Five Ten Freerider VXI Review

Jan 26, 2015 at 23:44
by tim abbiss  
Five Ten Freerider VXI – Review

So after many years of abuse my old five ten impacts gave up and started coming apart. The reasons behind this were (in my opinion) 2 fold, 1 was that they were very old and very tired having been my shoe of choice for circa five years. 2 was that when I got them soaked on a winter xc ride they were banished from the house to the shed (wifes orders) where they sat to rot for a few weeks. They held up for a grand finale of a ride over the local woods before I got home and this happened!

So it was time to source a new pair, being a flats only man I had to source another pair of Five Tens, however I wanted something with a bit lighter than my impacts and easier to dry and most importantly – at a good price. So after scouring the web I managed to source a pair of these from delivered for to my door for £58! That was around £30 cheaper than anywhere else at the time – including CRC

First impressions when I opened the box were mixed being honest, while I liked the look of them and the lower weight than the Impact the sole seemed to be not right!! Where had the tread gone from the ball area of the foot? The part that grips the pedal?? Well it turns out that has gone for the better as (in marketing speak) it allows you easier adjustment of your foot without the obstruction of shoe tread, it is also meant to improve contact between the pins and the sole as there is no tread to get in the way / out of balance of the pins meaning you get 100% contact in this area.

So after 2 months of riding in every condition what can I say? First of all the fit is bang on, I have a broad foot (Converse are a nightmare if that makes sense) and these fit really well. I also like the pedal contact but I am dubious if it actually does grip as well as my old Impacts being honest, the other down side in these shoes is that the lack of tread means that if you’re a dh boy pushing up muddy trails can be a down right nightmare they are about as much use as an inflatable dartboard when it comes to this task. However the fit and relatively low weight paired with the much improved drying time outshine these few negative points, you can also squeeze in a seal skin sock which adds to the warmth and water resistance of your wet rides and is a whole heartedly recommended upgrade (reviewed separately)

Tips for cleaning are – dry out after a ride then brush off with a stiff brush, this will make them last longer and keep looking fresh

Any questions you know where to find me



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 Pretty much spot on review dude. I've been running a pair of freerider shoes for pretty much all last year. I too was unsure on the lack of tread on the ball, but no problem once on a pedal.
Top stuff buddy Smile
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 Cheers Gary! Yep happy with em buddy
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 Yea they'e rubbish shoes now - i had about 10 pairs of these boots!! see on my photos Frown Now i'm wearing cheap builder's boots with steel toe cap tup
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 It sounded like you didn't realise about the lack of tread on the sole until you got them? you opened the box and thought ohh s*ht no grip. Or was that just you explaining about it?..
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 Exactly that bro, I went on aesthetics and price as driving factor as they looked light- then thought oh dear when they turned up lol
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 Yeah I nearly bought some myself, probably the same model, then later I realised they had those soles and put me off. I'd still buy them if the price was right but looking at them I'd rather the other soles with the grip all over...
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 dont get me wrong they grip well and feel light but it was just an oversight on my behalf
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 I've also got the standard freeride model. They have more tread on the ball compared to the VXI. Both are awesome on the pedal Big Grin
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 Of course, I mean I doubt they would have designed them that way other wise and I'm sure they tested them. Wouldn't be in there interest to put a bad design out...Smile
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 Yeah I would like to get a pair but its like everything, cost money, they are on need to buy list, they will come round to the top of the list soon hopefully...
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 Indeed. How we've all picked the expensive sport! So damn fun though Big Grin
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 Yeah its never ending, want this want that, need this need that, sure is money though but can be as cheap or as dear of a sport as you make it..My bike always turns heads and gets the eyes even though its only a £150 framed bike, must be the way I ride it(joke)
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 Mate, you were done paying £150!! Wink got mine £125 Razz hahaha. Still a hell of frame for the money. Hell, even the rrp of £225 is still a bargain.
Wish they did pink though haha

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