MET Kaos Helmet Review

May 28, 2010 at 12:12
by Sharon Bader  
MET Kaos Helmet

MET Kaos Helmet all angles

A notable and defining characteristic of this helmet is the Safe-T-X, the double slide retention system offering a wide range of adjustment with an easy mechanism. The dual slide makes finding the perfect fit easy. This system is key to creating the comfort and ease of fitting of this helmet. For women, and some men, another important feature is the back of the helmet doesn't interfere with your pony tail.

The visor is removable, very effective at keeping the sun out of the eyes and didn't impede vision at all. The reflective stickers on the rear of the helmet are a nice addition especially for those times when you have to ride back home at night.

The strap locks are easy to adjust around the ears and the buckle is easy to open and close even with gloves on.

MET Kaos Helmet strap

-The MET helmet is very light and fits well. Once the helmet fit was adjusted so that it would not move manually, it sat comfortably and firmly on even the roughest descents.

-I found the coolmax padding in the MET to be less then in other helmets I have tried, but it is comfortable. It is removable so can be washed when needed.

-After riding this helmet in the rain you do feel drops through the big front vent. This would be a good time to wear the headband or light toque.

Sharon sporting the MET Kaos while out hammering on the Ibis Mojo

Features as described in the website:

Integral In-Mold Construction
The fusion is carried out on all external surfaces of the helmet. This reinforces the helmet and increased its longevity.

Occipital double slide retention system with two large occipital skates, distributing the pressure on a broader surface to increase comfort.

Removable and ventilated visor
Protects the face and channels the air towards the interior of the helmet for ultimate ventilation.

Coolmax ® Washable pads
This high tech material ensures maximum perspiration absorption and faster evaporation.

Reflective sticker at the rear
The reflective sticker placed at the rear of the helmet is illuminated by car headlights and helps to alert drivers behind you of your presence in low light situations.

Lockable Side Straps Divider
Unlock it, adjust the straps in order to position each divider right under your ear. Lock it back. Simple! The molded composite frame ensures lightness, rigidity and reduced size whilst the lower position of the rotating axle allows for maximum leverage.

Three year warranty
*MET's workmanship, materials and construction techniques are the finest available. For that reason, we warrant our helmets for a period of three years from the original date of purchase to be free from defects in material or workmanship*.

Medium - 285 grams, 54-57cm
Large - 300 grams, 58-61cm

*Note - Weight measurement: The weight you will find indicated inside the catalogue is the true weight of our helmet, measured with its accessories like internal pads and visor (if equipped). The one you will find indicated inside every single helmet is actually lower. It is measured accordingly to the safety standard certification rules that require for the whole certification process, including the weight measurement, that the helmet is tested without its accessories.

Certified by ISO 9001-2000 Standards

For Pricing and availability in your area check out the information at the MET website.


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 I wanted to by that one, as I read and heard so many good opinions and to me it's the nicest looking XC/AM helmet out there. Unfortunately it did not fit my head shape, so I got myself another MET, the Veleno D, and I'm super satisfied.
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 mine cracked too easily.. the 2nd ever ride with it, I had a slip-up on a muddy patch while totally not moving, side of helmet hit a tree and the sides broke, leaving me with 2 deep cuts from the helmet cracking. one 2 inch long vertical and one 1 inch horizontal cut like a cross shape at the sides of my face. oh well...
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 Let's put it this way... if the helmet cracked... it did it's job. Definitely not something to complain about "cracking too easily". These, and all composite foam based helmets are made to break apart in an impact. If it doesn't crack, you either didn't have a decent impact, or it's not doing it's job.

I bet you hit your head harder than you thought against the tree, or think you didn't hit hard because the helmet absorbed the impact. You could always try and re enact the scanario, but without a helmet, and feel how much it hurts to smack a tree with your dome (you don't have to hit something hard with your head to have it injure or hurt bad.
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 i guess i can't really describe the impact.. but really... the side vents above the ear.. is pretty much the archilles heel of this helmet...
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 Could have happened with any helmet "Jhan" but I understand your hate-on. I think they look great but they dont fit my egg-head.
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 just disappointed that after the $$$ spent, the helmet went off so easily... my 3 yr old fox flux and bell variant helmet lasted longer and had seen thru more endos than 2timer kaos... no offense but i will stick to flux..
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 I'm very happy with their older AM offering, the Anaxagore 2. Styling goes along the same lines, mine is great looking in titanium glossy colour. Had Anaxagore 1 before and was happy with it also.
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 Id like a Met full face for XC.
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 Specialized has one Smile
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 I have a Deviant already but its not a XC helmet.
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 Hate to break it to you but the deviant IS an xc helmet. It is NOT a dh helmet what so ever, nor is it intended to be used as one.

It is basically a full face xc helmet... and it will protect only as such. Smile reason I got me one, figured it was better than freeriding with a protec on all the time. (I have a carbon deviant, and my buddy has the fiberglass deviant).
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 Tell that to Matt Hunter and Steve Romanik
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 Uhhhh what does that have to do with anything canter?

Like said, I run one for my full blown out DH runs. Just because someone is willing to use something as such doesn't mean it's design is intended that way.

Also... like said again, both my bud and I have one, and have taken some hits on em. They are xc helmets... I can assure you that. (You will know when you smash your head in).

Also the deviants weight makes it suitable for xc.

Either way, helmets like the deviants get horrible reviews from people that crash using them. (Read the reviews on mtbr)
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 i bet its over 100$.. no thank ill stick with my mountain flak
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 Have these been certified in NA yet?
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 Hey DrSanchez

They are certified in North America, they were distributed by Cycles Lambert but they are no longer distributing them in Canada since there was no demand from them from the bike shops.

Jhan - sucks about the helmet but maybe you did hit harder then you thought! Best thing to do is compare that crash while wearing another helmet Smile
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 hahaha i cant really boast about crashing many times can i? hahahahahha
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 whatever...parachute its the best
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 finally! i ride in this almost a year, no problems! wents super!
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 like a TSG Road Helmet
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