer, and in the winter. They have a bunch of new trails open now, the ones there were the xc ones, super long and somewhat flowy but brutal, especially on the bike.
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 As a Coloradan(living in the PNW) Idaho is everything i wanted colorado to be,but with no crowds. Most people that i know,don't even realize Idaho has mountains. Stanley(and idaho ingeneral) is so badass. I could spend every summer there,just rafting(it IS the whitewater state,after all) and hiking and soaking in hot springs. Every trip to Idaho is special to me,looks like i'll need to start planning on bringing the bike along.
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 This guy rules at life!
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 Great vid - can I get an invite for next year?

@abzillah -> pretty weak sauce to look for flaws in a perfect vid. Everyone that watched it would rather be in Idaho ripping down singletrack and hiking over mountain passes than sitting on their asses at work. I'm sure if you forced Hunter onto the lift at Whistler with his E29 you'd see plenty of air time. This wasn't a sick BC edit though, it was a sick Idaho edit.

@GetMounted -> keep your Luxembourgian practices to yourself.
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 They were not riding in Sun Valley- they were near a town called Stanley which is 50+ miles north of Sun Valley- totally different, not even in the same "valley" or county. That's like saying I went riding in Salt Lake City and then showing trails filmed in Park City, UT. Come on.
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 About half of that was filmed in the "Sun Valley" area, but you are right about the other half being filmed over the pass in the Stanley area.
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 You are correct. Plus "Sun Valley" is actually the resort. So unless they were riding the ski lifts to the top of Bald Mountain.. They weren't riding Sun Valley. It's like saying that you were riding the Snowbird Ski Resort and then show shots from Salt Lake City... Seems like a small detail, but they showed a lot of beautiful scenery in this video that has nothing to do with the Sun Valley Resort.
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 1/2 was filmed in Ketchum.. and it was a Killer video.
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 Love Matt's videos, I always enjoy them. Also love me some Turtles great choice for music!!
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 Not only can Matt Hunter ride, but he is also co-directer.
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 Trampled by Turtles -- so sweet!
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 Planning to buy some Idaho land. Probably the freesest state of the union, awesome property rights and lax building codes/fees, my sports... Not to mention 2a rights...shh, dont tell the progressives!
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 Same old mug as in Lone Wolfe, probably his lucky one that he brings everywhere:
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 Anyone have and recommendations for trails in the area? I'll be stopping there for a few days this July and want to ride some good stuff
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 Check out the BCRD Summer Trail Link site- more trails than you'll know what to do with. Some truly epic point to point rides, and countless loop options. Depending on what bike you bring, there is something for everyone with the exception of full on DH. I would suggest dropping by one of our local shops when you get to town for the best info.
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 @tyoj Thanks a bunch! That's a damn fine resource you guys have there.

Do you know the high alpine areas they are riding in the video? I'm just trying to get an idea of proximity to SV.
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 will message you.
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 And an Aeropress for Coffee Smile
Dude has his priorities in order!
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 It's Matt Hunter. He's proven he can send the big stuff, and nowadays he earns his cash by being an ambassador for the MTB lifestyle. So happy for him, even though I am a little jelly.
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 this makes me realize I need to find more friends who ride
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 Very lame. This guy just gets more boring with each passing year. How is it that he's even still popping up on here? The dude got rep for winning the UFC since he's from BC & naturally got the most votes due to where he was from, then gets a spon con as a result, does next to fvck all with it besides a few half solid edits during the super lame & gay "what MTB means to me" era & then gradually withers away into a petty little wagon wheeler?

Go away dude. :/
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 Matt Hunter is the essence of awesome. I want to come back as Matt Hunter in my next life.
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 This is down the road, show some Idaho love
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 Always love his videos. I think we can all relate
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 Matt you are my spirit animal! Peace brother man
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 @jamescmy Yeah. He's got a sweet gig. Free trips around the world to mountain bike and make videos of his adventures.
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 That was a sick 4Runner set up at the start of the video.
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 Trampled by Turtles FTW! Finally some real music in these videos.
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 Hunter really is cool. I want that life.
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 Great vid, even if it wasn't filmed this year Wink
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 that manual tho
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 The best JOB in the world !
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 Anyone know what trails those were on the Sawtooth Mountains?
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 Idaho and Trampled by Turtles? Now your talking!
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 He always picks the best trails.
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 Cold Sardines. Sick.
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 Come on Matt, why didn't you say you were in town, I would of loved to of meet you and then out bike you
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 How do I upload YouTube videos onto Pinkbike?!?!

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