More Tech Randoms: EWS Tweed Valley 2022

Jun 3, 2022 at 1:14
by Seb Stott  
After the eMTB race had finished and before practice starts for the EWS this weekend, I took another lap of the pits to spot anything new or interesting being ridden in the new racing season.

A new Giant Reign?

A flip-chip at the rear of the rocker link isn't found on the current Reign. Both the swingarm and mainframe appear to be made of alloy.
This bike, belonging to Mckay Vezina, is running a 27.5" rear wheel, but that ample clearance suggests the flip-chip can be used to accommodate both wheel sizes. While the shorter-travel Giant Trance does have a flip-chip, it provides 10 mm of BB-height adjustment which isn't enough to change wheel sizes without some change to the geometry.

Dan Wolfe's prototype Polygon.

It has a pair of short links connecting the mainframe to the chainstay, while the seatstay is just there to drive the shock. The system is similar to Polygon's Mt Bromo e-bike.
Dan mentioned the benefit he's after with the prototype over the single-pivot Siskiu is better braking. He's running an Ochain system to keep pedal kickback in check.

Joe Nation running a Vorsprung Smashpot coil spring in a RockShox Zeb fork.
He raced the EWS-E on his 190 mm travel Pole Voima, fitted with a coil spring at the rear as well.

Hope's HB.916 in team colours. Hope say they're making one a day, but the availability of rubber frame protection and drivetrains are holding back deliveries.

Bikes For Refugees Scotland were raising awareness and money for their mission to fix donated bikes and distribute them to refugees and asylum seekers who have no affordable means of transport.


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 Like with most bikes, that rubber frame protection that they wait months for is probably going to start falling off after a week. Just wrap the chainstays in mastic tape and ship em.
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 I'm glad I'm not the only one that thought that as soon as I read it
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 or recycle road inner tubes. i take a lot of pride in wrapping my chain stay.
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 While it is just fine to wrap the chain stay in what ever you can find let's not pretend that these factory rubber covers fall off or are low quality in any way. They have significantly reduced chain noise and damage since companies starting using them and they blow tape out of the water.
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 @warmerdamj: they could find an alternative if that is really the thing holding them up. You can buy the padded material with adhesive backing for 10 dollars all over the web. Get on it and get customers on bikes.
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 @tprojosh: To be honest though, they said drivetrain parts too. So if they are waiting for Sram to get their shit together they might as well wait for the protectors they designed.
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 Some folks like nice bikes and building quality all the way through..see F250’s dash compared to the GMC dashes for example. Hope has always been about quality, why stop short of that standard for faster sales?
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 @abueno: especially since most of if not all these bikes are likely sold already anyway to people expecting to wait that have final product expectations.
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 @tprojosh: yea I want some $10 wrap on my $4k frame…
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 Na, keep it old school. Just wrap an old DH tube around it, throw on a couple of zip ties, and call it good!!!
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 @abueno: you bought a gmc because of the wood inlaid dash?
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 You do something like this on a boutique bike and customers will complain about the cheap mastic tape on their $10k bike.
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 it would be pretty easy for them to 3d print something in-house with TPU material.
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 @b-rat: so easy in fact, why on earth didn’t they do that before,
Jeez Hope, I “hope” you’re here in the comments section listening to punters who don’t run a bike company, explain to you, how to run yours….
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 As someone who has a 916 frameset on order...I'm happy to wait on the right chainstay cover before I get it.
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 @takeiteasyridehard: no, I don’t have either of those vehicles, just an example.
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 @pisgahgnar: as someone who also speaks Polish, your statement has another level of shitness added to it, as SRAM means "I shit" in Polish :-)
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Slapper tape works just fine.
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 @rstwosix: VHS for the win
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 @abueno: Lol comparing GMC and Ford is like comparing Sram and Shimano. They both do the same thing and neither person is wrong (and if I had the choice I wouldn't buy either of their current offerings)
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 Why can't Hope just CNC some nice metal chain protection instead? They could do it in anodised colours and charge an extra £150.
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 that Pole has got some girth to it
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 that's what she said.
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 Ngl, every time I see that Polygon Enduro bike prototype I think it looks really promising. I could well see myself riding that.
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flag fuckingsteve (Jun 3, 2022 at 9:37) (Below Threshold)
 It's only got like a thousand pivots to worry about, what could go wrong?
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 I mean both Evil and Knolly manage lots of pivots just fine.
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 @f*ckingsteve: It's only one more pivot than most bikes.
  • 2 12
flag nickfranko (Jun 3, 2022 at 9:53) (Below Threshold)
 @islandforlife: That's one too many.
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 @islandforlife: My Orange disagrees.
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 @ratedgg13: Evils are 4 bar linkages and have the same number of bearings as 95% of the bikes out there.
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 @f*ckingsteve: considering the trail feel on those protos is amazing and following one through the chunk I can say for sure that each pivot is well worth it, that bike shreds!
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 @f*ckingsteve: Calling out Pole for too many pivots in the same article as the polygon.
  • 2 0
 @Loche: Yep, I was surprised when I actually counted them. At first glance it really does look like they have so many pivots.
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 If you're having bearing problems I feel bad for you son. I got 99 problems but a linkage ain't one.
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 @islandforlife: But some are hidden, so those never need to be serviced, right? Right??
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 @Loche: Evil's design is single pivot; all the linkage does is drive the shock.
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 Except for the maintenance on it
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 @boozed: So are Forbidden, Kona, Trek, Devinci and many more. Still are 4 bar linkages.
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 The polygon prototype is a 6 bar, with 3 more pivots than a 4 bar (like vpp, dw, horst, etc): the pivot on the seatstay near the axle, and the two pivots for the rocker link
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 @Loche: That's... not how that works.

@hamncheez: Wouldn't it need the "near axle pivot" to be in the chainstay to be a true 6-bar?
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 @boozed: so that's debatable. Is a Kona a 4 bar? It has four "bars". Some call that arrangement a "faux bar".

Also, technically, since there is a pivot on each side, this design potentially has 6 more pivots or bearings than say a VPP or DW.
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 @hamncheez: True four-bar designs use an articulated chainstay, i.e. an additional pivot between the frame pivot and the axle, while true six-bar designs have two. This is why I don't think the new Polygon design is a true six-bar, rather it's a compact short link four-bar setup with a long shock linkage. If that rear pivot was in the chainstay rather than the seatstay, I think it would be closer to a true six-bar. I think...

Kona's is just a linkage driven single pivot, which I understand is what "faux-bar" means whenever it's mentioned (Marin even uses the term in its marketing of the same design). You can add any number of extra elements to the linkage, but as long as the chainstay is solid the axle path will always be circular and all you can influence is the leverage curve; the anti-squat/anti-rise curves remain fixed. Incidentally this is also why Specialized's "six-bar" system isn't.
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 @boozed: that is your understanding, but there is no consensus within the industry.
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 Moir is still riding the old Strive and was testing a size small new Strive in Finale.
Yeah, a 185cm tall guy should be riding a size small bike Smile
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 The hope bike thing frustrates me so much - Who cares, sell the bike as a frame or Roller(Everything but drivetrain/cockpit)
The shipping and production delays need better business for the consumer - consumers NEED to be buying Competitively priced Frames and keeping their suspension/drivetrains.

We are going to end up with so many bikes in the wild that soon itll just be worth buying second hand(and i never buy second hand items)

I think more people would buy Expensive botique bikes if they could just buy the frame without spending huge $$$ trying to buy a complete bike... think yeti, pivot etc - Theres no reason at all that a pivot/yeti needs to come with the lowest spec of XT and performance elite etc
Thats why i think transition is getting popular, they offer from the bottom of z1/nx to factory carbon. - they also offer everything as frame only
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 They do sell the bike as frameset only, complete bike or complete bike minus drivetrain. Only know that because I have a Hope 916 frameset on order at the moment.
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 @rosscomtb80: Well im happy to say im wrong. - I think however it should be mentioned in the post.
in this case - wish other brands would do the same.
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 Frame only is the Way for me, upgrade parts as and when necessary, work out what parts you like and keep them!
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 That polygon is so sick. If it works as well as it looks, and they offer some high end builds, that thing will give the current market of enduro bikes a run for their money.
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 Wonder why they didn't mention that the Giant flip chip is found on the Reign E+ bikes, although on that bike you can't change rear tire size and the bb height on the low setting is very low.
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 Somebody should really start manufacturing the Frames, Wheelsets, Drivetrains, Brakes, Suspension, Cockpit, and everything else. It probably would pay off in the end, even though it would probably cost significantly more in terms of design and production.
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 HT X3 pedals?
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 Nice catch, those do look new!
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 They’re on the ht website with “available in May” and some vendor sites too but all say “sold out”. Frustrating, I’d really like a pair soon.
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 Chainstays ,just use a grip for a tennis racquet
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 Would get shredded, surely
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 They should change the name from Voima to the Pole Joubert. That thing is looking THICK!
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 Man id give somebody else’s left leg to try that Polygon, that sukker looks fun, w/ a cool paint job too !!
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 I can only see floating components on the Polygon photos, what's going on guys?
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 Show us your Oh-Oh-Ochain!
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 The paint job on the polygon is sick Big Grin
  • 1 2
 Thats like saying well, shes got a good personality when askes what she looks like.
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 Wow I want that Pole ebike! I love it.
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 Ugliest bikes of the month?
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