Video: The Power of Cycling to Change Lives in 'Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop'

May 12, 2022 at 16:49

In the heart of Virginia, the Richmond Cycling Corps (RCC) is hard at work connecting with local youth and helping them discover the power of cycling. RCC Director Matt Kuhn has built an incredible community of young cyclists and has helped kids find their way as aspiring engineers, professional racers, and influential community members. Matt's passion for the sport helps create a common ground for these young riders to explore their new talents and connect with other cyclists.

The club’s newest program, called “Legacy,” is designed to help foster riders coming up through the RCC program and help turn them into future leaders. One goal of the Legacy program is to one day bring a rider up through the ranks of the program and have them take over and lead the charge into the future.

Creating new bonds and building a stronger cycling community in Richmond, the RCC is helping build a better future, one sweet jump at a time. Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop.


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 Man I love to see this on so many levels. These are my home trails. RVA has lots of good trail right downtown in the city proper. Perfect setup for a program like this. Being raised without a father myself, I can say that positive male role models like Matt are the reason I am not in jail or dead. These boys are lucky to have this kind of opportunity and I hope they thrive.
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 Best thing I’ve seen in a long time. #cloneMatt
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 We see these kids grinding it out at every NICA and VAHS race we've had in the last few years here in VA. Both my wife and
I have interacted with a few of their kids during races. (We coach another team) The kids were very gracious and respectful, very much a reflection of their team and coaches.
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 God damn it makes me happy to see there's still good people doing good things in this world. So happy.
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 That kid sent it on that hei hei
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 Seriously a great photo
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 This is awesome on some many levels.
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 RESPECT!! That podium shot is a breath of fresh air. Only makes our sport and community better to be more inclusive
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 RVA, Hell yeah!
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 @Matt Kuhn. Great to see you are keeping this program going! Picking up where Craig left off. Impressive work, love the passion. Truly a Legacy project. Greg R
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 I live in Barbados, where the population is predominantly black. We have a growing MTB scene here and as much as we share we share social media content regardless of the riders race or ethnicity, it warms my heart to have read this article and see people who look like me so actively involved.
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 Go Bim!
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 "it warms my heart to have read this article and see people who look like me so actively involved" This sentiment seems quite racist.
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 I'm not a local (Fredericksburg, so I'm closeish) but this is so awesome. I ride a lot on hose trails, and it's great to see this happening in such a cool town.
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 I've only been to Richmond once, but loved every minute of it! Such a cool place with vibrant communities everywhere. Glad to see that vibrancy spread to the RVA MTB scene.
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 Now, that is something!
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 My freind races against kids 4 yrs older than him and finishes podium every race in nica
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 I favor these videos over any action/stunt/shredding stuff. Please more!
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 Hell yea! Love this
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 A big HELL YEAH to Matt, Robin, RCC, Shimano, Anthill, and everyone involved. Such a cool project!
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 bikes make friends. love this.
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 Man, that was awesome. Really well done. Kudos to the kids, videographers and Matt. Hope they don't snap the XC bikes lol, some of those kids are sendy. .
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 Great Story!
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 I love this story!
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 Another RVA local. Love this story, love the team! Great work all around.
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 Again, Can't stop, Shan't stop sounds better
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 Does it tho

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