DMR Pump Track Challenge - Bristol, England.

Nov 21, 2011 at 4:34
by Simon Paton  
The nights are drawing in and downhill racing in the Northern Hemisphere is surely in hibernation by now. That leaves us with a few options to fill our precious time. Whilst many were out on an XC ride or down the gym, those in the know went pump track racing!


Bristol Pump Track

Saturday 19th of November 2011 - DMR Pump Track Challenge
The U.K like many countries has seen a wave of pump tracks popping up in towns and cities at a regular pace. Bristol is the latest on the scene, just under Brunel Way, which is only a stones throw away from the famous suspension bridge.

DMRs Duncan Ferris 16.95 seconds

As the track is open 24/7 to the public, unofficial practice was a chaotic affair with the usual council/project kids zipping around like flies around dog pooh on scrappy BMX bikes with the bars bent way too far back as well as a snapped brake cable. We booted them all off come 13:00 for offical qualifying all run under British Cycling rules as the race was deemed as a 4x time trail, hence the full face helmet rule and a B.C Commissaire permanently on the start hill. May I take this opportunity to enforce a new race kit rule for pump track racing? Nobody should be allowed to wear a race kit, you must run jeans/shorts coupled with a tee-shirt/check shirt or a hoody. Plus no SPD's!


Sam Reynolds 17.18 seconds

For the Rippers, Open and Ladies categories the format was quite simple, you had the chance to drop a few pedals before launching over the start line and then it was up to you whether you pumped, manualed or pedalled until you crossed the finish line.
The Pro riders were allowed a rolling lap start, (i.e they did one lap without being timed) this allowed many to showboat along the way to the pleasure of the applauding crowd. Come the last straight they then started to wind her up to gather some pace to cross the start line and straight into their timed lap!

1st straight

Will Soffe on the first straight

Riders were allowed to pedal on this track, which was a slightly controversial decision as wasn't this a pump track race? The track dictated the rules for this one as the second corner exit almost brought you to a stop hence the need for some crank spins. Not everybody agreed, but this meant the racing was fast and furious, easy to monitor and fair for everyone.


Not everyone was riding their bikes there.

Every rider got a timed run and then we went to eliminators, dropping down the number until we had a super final in each catgeory with just five riders. As you can imagine times were amazingly close, a good time was under 20 seconds on this tight and technical track.
Thanks go out to DMR Bikes the main sponsor of this event and Andrew Cooper who did a great job on the mic updating us all day whilst the guys at Monster Energy dished out the green fuel. Chris Roberts the organiser for giving us the best days racing for a a tenner.

Olly Wilkins Second Straight 16.65

Anderson Joel 17.835
Stephens Alfie 17.993
Profit Tom 18.61

Russell Stephen 17.028
Wells Jack 17.673
Astley Martin 17.918

Greaves Jess 20.435
Lacey Suzanne 20.648
Burridge Rachel 24.287

Baker Ben 16.298
Kerr Bernard 16.507
Lacey Lewis 17.227

Winner of the Pump Track challenge

Ben Baker your Pro winner 16.51

Stay Unclipped!

Si Paton..
Halo British Downhill Series 2012

Photos by Sam Davies


Pinkbikes Si Paton 18.6 seconds

Dont clip in

There is always one.


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 Call me old fashioned, but isn't it courteous to at least ask the owner before you use one of their photos?

(Even if it is just a crappy snapshot of the article's author?)
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 I think you don't need to ask yourself to use pictures of yourself? if you are the author and choose to put the pictures in then that should be all the asking required... But I feel like that isn't what you are trying to say and there is more to this?
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 Nope. As the author of the work you are the copyright owner unless you have made a contract with them that assigns copyright to them. Think about the photographers who take race photos to sell to the riders - they wouldn't have much of a business if the rider had copyright of the photo, would they?

That's not the point though, I'm just talking about courtesy rather than law.
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 ok... I'm still very confused. are you saying you are the author of this article? and that is a picture of you? and you are disappointed you didn't ask yourself for permission?

I am somewhat familiar with self copyright infringement, but I feel like I've just lost you somewhere along the way
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 Is it courteous to have this discussion underneath a great article? No. Send the guy an e-mail or a private message. Quit being a bro.
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 Your probably right Taff, but my immediate thought was 'did you ask people's permission before you photographed them and put them in a public album?' Probably not (apologies if you did)....
Anyway, congratulations on getting your photo published in an article on a cool website.
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 As a fellow photographer, i can't see where all this hate is coming from in Taff's direction. The photographer has full copyright over the image he takes as soon as his finger hits the button. And although there is no law stopping Si from us using this photo here, as Taff has pointed out, his point is that its usually common courtesy to ask the photographer to use their photos for there own use as he has the right to sell it if he wants. Im not having a punch at anyone here (Si) but Taff has made a good point that for some reason sparked some negative comments...
(and carbonlite, i understand you were confused, this is more in the direction of "bigredbike")
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 ahh I am considerably less confused now, I was under the impression the author of the article was the photographer.

Bigreadbike, there is a reason they let us talk here and don't cap conversations. I agree it is courteous to keep it on topic and not post without reason, but if I'm confused there is a chance other people are too, though in this case I realize that probably isn't the case now. Seeing as this discussion is somewhat off topic (but not private) I'd suggest a forum thread would be a great place to continue, though you'll have to message me a link to it if you want me to be part of it Smile
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 I didn't say that photographers don't own their photos, but they also own their demeanor. Ride more, whine less.
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 Blimey, this really sparked some debate, eh? I was contacted by Pinkbike almost immediately after my initial post, who apologised and offered to remove the photo, which I told them wasn't necessary. I'm sure that most people would agree that using photos without permission is discourteous.

To be accused if whining is a little offensive when you take into account the fact that I was influential in getting this pump track built, bringing this race to it and then providing a well received set of photos of the event. I also raced, if you're worried about me not riding enough.

Chill out, ride more, troll less ;-)
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 This is you whining. Trolling is what the internet is for.
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 My name has 2 f's and 2 t''s :L oh well it's not like i entered a minute before racing was due to start or anything...
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 Congrats on getting 3rd Mr Proffitt Salute
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 Step 1: ????????
Step 2: Proffitt.
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 No disrespect btw, that's a sweet name.
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 There should be a no chain rule in pumptrack racing, you're allowed to run your bike up to the start line and jump on before crossing it. No chain ensures no pedalling, therefore the best pumper wins the day. I reckon that young bloke Chris Akrigg would have won if he was there, he is better at riding all kinds of bikes than most of the other pros. Brendog would give him a run for his money though.
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 Brendog *was* there - he just stuck to heckling rather than riding.
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 I ride without spd , raced Bmx with them once upon a time but I don't think clips on a pump track would give any kind of advantage so who cares if they use em or don't use em , and if you can't pump or ride without spd under your foot then you needs to get pumping
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 Pump track racing should be loosely regulated if at all. It's a novelty class for riders to have fun show casing their small bike skills and their flow. Rule 1 - Have a good time. Rule 2 - Don't french fry when you should pizza. The full face thing is understandable for insurance, just like a BMX track.
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 I run SPD (time) for trails, but flats for pumptracks and jumping. For me SPD's on a pumptrack is like cheating. For pumps I think flats requires a better technique while with SPD's you can get away by just pulling the pedals. But that's just me. If you have fun, that's what really matters.
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 Ok, call me a moany old git but i agree with "jaame", please can we sort pump track rules out for ALL events classed as "Pump" track races. NO PEDALING! EVER! if you can't get round a corner without pedaling then either don't use the track or learnt to pump! also take the chains off.
2011 saw the introduction of pump track events at some rounds of the UK 4X, fantastic idea and very popular, but "some people bent the rules( pedalled) and benefited, this spoilt the whole event that wekend. If this format is to succeed and it should, its simple, NO PEDALING! No matter who youy are. Simples.

As for running under 4X rules, who desided this? the helmet rules is daft. this means guys who don't own a full face can't race this fun event. Bad idea! we want to encourage young guys who may normally only ride trails or park to have a go. they ride dirt jump comps without fullface helemts so whats the prob. Please, keep the rules simple and sensible. Encourage riders to enter! its a tiny event at the mo, don't put up obsticles. KIS! keep it simple!
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 and i must leanr to
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 Does is make any sense if under the picture from Ben Baker the time is wrong...I thought he was 0.2 sec. faster, wasn't he ?
One time of him is 16.51 and the other is 16.298 Wink
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 i live in bristol and tried this!

i do downhill so i was shit but its still epic! :')
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 hahaha rifu ga da yg nanggepin, cucian de lu... looking forward to Sam Reynolds performance with his new frame :-)
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 To be honest, if your serious about pump track racing you gotta get some Jandals.
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 haha, bruz, you gotta call em flip flops on an international website or no one will get it. budiff it wa juss for da kiwis denn chur!
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 Big congrats Joel for winning the Ripppers class. Nice one buddy Salute
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 Full results on
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 wooo go bristol!
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 Sam Reynolds on Polygon bike, yeah! Big Grin
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 It seems that all wear full face.. ..on the pumptrack
  • + 1
 it was part of their insurance deal that you had to wear a full face
  • + 1
 dont clip inSmile )Smile )=)) nice idea
  • + 1
 riding not clipped in keeps u being a better rider.
  • + 1
 Why all the spd hate?
  • + 24
 Because they're gay
  • - 1
 Give me any reason at all why you would benefit from spd in a pumptrack where you don't pedal at all?
  • + 6
 Give me any reason why you WOULDN'T benefit from SPD's. I think that "pumping" involves an up AND a down "pump", surely the "up" part of it is helped by being clipped in.
  • + 2
 you were allowed to pedal some sections as well...
  • + 2
 i don't really think on a pump track SPDs would make that much difference, there's always been this arguement about spds over flats
  • + 1
 spd is a GREAT advantage on a pumptrack
  • + 1
 its just BANT
  • + 1
 silly boys, clipped isn't gay -- clipped is lazy. if you learn to ride flats properly (which takes considerably more time and more crashes) you can pick up your rear wheel and learn to hop and preload and generally be more active on the bike without relying on your clipped in feet to pick the rear end up.
i rode clipped for years until my coach made me learn to ride flats. granted i'd probably be jumping bigger things by now if i were clipped but i'd definitely be lacking in the "basic skills" department...
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 Hehe riding mountain bikes (where the primary goal is not locomotion via pedalling) clipped is like bullriding with a seatbelt on.

It builds character.
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